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Suzanne Rawlings Net Worth, Wiki-Bio and Life after divorce from Richard Rawlings.

Image of Suzanne Rawlings Net Worth, Wiki-Bio and Life after divorce from Richard Rawlings.

Suzanne Rawlings is an American Businesswoman who is famous for being the former wife of reality star Richard Rawlings. While they were married, she was pivotal in managing her husbands’ Gas Monkey franchise.

Initially, it was just a garage but later diversified their portfolio and built a restaurant under the same name. The first time Suzanne married Richard was in 1999, and she has been in the limelight ever since.

This review will focus on Richard Rawlings’ ex-wife Suzanne Rawlings’ net worth and bio. It will also seek to uncover the reason for their divorce.

Who is Suzanne Rawlings?

Suzanne Rawlings’ is a 59-year-old Texan native. Her parents are Betty Koehl-Mergele and Jack Mergele, and they raised the southern belle in Texas.

The name she was given at birth was Suzanne Marie Mergele. Richard Rawlings’ ex-wife’s educational background includes studying at Lake South High before enrolling in college at Northern Illinois.

After achieving honours in Computer Science, Suzanne went on to work for a consulting company called Schaumburg. Years later, she would move back home to start a Home Health Agency. Somewhere in between, she met and married Richard Rawlings for the first time.

With all the experience she brought to the table. Suzanne Rawlings helped her former husband run his Gas Monkey Franchise.

It is no wonder that the business was successful, as it had two great business-minded people at the helm. Suzanne has been divorced a total of three times and married to three different men.

One of those unions brought her only son, Sinjin Venegas. It is fair to say that the 59-year-old Texan native is not afraid to shake things up when the relationship goes stale. Richard Rawlings’ ex-wife Suzanne is presently trying to move on with her life in Crystal Lake City.

Married life and divorce from Richard Rawlings, kids.

Suzanne Rawlings has been married four times in her life, twice to the same man. There is no information available on her first husband.

We can’t tell you what his name is or when they tied the knot or divorced. In regards to her second husband, however, we were able to piece together a few details.

His name was Carlos Venegas, and he was the father of Suzanne’s son, Sinjin. The Texan Businesswoman would meet Richard Rawlings sometime in the late 90s. There was an obvious and instant connection there, evident as they would be married in 1999.

They enjoyed a decade of blissful marriage before they called it quits and divorced in 2009. Surprisingly, they would find their way to each other gradually as they rekindled their relationship again.

This would lead to the two walking down the aisle again in 2015. Unfortunately, fans got a rude awakening when the couple announced that the two were divorcing for good now. They had no children together.

Image of Suzanne Rawlings husband Richard Rawlings engaged with Katerina Deason

Suzanne Rawlings husband Richard Rawlings is with Katerina Deason

A quick look at their social media profile will tell you that Richard has already moved on and is, in fact, married to another woman, Katerina Deason.

Not to be left behind, Richard Rawlings former wife, Suzanne is also in a relationship of her own. The divorce settlement earned Suzanne Rawlings a 2019 Mercedes SL 450 roadster and $300,000.

Why and when did Richard Rawlings and Suzanne Rawlings divorce?

The first time Richard and Suzanne divorced was back in 2009, after a 10 year marriage. At the time, they just claimed that it was a mutual decision.

The two clearly ended the relationship on good times as they still left the door open for a possible reunion. This came in 2014 when they remarried again.

Image of Suzanne Rawlings with her husband Richard Rawlings

Suzanne Rawlings with her ex-husband Richard Rawlings

Five years later, however, divorce came knocking again in 2019. Only this time, it doesn’t look like they will get back together again.

Again, the couple did not cite any reason for their divorce. They preferred to keep their relationship drama to themselves, and we have to respect their privacy.

What is Richard Rawlings Ex-Wife Suzanne Rawlings doing now?

Richard Rawlings former wife has already moved on with her life after the divorce. She presently lives in Crystal Lake City.

Her social media profile also indicates that she is in a new relationship. However, the name of her current boyfriend remains a mystery. Richard Rawlings has also moved on.

The Fast N’ Loud star Richard Rawlings is married to Katerina Deason, a woman he proposed to in Mexico. The two are already planning a wedding and could not be happier.

It is fair to say that Richard has moved on with his life as well. He describes Katerina as the love of his life and is ready to spend the rest of his life with her.

Hopefully, this marriage lasts longer than the other ones and divorce is not a word he has to use again.

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