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Zeke Tenhoff Girlfriend Sara Dunn. Know his net worth, age and wiki bio.

Zeke Tenhoff feature photo about his net worth and salary

Ezekiel Tenhoff or also known as ‘Zeke’ is one of the famous cast of reality tv series Bering Sea Gold. The show aired on the discovery channel currently has four seasons and mainly documents the lives of the cast as gold dredgers.

While the situations may be dramatized for purposes of entertainment, they are in fact real. The tension and tempers, lover’s spat between cast members and below freezing temperatures of Alaska can be quite a challenge.

But his hardships come at a price, and that is Zeke Tehnoff’s massive net worth. His dating life with new girl Sarah after splitting with Emily Riedel?

Find out along with his age and wiki-bio.

Bering Sea Gold Zeke Tenhoff dating life with ex-girlfriend Emily Riedel and their split. What happened?

Zeke whole’s life, he dedicated to gold mining. His attempt to run a corporate dredging company by recruiting his friend that soon turned lover and girlfriend Emily Riedel failed miserably.

The couple had conflicting ideas on how best to go about the work being he was the engineer, and she handled their profits. Frustrations ensued, and it even engulfed their dating life causing them to break up by the end of season one.

In an interview with Huliq, Emily described the relationship as somehow tenuous. However, Zeke reached out to her on the season to try and maximize profits as partners. They seem to have conflicting ideas about their dating relationship even after their break-up.

image of Zeke Tenhoff and Emily Riedel
Zeke with a former girlfriend, Emily Riedel in Bering Sea Cold

Is he dating new girl Sarah Dunn? Know about her.

Zeke seems to be keeping it professional with fellow co-star and old flame Emily Sarah. This is because he is currently in a dating girlfriend Sarah Dunn, an artist and now running a southern-eatery food truck called The Au Gratin in Nome

The two fell for each other almost instantly on their first encounter, and the chemistry carried on with their dating. Zeke was coping and losing it in a worst-case scenario of depression and substance abuse that made him drift and wind up in New Orleans, Louisiana.

She helped him piece his life back together and even came back with him to Nome after much convincing. The place pretty much grew on her and she decided to stay. Their dating life seems to be built on a solid foundation according to that story.


Zeke Tenhoff's girlfriend, Sarah Dunn and their dating life
 Sarah Dunn, girlfriend of Zeke Tenhoff

His career

Ezekiel Tenhoff’s adulthood has always been dedicated to ice dredging and digging for gold in Alaska’s seas. At just 20 years old, Zeke became the proud owner of a dredge named The Clark and started his business.

His hard work and determination finally caught the eye of Discovery channel which offered them a chance to become more than what they already were.

Zeke Tenhoff and his crew would become the stars and cast of reality television series Bering Sea Gold. The show follows their survival tactics in the cold of Alaska while mining for gold in the shallow waters of Bering Sea.

Ezekiel’s diving and innovative skills have made him one of the most successful cast members in procuring for gold in the seabed.

 Zeke Tenhoff Net worth, salary, sources of income.

Zeke’s success has seen him move from owning not only The Clark but also called The Edge, another dredging vessel that he later sold to Emily to help kickstart her career.

This bering sea gold star is a very keen businessman and is continuously looking to earn more net worth from various venture. Many of his those ventures have also been successful which must mean that his current net worth is also very pleasing.

Zeke Tenhoff’s fortune has been slowly but steadily increasing with each passing season on the show. He made a salary of $22,000 by the end of the second season and over $65,000 in season 4.

Zeke Tenhoff net worth is estimated to be a little over $200 thousand mostly attributed to his hard work in diving for the gold. He also makes some decent money from the revenue he gets for appearing on the show.

 Wiki-bio, Age.

Most of Bering Sea Gold Zeke Tenhoff early life is unknown and undocumented. The Alaska native, however, revealed that he was born sometime around 1987. It puts her age at 36.

The 6’0 diver has lived an unconventional life. It is tough to determine whether he attended college or not as he has not revealed any details about his life.

The 36-year-old is very passionate about gold mining and mostly had to make most of the decisions by himself as no details of his descent and parents are available. There is not much Zeke Tenhoff speaks about his life which is why we do not know anything much about his wiki-bio.

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