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Matthew Anderson tv personality Net Worth, Wife, Wiki-Bio.

Matthew Anderson is a famous American television personality. His rise to stardom coincided with his stint on the show The Dead Files. It was centered on supernatural investigations conducted all across America.

Matthew made over a hundred appearances, working alongside Amy Allan. The show launched on the travel channel back in late 2011. The star is an alumnus of the University of Arizona.

He was once married to one of his co-stars. Know what Matthew Anderson’s net worth is from the article.

Who is “Dead Files” star Matthew Anderson?

The Dead Files’ Matthew Anderson is a television personality who burst onto the scene after his foray into reality television. His education background includes a stint at the University of Arizona, which he graduated from in 2005.

Six years later, he was making it big on the Dead Files. The show focuses on the investigations conducted by a former police detective and a psychic woman. Together, they investigate reported cases of haunted houses and paranormal activity all over the country.

On his part, the dead files, Matthew Anderson worked as an assistant for the show’s medium. He also worked as a location cleaner, interviewer, cameraman and field investigator while on the show.

Fun fact: Amy Allan would end up becoming his wife, and they worked together on well over a hundred episodes. The television personality was tasked with visiting sites beforehand to scope out their potential.

After 111 episodes, Matthew from “Dead Files” decided to take a step back from his reality television career. While the television personality has not left the franchise for good, he has moved on to other interests.

Image of Matthew Anderson from the TV show, Dead files

Matthew Anderson from the TV show, Dead files

At the moment, the Dead files’ Matthew Anderson is at Repercussionists Comics. Matthew works as the co-writer and creator. Before becoming a major reality television personality, Matthew worked at Loradon Hall. He was a former teaching assistant at the school.

Matthew is also the founder and owner of EMMA Enterprises.

Is Matthew Anderson married to a wife?

The Dead files’ Matthew Anderson was once a married man. He was married to former co-star, Amy Allan. At the time, Amy was his boss on the show. So besides sharing a love relationship, Matthew Anderson and Ammy Allan also had to share a professional one.

This was definitely a contributing factor to the couple’s eventual split. To say that the marriage was short-lived would be an understatement. The two separated in early 2012, and their divorce was finalised less than a year later.

Image of Matthew Anderson with his wife Amy Allan

Matthew Anderson with his ex-wife, Amy Allan

Some reports leaked that the reason for their split was alleged infidelity on Amy’s part. But again, this is just an unsubstantiated rumour with no basis to it.

The television personality, Matthew Anderson, moved on and even started dating again. According to a post he made to concerned fans, he has been in a relationship since 2013. However, he is not willing to divulge the identity of his new girlfriend.

Maybe he wants to keep her and their relationship away from the public’s eye. We will keep you apprised should anything change, so definitely pop back here after a while.

Currently, Amy Allan is Married to Rob Traeger.

Matthew Anderson tv personality Net Worth.

Television personalities are some of the best-paid people in the business. On average, it is said that reality television stars can receive upwards of $10,000 for every episode they appear in on their show.

Dead Files’ Matthew Anderson was featured in 111 episodes of his hit reality show before calling it quits. This undoubtedly helped him build up what must be an impressive net worth.

The television personality also works as a comic book writer. Sources say that comic book writers can make as much as $20,000 a year. Remarkably, this figure can rise to as much as $20 million, depending on the popularity of the particular comic strip.

That said, Matthew Anderson’s net worth is $1-5 Million. We will post updates should anything change.

Image of TV Personality, Matthew Anderson net worth is currently not available

TV Personality, Matthew Anderson net worth is $1-5 million

Matthew Anderson tv personality wiki-bio.

Full name Matthew Anderson
Age Late 40s
Date of Birth Under review
Place of Birth New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines.
Profession Television Personality, Reality star, Comic book creator, and Writer
Net worth $1-5 million
Spouse Amy Allan (ex-wife)
Kids Under review
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Under review
Parents Carol Anderson Delos Santos (mother)

To say that the Dead Files’ Matthew Anderson is a man of mystery would be putting it lightly. Not much is known about his childhood.

His mother is Carol Delos Santos, and not much else information is available about her. For his educational background, the television personality attended Tucson High Magnet School.

He would then move on to The University of Arizona. In college, Matthew would study the Japanese language, painting, and studio art in general.

Dead files Matthew Anderson would go on to make a name for himself in reality TV. After a while, though, he settled into a quieter life.

The television personality took up his second passion, comic book illustration and writing. Currently, he resides in Denver, Colorado, and is in a great relationship.

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