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Tracy Harrison wiki-Bio: Facts about Rick Harrison Second Wife.(1986-2011)

Image of Tracy Harrison wiki-Bio: Facts about Rick Harrison’s wife: 1986-2011

Puss in Boots is a common animation for many people. Over the years, different versions of the cartoon have emerged. In the 1982 version, Tracy Harrison appeared as an actor.

Though the role played was not that big, she appeared as an actor who rose to the ranks of featuring in other movies. The Red Shoes was her next movie, and it was done in 1982.

Who is Tracy Harrison, Career info

Tracy Harrison is a famous actor and an Ex-wife(second) to the TV personality Rick Harrison. In her acting career, Tracy has featured in three TV series before embarking on a different career journey.

Tracy first began her acting by featuring in Puss in Boots. She played as a citizen of New Orleans. That may not seem to be a big role, but it pays pretty well. In 1982, Rick Harrison’s second wife, Tracy Harrison, appeared in The Red Shoes.

‘The red shoes’ was one of the common animations back in 1983, and many kids loved it. It was a sad story about a little girl named Karen who came from a humble background.

Karen was given a pair of Red shoes, which helped her survive in the winter period. Later on, her mother dies, and she gets adopted by a rich woman. The rich woman at first burned the red shoes, saying they were ugly.

Karen grew up living a happy life with a rich woman. At one time, she saw a princess wearing a red shoe and desired to have a pair just like them. When Karen’s time to be confirmed arrived, she needed to have another pair of shoes.

Karen bought some red leather shoes that were designated for another person. She wears the red shoes during confirmation without prior knowledge of her mother(adopted). Karen gets into trouble with it, and she is punished.

Tracy Harrison played as one of the dancers in the ball, a shoe shop customer and a member of the church congregation. These scenes made her earn a good amount of money back then. Her second movie was  A Different World. It was a series that began in 1987-1983.

Bill Cosby was the executive producer back then. A different world based itself on education. It was about a group of university students who had to survive in a historically black university.  Tracy did not play a major role, but where she was placed, she acted perfectly.

After featuring in The Different World, Tracy Harrison went low-key. Details of what she is currently doing are not known.  Ever since she got married to Rick Harrison, she has removed her face from the public eye.

Tracy Harrison marriage life and Kids

Tracy Harrison tied the knot with Richard Kelvin Harrison in 1986. The couple lived together for over two decades, after which they got divorced.

In their marriage life, Rick and Tracy never seemed to have any issues. They attended many events in the past, taking photos and seemed to enjoy their marriage.

Things then fell apart in 2011. The couple fell apart due to some reasons not known to the public. In their line of marriage, Tracy and Rick had one child. His name is Jake Harrison.

Image of Tracy Harrison with her husband Rick Harrison
Tracy Harrison with her husband, Rick Harrison

Jake Harrison did not feature in his father’s TV series. Jake is known to be low-key. He is not like his stepbrother Corey. Corey works closely with his father in the famous TV series Pawn Stars. Jake may seem to like privacy, just like his mother.

In the past, especially in 1989, people blamed Tracy for ending the relationship with Kim Harrison. Rick wrecked the relationship with Kim and married Tracy after only one year.

People tend to think that Rick was having an affair before divorcing Kim, but all that was wrong. Tracy and Rick simply had something in common; hence, they loved each other. The marriage lasted for over two decades.

Tracy Harrison’s Net worth

Tracy Harrison made quite a good amount of money from her acting career. Details of the exact figures are not known. Rick Harrison has a good amount of money too.

Rick gained most of his wealth while he was still married to Tracy Harrison. Over the two decades, he managed to become an executive and a prominent TV personality. His net worth has accumulated to a six-figure digit.

Though they got divorced, we cannot forget the fact that Tracy was right by her side when he earned millions. Rick Harrison’s net worth is $10 million.

Rick Harrison Second Wife Tracy Harrison’s age, family and Wikipedia Bio

Tracy Harrison’s age is not recognized. Details of her family have not been revealed to the public. All we know is about his son and her ex-husband.

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