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‘Swamp People’ R.J. Moliner Net Worth, Wiki-Bio, Wife, Age, Facts

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Image of Swamp People R.J.Moliner Net Wortglh, Wiki-Bio, Wife, Age, Facts

R.J Moliner was born in Louisiana, the USA in mid-September, 1961: this makes him 60 years old. He was born as Ronald Moliner Jr and appeared in Swamp People alongside his son Jay Paul Moliner.

Ronald has excelled in many fields as he is a 4-time world champion arm wrestler, with 2 Arnold classic Arm wrestling Championships.

He has been a recognized National champion more than ten times. The star is also a former GNC champion. In this History Channel episode, R.J Moliner alongside his son seems to have similar skills. They can both bring down the deadliest alligators.

His parents are not known, and no information is available about them. Ronald is not a controversial man as he is more into fitness.

The reality star is also a family man. He keeps himself fit through diet and exercises. Moreover, he has a great personality and loves interacting and talking to people.

The land he enjoys hunting on is sacred land for the Houma people, and he prides that he has been able to keep the tradition alive.

R.J. Moliner is also a religious man, and to him, God comes first above everything else.  He says the hunting skills he possesses were passed from one generation to another, dating back 600 years.

Furthermore, he has passed on the skills to his son and also one of his nieces to ensure that they are passed on to the next generation. In fact, the whole family is made up of proficient hunters: his wife has been hunting with him for more than 30 years.


Net Worth

R.J Moliner has a net worth of $700,000 as of 2023. Most of his wealth has come about his gator hunting skills on a swamp in Louisiana.

Image of Swamp People cast R.J. Moliner net worth is $500,000

Swamp People cast R.J. Moliner net worth is $700,000

Together with his son Jay Paul Moliner, they hunt alligators and other animals in the Atchafalaya River Basin. The series has a success rating which first premiered in 2010 although R.J Moliner and his son appeared in season two.

Image of R.J. Moliner with his son Jay Paulmoliner

R.J. Moliner with his son Jay Paulmoliner

They both appeared on the reality show after the initial cast was mysteriously fired back in 2010. Since then, R.J Moliner has made himself a name, especially after hunting down one of the scariest alligators. This has led to him acquiring massive wealth.

It is a big step up from when he only hunted to make a living. Moliner is not a big spender and mostly spends his time in the gym or with his family. He made part of his wealth from the competitions he has participated in, like the championship in Canada.


R.J Moliner is a cast on a reality shows that debuted on August 22, 2010. The show is exciting because it follows the activities of hunters as they capture dangerous and scary alligators.

Moreover, it is filmed at Atchafalaya River Basin in Lousiana, in the southeastern part of America.

Image of R.J Molinere (left) and hi son Jay Paul Show off an alligator they caught

R.J Moliner (left) and his son Jay Paul Show off an alligator they caught

Moliner is different from other hunters, in that he uses an Airboat to navigate various areas of the swamp. Troy Landry seems to be his major competitor for the “King of the Swamp,” and in season 3, he bought 500 tags to challenge Troy.

At the start of the season, each hunter is issued with some tags, and once those tags are over, they are not allowed to hunt anymore for the rest of the season. He works together with his son from the first day.

Moliner said when the producers decided to incorporate native hunters, they were only looking for one guy, but he insisted he had a partner whom he could not work without.


The alligator hunter R.J. Moliner has been married to Stacey Moliner for several years now. They have a son who does the hunting with his father on the reality TV show.

There’s no background information on how the pair met, but it seems they are a good couple for raising their son together. Stacey is also a good hunter with more than 3-decades experience. He says his family is very dear to his heart.


R.J. Moliner is a Houma Native American who was born in Lousiana in 1961 (62 years). He was taught his hunting skills by his parents as they lived near a swamp with many dangerous alligators. Moliner also hunts cocoons and squirrels.

Though he is a grandfather, he is still an exercise freak who always hit the gym. His parent’s names or whereabouts is not recorded anywhere but only for his wife and son.


R.J Moliner was born in September 21, 1961, in Lousiana. He is of white ethnicity and American nationality. He has a successful career as a reality television personality. Furthermore, he is a father, a husband, and also a grandfather.

His exceptional hunting skills won him World Championship tournament in Canada. Moliner was taught by his parents to hunt for a living. His son Jay Paul Moliner has followed his footsteps, and he also features in the reality series.

R.J Moliner is a man who likes to work out and adhere to a strict diet as you can see in his physical appearance with a muscular chest, triceps, and biceps. With a height of about 5 feet and 8 inches, and 72kgs in weight, he is always vigorous when he decides to hit the gym for weightlifting to keep fit.

Image of R.J. Moliner from Swamp People show

R.J. Moliner from Swamp People show

Before Moliner premiered in the Swamp People series, he was hunting for fish together with his son to earn a living.

In recent episodes, he seems to be getting competition from his son who wants to make a name for himself too. His son has gained outstanding skills, and some argue that he is even better than his dad. He is now married too and staying on top of the chain is the priority.

Although he has proficient skills, one of his challenger who is considered as the king of the swamp remains his opponent to beat.

In episode six after a massive number of hunters were told to leave the show, the new producer says that season seven will be the final episode. R.J Moliner is a legend in his rights with a good personality.

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