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Shawn Pomrenke net worth, salary. His Wife, age revealed in wiki bio

Shawn Pomrenke's net worth and salar

Shawn Pomrenke, the Nome-based gold dredger, is well known for his role as a cast member in the Discovery Channel’s reality television show, Bering Sea Gold. The reality show follows Shawn and his crew members as they embark to achieve gold mining in a summertime, cold northern latitude, shallow water, ocean environment.

Find out Shawn’s net worth and salary despite his age and don’t forget about his married life with wife and kids.

Bering Sea Gold cast Shawn Pomrenke is married. Who is the wife?

It is reported that Shawn Pomrenke is a happily married man and that he tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, though evidence to provide credence to the claim is unavailable.

Regardless of this, in an interview with, Shawn Pomrenke commented that he had no wife. Currently, the details of his relationship status still remain undisclosed.

Even though not much of his married life is known, his son, Dylan Pomrenke is well known to the world given his multiple appearances on the show, Bering Sea Gold.

Although Dylan is known to the public because of his appearance in the show, Shawn also has a daughter. And he has posted a picture of a granddaughter in his facebook account.

Image of Bering sea gold cast Shawn Pomrenke and his daughter Emily Jane Pomrenke

So while we have no proper information on his married life we can confirm that he does probably have a wife. Just in case any singles out there were secretly wondering about his wife, don’t get your hopes up just yet.

He has kept his relationship status single on a Facebook page. We speculate that he used to be married to a wife but now he is separated.

Dylan Pomrenke, Shawn Pomrenke's son from 'Bering Sea Gold'

Dylan Pomrenke, Shawn Pomrenke’s son from ‘Bering Sea Gold’

Shawn Pomrenke Net worth & Salary

Over the years, Shawn has managed to accumulate a net worth estimated to be around $5 million as of 2023. A significant portion of his net worth is attributed to his role in the reality show, Bering Sea Gold.

He earns a salary of $500,000 annually. His net worth may sound very surprising at first but if you take a look at his career then you would know that he deserves every bit of his net worth.

His great salary comes after equally great contributions and struggle.

Shawn Pomrenke's net worth, salary and wiki-bio

Shawn Pomrenke’s amazing net worth and salary

He also owns a gold mining company and that attributes to his wealth.

Shawn Pomrenke Arrest for driving under the influence

Once again, Shawn had to answer to the law for driving under the influence of alcohol on December 9th 2019. He has now been arrested twice.

According to TMZ, he allegedly backed into a pedestrian and fled the scene and was charged with four counts. They include; driving under the influence of alcohol, failing to return to the scene of the accident, driving without insurance and assault in the third degree.

Based on the report of the officer in charge of the case, Shawn Pomrenke was backing out of a parking lot when he hit a pedestrian who was carrying groceries and fled the scene whilst smiling and giving a thumbs up.

Police officers managed to catch up with Shawn who admitted to having had a couple of drinks and not having car insurance.

He registered a blood-alcohol level of .125 on the officer’s Breathalyzer, nearly twice the legal limit. Thereby failing the field sobriety test and was immediately arrested by the police officers on the scene.

Shawn Pomrenke was sentenced to 180 days in jail. However, he was released after serving less than two weeks in jail. In addition to being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, he was stabbed in the back by a non-local in a barroom brawl in Nome, Alaska, the United States of America in 2012.

His teeth and braces

Like his personal life, information on his teeth and the braces he has remains undisclosed to the public. However, his teeth aren’t the most impressive part of his body.

But hey please have you seen anyone’s married life ruined because of their Ugly teeth? I can’t remember, So why are you guys interested in Shawn Pomrenke teeth anyway?

Wiki-bio, age, career

Shawn Pomrenke, aged 48, was born on 26th March 1975 in Nome, Alaska, the United States of America according to his wiki-bio. He attended the Nome Beltz High School, and at the age of 14, his interest in gold mining peaked.

He started gold digging under the guidance of his father, Steve Pomrenke.

Shawn Pomrenke Showing gold from Bering sea gold

Shawn Pomrenke wiki-bio also includes his prowess for gold mining landed him and his family an offer with Discovery Channel to illustrate their mining activities through the reality television shows; Bering Sea Gold and Bering Gold: Under The Ice.

The shows revolve around the Pomrenke family as they interact with their viewers whilst teaching the techniques of gold mining. Shawn co-owns a massive excavator dredge on the Bering Sea with his father.

The dredger is called the Christine Rose. With the Christine Rose, they have managed to haul in gold worth millions of dollars from the area surrounding Nome. The show also cast other members like Emily Riedel, Zeke Tehnoff.

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