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Ryan Serhant Wife Emilia Bechrakis Wiki, Biography, Facts.

Image of Ryan Serhant Wife Emilia Bechrakis Wiki, Biography, Facts.

Ryan Serhant is Houston born reality television personality and property selling a machine. His exploits in the world of real estate have not gone unnoticed, propelling him right to the very top of the industry.

The 37-year-old realtor is recognized in the list of the top three real estate agents in America. This has seen Ryan star on the reality show, Million Dollar Listing New York. However, the focus of this review will be Ryan Serhant’s wife, Emilia Bechrakis.

Get more information about Emilia from this review, as we explore everything there is to know about Ryan Serhant’s wife.

Who is Ryan Serhant’s wife, Emilia Bechrakis?

Emilia Bechrakis is an American Attorney and reality television star. She is famous for being Ryan Serchant’s wife.

Ryan runs one of the best real estate agencies in the country and is also the star of the Million Dollar Listing New York. The show has been on the air since 2012 and is presently in its nine season. Emilia is regularly featured on the show alongside her husband Ryan and other stars like Fredrik Eklund.

Before she joined her husband on reality television, Emilia Bechrakis kicked off her law career at a legal practice known as Norton Rose Fulbright. This is recognized as one of the biggest law firms in America and the world at large.

It was founded all the way back in the 1700s by a man named Philip Rose. The law firm has over fifty offices worldwide. The scale of the company reflects just how talented Ryan Serhant’s wife was, as she was highly sought after the moment she stepped out of law school.

Image of Emilia Bechrakis from the TV show, Million Dollar Listing New York.

Emilia Bechrakis from the TV show, Million Dollar Listing New York.

After she left the firm, Emilia Bechrakis went on to become a senior partner for Commonwealth Land Title Insurance. Her firm strives to help its clients succeed in all their professional endeavors.

These include other lawyers, developers, and realtors. Ryan Serhant’s wife would then later relocate to New York to join her husband on his reality show.

Emilia Bechrakis’ Net worth.

Ryan Serhant’s wife is a practising attorney and reality actor. Reports suggest that senior partners in America can earn upwards of $200K annually. This income is supplemented by her work on the show, Million Dollar Listing. Emilia Bechrakis’ net worth stands at $2 million.

Her husband, Ryan Serhant, on the other hand, is reportedly worth a cool $20 million. As his wife, Emilia is entitled to share in this wealth and enjoy the luxury that real estate brings them.

The moment we uncover the figure behind Ryan Serhant’s wife’s net worth, we will post an update. So make sure you check back with us for all the latest news on Emilia’s finances.

Emilia Bechrakis’ Married Life.

The Greek-American attorney is taken. Her husband’s name is Ryan Serhant. He is a Southern man who has made his mark in the world of real estate, becoming one of the most reputable businessmen in America.

In addition to this, he also works as a television personality on the show Million Dollar Listings. Ryan was born on the 2nd of July, 1984, which would make him 39 at the moment.

Ryan Serhant and wife Emilia Bechrakis, met way back in 2011 during one of Emilia’s tour in America. They would go on to date for three years before Ryan took her to Times Square (which he had completely closed off) and asked her to marry her.

The couple would go back to Emilia’s hometown of Greece and have the ceremony at a beautiful closed off-Island.

Image of Emilia Bechrakis with her husband Ryan Serhant and with their daughter

Emilia Bechrakis with her husband Ryan Serhant and with their daughter

Ryan Serhant and wife Emilia Bechrakis’ wedding took place on the 7th of July 2016. Immediately after they were wed, the couple tried for several years to have a baby.

However, their fruits bore no endeavours for three years. Remarkably though, after a successful IFV procedure, Ryan Serhant’s wife became pregnant. Their daughter was born on February 26th, 2019, making her 4 years old.  At the moment, they are a happy little family of three living in New York.

Emilia Bechrakis Wiki, Bio.

Full name Emilia Bechrakis- Serhant.
Age 38 years old.
Date of Birth 3rd of July, 1985.
Place of Birth Athens, Greece.
Profession Reality television personality,
Net worth $2 million.
Husband Ryan Serhant.
Kids 1
Nationality Greek- American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Cancer.
Parents Despina and Leonadis Bechrakis.

Emilia Bechrakis is a native of Athens, Greece, who was born on July 3rd, 1985. This makes her 38 years old presently. Her parents are Leonadis and Despina Bechrakis.

Her father was a reputable entrepreneur back in their hometown, whereas Emilia’s mother took care of the household.

Emilia Bechrakis grew up alongside a sister named Mariefaye back in Athens. The two were very close to growing each other. Not a lot else is available in regard to her early life.

Switching to her academic background, we learned that Ryan Serhant’s wife was quite an accomplished academic. Emilia Bechrakis is a former student of the University of Kent, as well as an alumnus of the London College University.

The latter is where she would go on to earn her master’s degree in Law. From then on, she would go on to have a remarkable career in the field of Law, before meeting the love of her life and starting a family.

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