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Is Terri Irwin Married now? Or is she dating? Update in 2023.

November 15th, also known as Steve Irwin’s day, is the date set aside in remembrance of the Australian conservationist. He died a gruesome death back in 2006 when a short-tailed sting ray punctured his lungs and heart while filming on the Great Barrier Reef.

No one felt the loss more than his wife, Terri, and kids; Bindi and Robert. So, thirteen years later, after the tragedy, we asked ourselves whether Terri Irwin found love again.

Is she married now or dating someone new? Check out the latest updates here.

Is Terri Irwin secretly dating Russel Crowe?

This story made headlines a while back when the two stars were spotted cozying up to each other. Terri and her two kids would often drive out to his ranch only six hours away from their family-owned zoo.

Moreover, he was there for her when she broke down on television. So, are the rumors surrounding Terri Irwin and Russel Crowe dating accurate?

Take it from the mother of two’s mouth that they are nothing but good friends. She spoke out on an interview with Access Hollywood back in 2017 and gave out her thoughts about the Australian actor;

Image of Terri Irwin and Russel Crowe

Terri Irwin and Russel Crowe

“He’s a great guy but absolutely just a dear friend. The saying goes, when it comes to friends, I’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies, and he’s definitely a quarter.”

Russell is a great friend to the widow and her family. Similarly, he was also friends with Steve when he was alive and even approved of his wildlife conservation measures.

As of now, Terri Irwin is neither married or dating anyone.

Has Terri Irwin dated anyone after Steve?

In one interview, Bindi was asked whether she would be okay if her mother got back onto the dating wheel. She answered honestly and emphasized that she only cared about her mom’s happiness.

However, the engaged 25-year-old also pointed out that Terri and Steve Irwin were soulmates. Even in death, they were still linked together.

Image of Terri Irwin and her late husband Steve

Terri Irwin and her late husband Steve

In 2019, the mother of two also declared to People Magazine that she hadn’t been on a date for 27 years. This was an apparent reference to her marriage with Steve.

Moreover, she also added that she misses him and longs for him. However, she also clarified that she isn’t lonely; neither is she searching. She already had her happily ever after with her late husband.

Terri Irwin and Steve’s married life, Kids.

Terri Irwin, formerly Terri Raines, was the head of her family’s construction business in Oregon, America. She had also founded her wildlife conservatory facility called Cougar Country when she decided on embarking on a vacation to Australia at age 27.

Image of Terri Irwin with her kids Bindi Irwin and Robert Irwin

Terri Irwin with her kids Bindi Irwin and Robert Irwin

Here, she met up with Steve in 1991, and within eight months of meeting, they recited their vows on June 4th, 1992. After entirely relocating to the Outback continent, the couple had their first daughter, Bindi Irwin, in 1998.

Her brother, Robert later followed her on December 1st, 2003. Fast forward to current times; the kids are now grown up and carrying on with his legacy. Her son is 20, while her daughter is 25. Wherever he is, he’s probably smiling with pride.

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