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Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Sean Whitley Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Farmtruck is a most peculiar name. You would not imagine any street car racing adopting such a title. They usually go for something flashier, edgier, something attention-grabbing.

Some drivers even seek to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents even before the race starts. They do this by using intimidating nicknames, something like the Dominator.

The star of our story goes against this mould. Sean Whitley is a man in his world. He chose his name solely out of his love for trucks. In this review, we will examine the racer Farmtruck’s net worth, his salary, and age. Before we finish, we will try to draft a detailed wiki-bio.

Sean Whitley (Farmtruck) Net Worth and Salary.

Sean Whitley has a net worth of $2 million in 2023. This impressive bank account is a direct result of his career on reality television.

As you may have seen with some of his colleagues, the cast of Street Outlaws is taken care of quite well on the Discovery Channel.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Sean Whitley net worth is $2 million

Street Outlaws cast Sean Whitley net worth is $2 million

Sources claim that they earn $20,000 for every episode they appear in on the show. Farmtruck is also a very successful racer with several years in the business, which means that he probably has several victories under his belt.

For street racers, these victories translate to earnings. The star also owns a car business, which is an additional source of income.

Career Info.

Farmtruck from Street Outlaws’ preferred vehicle of choice is the 1970 Chevy long-bed truck. This is where he draws his nickname from as well.

The famous racer got his start right from a very early age. He was already driving his father’s truck when he was just 12 years old.

This is remarkable, especially considering that most people at this age are probably still playing with toys.

Once he took to the streets, Sean’s talent shone through. He went on to win several races, a thing that got him a starring role on Street Outlaws.

It was while on the show that he would meet his future driving partner, AZN.

The pair would go on to have a very successful partnership. This would translate into several wins on the track. The two are very old school: they prefer trucks to high-end sports cars.

This is surprising, considering that most car enthusiasts would sell their souls for Ferraris.

Image of Sean Whitley (farmtruck) from Street Outlaws show

Sean Whitley (Farmtruck) from Street Outlaws show

Sean’s car, after several modifications, has become one of the fastest vehicles on the Show. Like some of his colleagues, he would get featured on several spinoffs: Street Outlaws: Crash Course, Street Outlaws: Thick as Rubber, and Street Outlaws: Go Fish!

Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley is Married to Wife.

Sean Whitley is a married man. This much we know, as he has mentioned his wife a few times on the show. But unfortunately, we do not know much besides this.

The couple could also have children, or maybe they chose not to. Sean’s age, however, makes the former a very likely possibility.

Farmtruck from Street Outlaws looks old enough to have grandchildren. Once we learn more about the family, we will let you know. There were rumours that he was romantically involved with his racing partner, AZN, which would make him gay.

But these were just that rumours. Sean is very much into women.

Image of Sean Whitley with his partner AZN

Sean Whitley with his partner AZN

Sean Whitley Age, Wiki-Bio

Full name Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley
Age 57 years old
Date of Birth March 29th 1966
Place of Birth USA
Profession Television personality, Race car driver, Reality Star
Net worth $ 2 million
Wife Married
Kids Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Car of Choice 1970 Chevy long bed truck

Sean Whitley was born on the 29th of March 1966 in the USA. As such, he is 57 years old. Not much is known about the reality star apart from this, as he likes to keep his private life to himself.

What we do know, however, is that the man loves the car.

He started driving when he was twelve and hasn’t looked back ever since. The streets have always been his home, and they have treated him well.

Sean has built a very nice life for himself as a result. The racer is a man of simple tastes. His favorite car is the 1970 Chevy long-bed truck.

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