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Kim Harrison Wiki-Bio: Facts about Rick Harrison’s Ex-Wife. (1982-1985)     

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Image of  Kim Harrison Wiki-Bio: Facts about Rick Harrison’s Ex-Wife. (1982-1985) 

Kim Harrison is a prominent American author who has been at the helm for quite a while. If you are a lover of fantasy, her books are the best to look at. At one time, she was listed on the New York Times bestseller list.

Kim Harrison has a unique skill in writing her novels and also can switch to different genres ranging from contemporary fantasy which she currently bases herself in. More about Rick Harrison first wife Kim Harrison here.

Who is Kim Harrison? Career Info

Kim Harrison began her career path at a very young age. Kim was known to narrate good stories when she was young. Her siblings, who were only boys loved her stories and enjoyed having Kim around.

Kim Harrison also had very good reading skills, but she was not confident in putting that work on paper. It took a long time for Rick Harrison’s ex-wife Kim Harrison to start her writing journey finally.

In high school, she avoided English related courses that she did not meet the minimum requirements.

Her writing journey began officially when she was thirty. Kim used to love reading novels, and she said to herself that those authors were not that great in writing. Kim took a step to start writing her Novel. At first, she wrote for one hour but then realized that she was a horrible writer.

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison ex-wife Kim did not tire in her quest to become a wonderful writer. The next time she wrote, she advanced to writing for two hours, and she surely wrote something sensible and unique.

Having grown up reading mostly fiction books, she based her self on that genre. She continued writing, but it was just for fun. Little did she know that her writings would become the best seller at that time.

Kim Harrison began attending writing conventions where many authors who had quite impressive records get a chance to link up with their fans. Harrison knew herself as a shy person. Having to meet new people was somehow weird to her.

This is one common thing among may authors. At one time, in a writer’s convention, Kim met up with her current agent who changed her writing path.

Image of Kim Harrison with Richard

Kim Harrison with Richard

Richard introduced Kim to Diana Gill who had written 12 books and was a significant hit in the market. Diana Gill then became Harrison’s editor. Diana and Kim worked together to produce her first ever published book.

Dead witch walking gave Kim so much confidence to continue with her career.

Image of Kim Harrison book Dead witch walking

 Novelist, Kim Harrison book Dead witch walking

Diana Gill mentored her, and ever since, she has written two graphic novels, twelve books and an extensive world book in the Hollow series. The Hollow series also known as the  Rachel Morgan series, made her rise to fame.

This made Kim quit her daily job and venture fully into writing.

In her writing career, Kim Harrison refers to music as her most significant influence in writing her unique novels. When you read her novels, she has highlighted some of the songs that relate to the characters she has written about.

Kim despite being an author, she has a favorite author too. He goes by the name Ray Bradbury.

Ray Bradbury is typically the male version of Kim Harrison. He is a popular author and screenwriter. He bases himself on fantasy, science fiction, and Horror fiction. One of his popular books is the Fahrenheit451 which is a dystopian novel.

Harrison rose to the ranks of becoming a member of the international thriller members. Over the years, she has gained massive achievement in her career path. Kim has reached #1 in the  New York Times Best Seller list.

Her books, which are based on urban fantasy, made her rise to the top. The Hollow series has also gained recognition from Amazon and New York Times as to have interesting books under the genre of sexy supernaturalism.

Rick Harrison and Kim Harrison Married life and Divorce. Any kids?

Kim Harrison got married to Rick in 1982. The Marriage went on well till 2013 when the two got divorced. Rick started dating Tracy Harrison, though this ended badly.  Presently, he is Married to Deanna Burditt.

Image of Kim Harrison with her ex- husband Rick Harrison

Kim Harrison with her ex-husband Rick Harrison

Kim and Rick had two children, Adam and Corey Harrison.


What is Kim Harrison doing now?

Ever since Kim wrote her first published novel, she has never stopped writing. Currently, she mentors young writers who attend seminars and conventions.

Kim has become the epitome of writers and editors. Her urban fantasy skills have made her rise to fame and appeared in several interviews. She is a mentor to all those young writers who are afraid to come out of their fears. She is a true definition of determination in pursuit of success.

Kim Harrison’s family

Harrison was born in 1966. Kim grew up in a family full of boys and mostly referred herself to be a Tomboy. Details of her brothers and parents are not known. All we know is that she grew up in the Midwest.

Age, Wiki-Bio, Facts

Harrison was born in 1966.  Currently, Kim is 57 years old. Kim has not revealed to the public about her height and weight measurements.

Full Name


Kim Harrison




Marriage life


Divorced from Rick Harrison







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