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Mountain Men Rich Lewis Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio.

With the current age of technology and gizmos that make life simple, a group of men and women seclude themselves. They have a particular set of skills each unique to the character that helps them survive in the wild.

Let’s take the focus to one Mountain Man, Rich Lewis, who has very surprising tendencies.

Find out his net worth and whether or not it lives up to his first name. Other areas we’ll brush over include his salary, age, married life, wife, and wiki-bio.

Mountain Men Rich Lewis Net Worth and Salary.

In as much as the Mountain Men do not need the finer things in life, they can never say no to a paycheque, at least not for our celebrity in question.

Only God knows what they do with the money since they live an all-natural life, letting nature provide for them.

Rich Lewis’ current estimated net worth is $400,000. No one knows his salary on the Reality TV series since that knowledge is only privy to him.

However, he has gained a lot of fame and attention since he joined the series in 2013. He isn’t one of the pioneers of the show since representatives from the History Channel caught up with him during the second season.

Image of Rich Lewis net worth is $300,000
Rich Lewis net worth is $400,000

It would be pointless to talk about his houses and cars since he made a place to call home all by himself. As for cars, he drives an ancient truck. He lives a simple lifestyle, hunting for his meals in the wild.

Rich Lewis Wife and Married Life.

For better or for worse, these are phrases that the ordained minister makes couples recite when they are getting married. According to outsiders, life with the TV star lingers more on the ‘for worse’ side. However, his wife Diane seems to disagree with that.

She not only shares his ideology of living in the wild in theory but has also turned it into a reality. Whenever it gets tough in the wild, she will always be supporting him.

In turn, he guards his home and protects her from vicious predators.

Rich Lewis and his wife Diane have been living happily for over 30 years of marriage. Mind you, Diane has never left her husband’s side.

Trying to figure out whether they have kids is like finding a needle in a haystack. Finding them is usually the hard part, let alone getting them to talk about their personal lives in interviews.

Wiki-Bio, Age.

Name Rich Lewis
Age 69 years old
Date of Birth January 1954
Place of Birth Idaho
Profession TV personality
Net worth $400,000
Spouse Diane
Kids Undisclosed
Wife Diane

There is very little information on the TV star. No trace of his early life, parents or siblings. The only bit he let his fans in on was his residence in Idaho, where he was born and raised.

Other than that, Mountain Men Rich Lewis’ life revolves around his work patrolling Ruby Valley for dangerous animals. His age is speculated to be around his late fifties.

On one of his expeditions, one of his favourite trusted companions and dog named Brandy met face-to-face with a big cat and got killed. When the local hunters heard of this news, they travelled all the way to Alder to give him one of their hunting dogs named Tennessee.

This was a gesture he very much appreciated.


Rich Lewis’ age may be old, but he is as tough as nails. He takes his hunting very seriously and knows never to let his guard down, or it would mean his end.

History Channel has capitalized on this and paid him handsomely, as seen through his net worth. We believe that his wife also shares the same wages.

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