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Parker Schnabel Net Worth. Know His Salary, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Parker Schnabel Net Worth. Know His Salary, Age, Wiki-Bio.

What amount of money are you expecting to make in your early 20’s? Or better still, how much did you earn during this period of your life? Whatever the amount, it cannot beat Parker Schnabel’s salary per episode.

You now must be intrigued to know his salary and weigh it against the above assumptions right? Worry not because you will not only get informed on young celebrities’ salaries but also Parker Schnabel’s net worth.

Moreover, here are details on his career, age, and personal life including the cars and houses he owns.

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth 2023.

You probably think that the reality TV series is his only source of income because you have known him through this show. The young cast of the show does not only earn his salary from Gold Rush but gains his income from general gold mining activities.

As of 2023, Parker Schnabel’s salary per episode was roughly approximated at $25,000, which means that the young man’s annual salary is about $500,000.

In relation to Parker Schnabel’s net worth, sources indicate that he may be having a net worth of $8 million this year (2023).

Image of Parker schnabel net worth is $2 million

Parker Schnabel net worth is $8 million

Parker Schnabel’s House, Cars

Even if you are yet to know his exact age, you know for a fact that he is in his early 20s. What are you expecting such a young man to do with the quoted salary above?

Of course, he is living his youthful years to the fullest, spending his earned hard cash to buy top brand cars and comfortable houses.

You cannot say he is wasting money because he is just living the life of any regular celebrity out there.

Furthermore, the young star is doing great in terms of money spending because news reaching us is that he recently invested $600,000 in constructing a custom car wash that will aid his mining activities.

Career details that gave him $8 Million Net Worth

If you were keen in the previous section, you learned earlier that Parker Schnabel net worth of $8 million arises from his gold mining career. So, as you know, this is his primary area of professionalism.

He obtained the mining skills at a tender age because his grandfather ventured into gold mining and had his firm (The Big Nugget), which marked the beginning of the young master’s career.

His grandfather was part of the Gold Rush, and upon his departure from the show, his grandson started featuring. The young star’s first appearance in the show was sort of advice-based, emanating from all the experience he had in the field.

From there, Parker Schnabel began starring as a gold miner with his crew which was able to not only defeat Todd Hoffman (founder of the show) by extracting gold worth $3.7 million in 2016 but also supported the Porcupine Creek claim miners.

The young celebrity’s passion for his career is on another level. You will fail to imagine that he risked his college fund in season 4 only to establish his mining activities.

Perhaps he is living the dream of his deceased grandfather hence the reason why he is becoming better in his career by day.

His Crew in Gold Mining

Parker Schnabel’s crew keeps changing from season to season. Irrespective of this fact, his team can be termed as the best one as they work in unity with one another making it easier for them to ooze a significant amount of gold if need be.

The salary and net worth of each of his team members vary depending on their effort and level of expertise.

Wiki-bio, Family, Age, Height, Weight

No need to keep calling him by his official name as you can refer to him by his nickname ‘the young master.’ Parker was born on the 22nd of July 1994; he is 29 years old as of 2023.

Moreover, Alaska happens to be his place of birth. Nancy and Roger Schnabel are the lucky parents of the young millionaire. Upon completing high school, he didn’t see the need of joining college but used the funds for his career.

Image of Parker Schnabel with his ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle

Parker Schnabel with his ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle

He had been dating the beautiful Ashley Youle, but the two broke up recently. According to the young master, he thinks that Ashley deserves a better man.


Official Names Parker Schnabel
Nickname The young master
Birthdate 22.08.1994
Age in 2018 29 years old
Birthplace Haines, Alaska
Nationality American
Career Gold mining
Net worth $8 million
Salary per episode $25,000
Annual salary $500,000
Marital status Broke up with girlfriend Ashley Youle
Body measurements (Weight & height) 175 cm, 73 kg

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