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The Last Alaskan Ashley Selden Baby, Husband Tyler Selden, Net Worth, Age, Wiki-bio

Image of The Last Alaskan Ashley Selden Baby, Husband Tyler Selden, Net Worth, Age, Wiki-bio

Ashley Selden is a quite interesting character in the Discovery TV show. Her role is integral and she blends easily to make The Last Alaskans, a very impressive and outstanding show.

You will learn a lot about her in this bio. Ashley highly compliments this show and makes it interesting to follow. In every sequence of events, you will always have something to grab, learn, and enjoy.

Meet The Last Alaskan Ashley Selden’s Baby and Husband Tyler Selden and know her Net worth, Age, in wiki type bio.

Ashley Selden and Tyler Selden Married. Meet their baby

Ashley Selden met the love of her life, husband Tyler Selden in college: where they were both students in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. After graduating, they became an inseparable item that had a lot in common.

Consequently, they sought a reliable and predictable career, that made them emigrate to Alaska to look for greener pastures. Particularly, they were looking for a career that would give them absolute freedom, and unlimited adventure in the wilderness.

The Last Alaskan Ashley Selden broke the most electrifying news on her reality TV show a few years ago – that Ashley Selden is pregnant with their first child.

The couple is currently blessed with one child, who is a bouncing baby girl. She is beautiful and 6 years old at the moment. Her name is Sydney Selden.

Image of Ashley Selden with her husband Tyler Selden and their baby Sydney Selden
Ashley Selden with her husband Tyler Selden and their daughter Sydney Selden

Net worth, wiki-bio, family, age

Ashley Selden has amassed a considerable amount of money in her TV career in The Last Alaskans. She is very active in her role to yield the best.

Consequently, she has been featured all through, and that has also been reflected in her earnings.

She gets good returns, and so far Ashley Selden has accumulated a net worth of $500,000. She has accrued this entire amount from her reality TV show.

Image of The Last Alaskan cast, Ashley Selden net worth is $500,000
The Last Alaskan cast, Ashley Selden net worth is $500,000

She was born on 31st July 1984 and turned 39 this year. Afterward, she enrolled in college in Duluth, Minnesota, from where she met the love of her life, Tyler Selden. After their graduation in 2006, they went to Alaska.

Ashley Selden was born to David and Theresa Laidig. Her siblings are not known, but she now has a family of her own, together with her beloved husband and child.

Despite being in her late 30s, she still looks youthful and very cute.

Tyler Selden wiki bio, age, family

After clearing her tertiary education, The Last Alaskan Ashley Selden and her husband relocated to Alaska from where she got an opportunity to be featured in The Last Alaskans.

This was facilitated by a remote trapping camp that she got on the Arctic river. It came three years after relocating to her new hood. After filming, the show aired on Discovery TV on May 25, 2015. She starred alongside Bob Harte, Otto Kilcher, Heimo Korth, and Edna Korth among others.

Apart from the reality TV show that they do to earn a living, they also have a vegetable garden, and they also rear poultry such as chicken and turkey. They are a powerful couple that does not have any bad reports of divorce, domestic squabbles, cheating, or any looming rumours of divorce.

They divide their time into two, and they spend one half in Fairbanks and the other half at home. It is during summer that the couple prepares for the oncoming winter in the next season.

It is extremely cold and they have to take all the necessary measures because the weather there is very unforgiving. They sell their fur in spring, and they also pack the packable food to preserve it for winter.

In summer, they also rear the broiler birds, harvest what is in the garden, and prepare themselves to go back to the woods. The couple has transitioned from their former lifestyle in the contemporary world.

In their new Fairbanks abode, they try to live a simple life, and Ashley also says that she is quite a good storyteller. It is quite challenging to live there, and only a hardy person can survive. Even getting the most basic needs is not easy because of the extreme cold in Alaska that does not forgive any organism.

When she compares her childhood days at Lake Crystal, where she was brought up, she finds that Alaska leaves a lot to be desired. However, she tries to keep in touch with her old pals and consequently, she visits them every year, not to mention that some of them also visit her.

The terrain and environment have taught her survival skills so that she can manage to live in Alaska. Before settling where they live now, the Ashley Selden and Husband Tyler Selden were living in Arctic National Wildlife Camp for a period of about 6 months.

After that, they trekked for 250 miles and spotted a good place where they chose to stay at Fairbanks. She is very excited about her Discovery TV fans globally, and she is fond of them. To top it all, her show commands a high viewership.

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