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Jeffery Bonnett “AZN” Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Jeffery Bonnett Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Oklahoma is known for producing some of the finest street car racers. This is a town where street racing thrives, a town where people see the beauty in burning rubber and adrenaline-inducing races.

One of the top racers from the town is AZN whose real name is Jeffrey Bonnett.

Though still relatively young, the superstar has already made significant headway in the world of streetcar racing. Today, we are going to explore Jeffrey’s life and learn more about the man.

Know about Street Outlaws’ AZN’s Net Worth, wife, and married life.

Jeffery Bonnett “AZN” Net Worth and Salary.

The young racer has acquired a hefty chunk of his net worth from his lucrative on-screen career. He stars on the popular reality show, street outlaws.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Jeffery Bonnett net worth is $350,000
Street Outlaws cast Jeffery Bonnett net worth is $500,000

Jeffrey, or more commonly known as AZN, is also a very successful racer. This translates to money every time he crosses the finishing line first. Besides street racing, AZN co-owns FNA Firehouse.

This is a clothing store he runs with his friend and business partner, Farmtruck. Their business is very doing fairly well, providing an additional source of income.

Image of Jeffery Bonnett with his partner Farmtruck
Jeffery Bonnett with his partner Farmtruck

Jeffery Bonnett has a reported net worth of $ 500,000.

Career Info.

AZN got his first car, a 1964 Chevy II NOVA, while he was still school. This is a testament to his love for cars.

Jeffrey grew up in a town famed for racing, and so he was always destined to take the streets. His father taught him everything he knows about cars. The two worked on the car together, making all the modifications the racer would need before he took to the streets.

Though he is young, Jeffrey has been making waves on the streets. The driver has featured on several races, notching a significant number of wins under his belt.

The buzz he generated got him a regular role on the reality show, Street Outlaws.

Image of Jeffery Bonnett from Street Outlaws show
Jeffery Bonnett from Street Outlaws show

This is where he would meet Farmtruck, his future mentor and business partner. They raced against each other while on the show.

On this occasion, experience beat out youth. In defeat, however, Street Outlaws AZN gained a mentor. The two would go on to partner together on show, and win several races in the process. The duo would also appear on Street Outlaws: Crash Course, Street Outlaws: Thick as Rubber, Street Outlaws: Go Fish!

AZN and Farmtruck also started their own clothing business, FNA Firehouse.

Jeffery Bonnett (AZN) is Not Married To a Wife Yet.

In this digital age, where privacy is almost impossible, Jeffrey has managed to keep his private life to himself. We could not uncover anything about his love life.

So, we do not know whether he is dating anyone or even married. There were unsubstantiated rumors however that the popular racer might be gay and involved in a romantic relationship with his business partner.

Image of Jeffery Bonnett with his girlfriend Leesa Lacey
Jeffery Bonnett with his girlfriend Leesa Lacey

But this was proven to be false. The only lady in his life is Leesa Lacey. They have been friends for almost 15 years now.

Leesa is actually married, with a husband and children of her own. So we know that the two are not romantically involved. They are just really good friends.

Jeffery Bonnett Age, Wiki-Bio

Full name Jeffery “AZN” Bonnett
Age 42 years old.
Date of Birth August 3rd, 1981
Place of Birth Oklahoma City, USA.
Profession Television personality, Race car driver, Reality Star, businessman
Net worth $ 500,000
Wife N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parents Dennis Bonnett and Motsu Bonnett.
Car of choice 1964 Chevy II NOVA

Jeffrey Bonnett was born on the 3rd of August, 1981, in Oklahoma City to Dennis and Motsu Bonnet. This makes the reality star 42 years old presently.

He grew up alongside one sibling, Brenda Bonnett. Right from the onset, it was evident that AZN was going to be a big player in the world of racing.

He got his first car when he was still in high school and hasn’t looked back since. Life has not been easy for the star.

He lost his mother to cancer when he was just 16 years old. Then his father would also pass in 2001 as a result of a defective heart.

Jeffrey fought through the pain, focusing all his energy into his passion. When he hit the streets, he was a different man, a different man who could beat anyone on his best day.

AZN was humbled however when he raced Farmtruck. While he lost the race on that day, Jeff gained a new friend. Since then, the pair have gone on to light up the streets of Oklahoma.

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