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Todd Chrisley Wiki-Bio: 12 Amazing Facts and Biography.

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Image of Todd Chrisley: Wiki-Bio; 12 Amazing Facts and Biography.

 If you are a fan of television drama in real life, you all might be familiar with Todd Chrisley. He is an American reality TV star and a businessman. Chrisley hosts a reality television show called Chrisley knows Best. The show is on its seventh season right now and is still going pretty well.

The show revolves around the real estate agent Todd Chrisley ad his wealthy family from Georgia. The 7th season of the show in 2019, was filmed mainly in Nashville, Tennessee. On the initial release of the show, the season crossed over 1.16 million viewers. The has never gone downhill since then. People from all around the world are interested in watching the show and of all races. 

So who is the millionaire Todd Chrisley and why are people going crazy over him these days on the internet? Is it due to his net worth, or is it because of something that happened on his show? 

Todd Chrisley Wiki.

Who is Todd Chrisley? And why is he popular? 

Todd Chrisley is a businessman, real estate agent and an American TV show star. He was born on April 6, 1969, making him 54 this year. He was raised in Georgia, United States. His zodiac sign is Aries, which defines him to be a kind and beginning kind of person.

Women around the world are going crazy over the handsomeness of the famous Todd Chrisley.  He has a tall height of 6 ft and 1 inch, which makes him even more charming. But sadly he is married and has five children whom he loves dearly. 

Image of Todd Chrisley from the TV show, Chrisley Knows Best
Todd Chrisley from the TV show, Chrisley Knows Best

His fame started with the show Chrisley Knows Best which airs on the USA Network, a show which centres on wealthy Todd and his family. Heres a little fact, it doesn’t only air in USA Network, but in the UK it airs in a channel called ITBve. Sadly only the first two seasons of the show is streamed on Netflix.

Why is Chrisley so famous then?

He is not famous for being a really big actor or anything like that. Todd is rather famous for his rich style of living and reckless spending money. Wearing fancy and designer clothes to living in a 30,000 sq ft house with so many luxuries we can’t even keep our eye on.

Todd has been famous for doing those things.

What does Todd Chrisley Do for a living? Know his job.

Have you heard of a bankrupt Millionaire? Well if not, you are in the right place as Todd is one personality we know, who is still a millionaire even after going bankrupt twice.

Todd Chrisley is not only a mere Millionaire TV personality who loves spending money recklessly but also a really smart businessman who has really good knowledge on how to grow his business more together with earning a handful of money at an instance.

Todd has gone into bankruptcy twice, but that doesn’t seem to be bothering him much as still today, he is confident of spending money recklessly, the same with his family.

Todd’s career as a real estate agent made him 95% of the money he had. The rest of his money is the effort of all his investments and his being a TV personality. 

Chrisley is the perfect definition of the bankrupted millionaire and also a handsome one, right!

I bet you all are curious about many things about Todd’s life by now. So I won’t make you wait longer and take you to the next topic about Todd Chrisley.

Is Todd Chrisley Gay?

Todd has had many rumours about him being gay, and a lot of bisexuals and homosexuals have come to like Todd in all these years. But is he a gay?

People have made many assumptions about Todd being gay. They even thought that Todd was not married to his wife because he is in love with her, but maybe he has something hidden up his sleeves. 

However, Todd has declined the rumours tot be true. He stated many times that he surely is not gay and loves his wife a lot. The millionaire Todd also made clear that though he is not gay, he is not a homophobic too. 

Image of Todd Chrisley is a married man not a gay
Todd Chrisley is a married man not a gay

This clears out the rumours and situation going on between Todd and the people with the assumptions of being gay. He is surely straight.

Todd is not the only one whose orientation has been in question, his son Chase Chrisley gay rumours also have circled the media.

Todd’s First Wife.

Todd had his first wedding when he was 21 years old. His ex-wife Teresa Tessa was only 19 when the couple had their first child together. Later, the duo divorced In 1996. 

Image of Todd Chrisley with his first wife Teresa Tessa
Todd Chrisley with his first wife, Teresa Tessa

Teresa claims that the reason for the marriage was due to the verbal and physical abuse Todd would inflictm . Though, the charges Teresa had kept on Todd was dropped later as he declined all of it till the end in the court. Teresa also states that the only happiness that their marriage had brought them was their two beautiful children. 

Todd’s current wife.

Popular Todd Chrisley and his current wife Julie Chrisley are married since 1996. That’s right! Julie and Todd married not long after he divorced with his ex-wife Teresa. 

Image of Todd Chrisley with his wife Julie Chrisley
Todd Chrisley with his wife, Julie Chrisley

But this relationship has always been flowers and sunshine. The couple is never seen unhappy with each other, and in all these years, Julie has not even once blurted out of any kind of abuse or violence in the marriage.

This duo has three glamours children. The family loves each other as much as human life loves oxygen. The family can be seen living the time of their lives in the show Chrisley Knows Best. 

Now let us have a brief look on Todd Chrisley’s children.

Todd Chrisley’s Children/Kids:

Todd has five kids who he loves dearly. His two children from his first wife is a daughter and a son, and again, his children from his current wife include three children, two daughters, and a son. They are named as Lindsie, Grayson, Chase, Kyle, and Savannah. 

Image of Todd Chrisley iwth his wife Julie Chrisley and with their kids
Todd Chrisley with his wife Julie Chrisley and with their kids

We don’t need to question a thing on Todd’s love towards his children. In the TV show, he has shown countless times that he loves his kids with everything he has.

But still, it’s a little unfortunate that his ender son Kyle decided to go on the path of drugs which did not go pretty well. Therefore, Todd and his wife Julie have been taking custody over Kyle’s child, and he also has mentioned that Kyle’s daughter is also one of the most beloved granddaughters to him and a precious family member.

We already know a lot about Todd right now, but what we have been missing is his net worth. Let’s have a quick look at Todd’s net worth, after all; we still have a long way to go so why to wait!

Todd Chrisley’s Net Worth.

We have been seen Todd and his family’s lifestyle for years now. But he still has been secretive in telling his real net worth. Todd’s source of income is through his TV show, his business, and his career as a real estate agent. 

The superstar Todd Chrisley earns $1.5 million of net worth only through the television program. Some time ago, Todd’s bankruptcy made him go to $45 million on debt, and still, we hear the news which says he still has $5 million of debt remaining. 

Image of TV Personality, Todd Chrisley net worth is $5 million
TV Personality, Todd Chrisley net worth is $5 million

Henceforth, media are lacking behind on knowing his absolute salary and net worth. But we do have a beam of hope for a miracle to happen, and Todd tells about his income to the media.

As soon as more information about his real net worth is provided, we will be updating it here.

How did Todd Chrisley make his money?

Chrisley started his career as a real estate agent and has earned a lot since then. He has also invested in lots of businesses plus he has his own business that he started long ago. 

With all the effort he has kept on the business industry and the real estate career he has earned and is still earning quite a handsome amount of money in the field.

Todd’s drug-addict son, Kyle, once said in the interview with Daily Mail that his father, aka Todd, is a fraud, and a snake. This accusation was soon settled by Todd.

Todd Chrisley’s Age.

Todd was born in 1969, on April 6th. With the passing time, he is getting older, too, though he doesn’t seem like it. He is pretty old now, right? Well, he is, but I would not call the handsome face old as he still seems to look very young.

Todd is now 54 years old. In my view, he still looks a lot younger than his age. Todd’s fans are going crazy about how handsome a 50-year-old man still is.

Some even say they like Todd more than Leonardo DiCaprio. What do you have to say in this situation?

Where does Todd Chrisley live? 

Todd Chrisley lives in a 30,000 sq ft house in Atlanta. The house is really big and has all kinds of luxurious facilities like its jacuzzi and a swimming pool at the house. Through some sources, we got our hands on more information about Todd’s house. Though the information may not be enough, we know that Todd owns more houses here and there in the places witch similar luxuries.

Don’t you wanna know more about how and what made the millionaire Todd Chrisley go bankrupt? Me too! So let’s jump into the next heading already. 

Todd Chrisley’s Bankruptcy.

Starting from 2012 to 2013 Chrisley had gone to a major bankruptcy. His debt was total of $45 million, Woah! A huge amount right. On the television, he boasted a lot about how his clothes were branded and expensive. But going around in the papers, he swore that his clothes were no more than $700.

The case of bankruptcy solved in 2015 with the help of his wife, Julie. However, it is said that he has not settled down all the debt and still has a lot to pay back. 

Todd Chrisley’s siblings.

Michael Todd Chrisley was born in Georgia but spent most of his childhood in South Carolina. Chrisley grew up with his two siblings, brother Derrick, and Randy Chrisley. The three brothers with their mother and father lived quite a happy and simple life in a small town. As kids, the three brothers were fond of riding bicycles, and so, they rode bicycles a lot together. 

Image of Todd Chrisley brother Randy Chrisley
Todd Chrisley brother Randy Chrisley

as soon as we find more information on Todd and his siblings we swear to be updating the article soon. So, stay updated!

Todd Chrisley’s Wiki.

Todd’s full birth name is Michael Todd Chrisley. He was born in Georgia, USA and grew up in a small town in South Carolina. Todd was always inspired by his parents, mother Faye Chrisley, and father, Gene Raymond Chrisley. 

His beloved father took his last breath in 2012, 11th July. That time was surely a really tough time for Chrisley and his family.

Todd is yet to disclose his education and early life to us. He says that back in the days, he had a tough time. Up until now, he started building his successful life from scratch. He has come to be really successful till now with all his effort. Chrisley paved his way on his own and made him famous with his efforts. 

Before the Media Creer, Todd invested in real estates and earned a huge amount of fortune with the help od successful investment. Similarly, he also ran his own business, which went by the name Chrisley and Company. The company made a lot of fortune since the starting as it was invested in assets management, media, and entertainment and more. But in 2008, the company went a flop, and it has remained closed since then.

The Chrisley Knows Best star; Todd Chrisley is 6 foot and 1 inch tall. His current weight is unknown as weights keep on fluctuating here and there on times. 

Todd has faced a lot of difficulties during his journey. But it is sure that along the way he has never given up as we know that even after going bankrupt for two times and one business failure he still has a lot of hope and carries on with what he is doing.

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