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Corey Harrison Net worth, Mother, Weight Loss

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Image of Corey Harrison Net worth, Mother, Weight Loss

A name is just a name but not a celebrity’s. It carries fame, popularity and lots of public opinion.  One name we know of is that of Corey Harrison.

He is a typical celebrity and a businessman who came into the limelight for appearing on a reality TV show. Check out Corey Harrison Net Worth. Also, get to meet his mother.

Details about Pawn Stars Corey Harrison’s weight and weight loss journey.

Net Worth, house and cars

Corey Harrison net worth is $5 million which he has been able to acquire through a combination of payments from appearances on Pawn Stars and working in the Pawn Shop.

His other sources of income include getting paid $1000 for making guest appearances in Las Vegas clubs.

Image of TV Personality Corey Harrison net worth is $5 million

TV Personality Corey Harrison net worth is $5 million

Corey Harrison has a house with a square foot of 7,069 which features six bathrooms, seven bedrooms, theatre, full bar, a kitchen with stainless-steel utensils and countertops that have leather-finished granite.

Image of Businessman, Corey Harrison house

Businessman, Corey Harrison house

He owns a 2018 Dodge Challenge SRT Demon that he bought for $80,000. The car is the fastest production that was ever built and contains an 840-horsepower. It also comes supercharged with a supercharged 6.2 – liter HEMI V-8.

Image of Corey Harrison car

Corey Harrison car

Career Info that gave Corey Harrison $5 Million Net Worth.

Corey Harrison apart from being a businessman features on a reality television series. The series documents his work about a famous Pawnshop he runs in Las Vegas. He owns and runs the shop together with his father, Rick Harrison.

After an early start in the pawn business which he got to start working at the age of nine. Corey Harrison learned enough to become a partner alongside his father and his late grandfather, Richard (also referred to as Old Man) Harrison.

His family was not well off, and so when he was just 14 years old, he had to make money by riding a bus. In the morning he would pick up the school kids and he was paid 5-6 dollars in a week. He used to pack his coach at his house.

His grandfather moved to Las Vegas in April 1981, along with his wife and sons. His father and grandfather opened a Gold and Silver Coin Shop at 1501 Las Vegas Boulevard which they started selling second-hand items.

In the year 1994 Corey Harrison joined them, and since then he has not taken any leave, and he is always the one to arrive early.

Image of Corey Harrison from Pawn Stars show

Corey Harrison from Pawn Stars show

Their business worked so well gradually that they featured in the reality TV series, Pawn Stars which starred in the history channel.

The series was so popular that within ten weeks the TRP period the show increased and it was one of the second highest rated reality show program after Jersey Shore. In 2012 their customers increased, and their daily visitors were between 3000-5000. Currently, there are over 80 employees in the store.

He currently manages the day to day activities of the Pawnshop and leads a team of 30 employees. Corey also appeared in the episode of iCarly on the 3rd of November 2012 alongside Rick and Chumlee.

Corey Harrison Weight Loss Journey

Pawn Stars Corey Harrison struggled with an ever-increasing weight and obesity problem for some time when his weight had scaled to 402 lbs. Later on, his doctors kept him on preventive diabetes medication.

The real transformation in Corey Harrison’s weight happened in 2010 when he underwent a gastric lap band surgery and lost 50lbs after six weeks and 100 pounds more within the first year of the procedure after starting his slim down.

He continues to have his band checked monthly and leads a much different lifestyle than previously. He had to pay his surgery procedure bills through credit cards since the operation was quite expensive at the time.

After the gastric band procedure at 31 years, he dropped 50 lbs. In the first six weeks’ post-surgery and lost another 100 within the first year.

Image of Corey Harrison weight loss

Corey Harrison weight loss

He got injured on April 26, 2014, hours before his 31st birthday celebration in a motorcycle accident where he suffered a broken arm and injuries to his back and foot. His weight loss journey has inspired his friends like Alison Chumlee Rusell to lose weight and be fitter.

He has been able to eat right and also exercise often which enabled him to feel better in his thirties than when he was in his twenties.

He boxes daily to keep fit and maintains a healthy diet which has ensured he is not able to bulk up and gain weight again after surgery.

Death Rumors

There have been Some rumours about Corey Harrison’s death, but as you know, he is alive and kicking.

Who is Corey’s Harrison Mother? Meet his family

Corey Harrison’s mother is Kim Harrison

He was born in Las Vegas on April 27th 1983 and is 40.  Corey is the son of Rick Harrison and grandson of Richard Benjamin Harrison.

He has three brothers, Christopher Harrison, Jake Harrison, and Adam Harrison.

Image of Corey Harrison with his father Rick Harrison

Corey Harrison with his father Rick Harrison

His ethnicity is North American and nationality American. His father raised him together with his stepmom, Deanna.


How old is Corey Harrison?

He is currently 40 years old, having been born on 27th April 1983.

 Is Corey Harrison Married?

He married his first wife, Charlene whom they separated in 2015, and later on married his second wife Kiki who he divorced in 2018.

How tall is he?

Corey Harrison is 6’0’’ (184cm) tall.

Birthdate 27th April 1983
Birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada
Age 40 years
Birth name Richard Corey Harrison
Nationality American
Occupation Reality Television Personality, Businessman
Family Rick Harrison (Father)

Richard Benjamin Harrison (Deceased Grandfather)

Marital status Divorced
Years active 1999 – present
Siblings Jake, Christopher, and Adam Harrison

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