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Lindsie Chrisley Wiki: 8 Facts about Todd Eldest Chrisley Daughter.

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Image of Lindsie Chrisley Wiki: 8 Facts about Todd Chrisley Daughter.

Lindsie Chrisley is an American reality TV actress, podcaster and blogger. She is famous for appearing in the USA Network reality series, Chrisley Knows Best along with her family. 

After leaving the show, Lindsie runs a successful podcast called Coffee Convos with Lindsie Chrisley and Kailyn Lowry. Apart from that the eldest daughter of Todd also runs a fashion line in collaboration with Shop FYH, Lindsie Chrisley collection.

Let us get to know more about the Todd Chrisley’s eldest daughter, Lindsie Chrisley through her bio which includes her married life, son, net worth, age, career and also the eight facts of Lindsie Chrisley written below.

Her troubled married life with Will Campbell.

Currently, Lindsie Chrisley is a single woman. She married her husband, Will Campbell in the year 2012. She was only 19 years old when she tied her wedding knot. The couple found it difficult to maintain and stabilise their married life.

Hence due to conflict of interest and personal difference, the troubled duo of Lindsie Chrisley and Will Campbell, they parted ways and divorced in August 2016. Even after their separation, the pair kept seeing each other and remained the best of friends for the sake of their son, Jackson.

Image of Lindsie Chrisley with her ex-husband Will Campbell
Lindsie Chrisley with her ex-husband Will Campbell

When it comes to mediate their divorce settlements, they cancelled it twice. According to the Radar online, the ex married couple realized that they were meant to be with each other.

Moreover, Lindsie withdrew the divorce paper past summer in 2017.

Furthermore, the pal told Radar that the pair are working out their issues and living together with their son outside Atlanta.

Besides, pal states further that the couple is best of friends and love each other very much.

Lindsie Chrisley Divorce. Todd Chrisley wasn’t happy with her marriage.

Before Chrisley Marriage and divorce with his ex-husband, Will Campbell. His father, Todd Chrisley was reported very unhappy with her marriage union.

In Spite of Todd Chrisley never approving about Lindsie Chrisley marriage, she went on to marry her sweetheart boyfriend, Will Campbell in 2012.

Moreover, Todd Chrisley’s daughter, Todd Chrisley left the Chrisley Knows Best in 2017 after feuding with his father. According to the sources, she left the show, not on amicable terms.

A short bio on her former husband, Will Campbell.

While Lindsie Chrisley ‘s ex-husband, Will Campbell family background and profession are not revealed as of yet. However, it is assumed that Will Campbell was born somewhere in 1991, which would make him 32.

The reason for this the couple got married when both of them were 19 years.

Even though Will Campbell has not officially kept his private and personal life a mystery to many, however, it is known that Will and her ex-spouse, Lindsie married when they were in their teens after dating for a couple of years.

The marriage took place in 2012 midst of heated protested by Lindsie Chrisley’s father, Todd Chrisley. The couple also shared a son, Jackson born in 2013. Unfortunately, the pair marriage relationship fell in bad terms as they divorced four years later in 2016.

Though they divorce and got separate away in 2016, the broken and unstable ex married duo of Lindsie Chrisley and Will Campbell seems to reconcile and could be in process of remarrying.

As the news of them being together with their son , Jackson at Atlanta hints the couple are back together and maintained a happy and harmonious relationship with each other for the sake of their child.

Lindsie Chrisley has a son Jackson Campbell.

Talking about Jackson Campbell, the son of Lindsie Chrisley, Jackson was born in 2013. This means that he is just 10-years old. There is further information apart from the fact that he is the son of Lindsie and William Campbell.

Image of Lindsie Chrisley with her son Jackson Campbell
Lindsie Chrisley with her son Jackson Campbell

His parents exchanged their wedding vows in 2012 before divorcing in 2016. Since then, Jackson’s father and mother had come together and reconciled together for the sake of him.

Lindsie Chrisley Net Worth.

As of 2023, Lindsie Chrisley’ s net worth is at $1.5-$2 million. Lindsie’s source of income comes from her career as a TV reality actress, podcaster, and blogger.

Image of TV Personality, Lindsie Chrisley net worth is $5 million
TV Personality, Lindsie Chrisley net worth is $1.5-$2 million

According to some sources, an average salary, a TV actor/ actress can earn is up to $100,000 per season from her TV show. Likewise, a professional blogger makes around $24K as an annual income. Lindsie runs her very own blog site titled, Living Like Chrisley. 

Moreover, Lindsie ‘s income is also further boosted through her collaboration with Shop FYH, Lindsie Chrisley collection. With her impressive wealth and massive net worth, she is enjoying a happy and lavish lifestyle with her family in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Lindsie Chrisley Age.

Lindsie Chrisley is a fit and fine woman. She maintains a healthy diet which gives her lean and elegance figure. As of 2023, she is currently 34-years-old.

Lindsie Chrisley Plastic Surgery 

It was also speculated that Lindsie Chrisley had undergone a nose job and a breast implant to maintain her attractive image in the public and media. She has money to spend on an expensive medical procedure like plastic surgery thanks mainly to her vast fortune.

Wiki info 

Born on 17 September 1989 at South Carolina, USA, Lindsie Chrisley was born into a wealthy family. Lindsie Chrisley is the eldest daughter of Todd Chrisley and Terresa Terry. 

Lindsie ‘s parents got divorced when she was tiny. Her father, Todd Chrisley later married Julie Chrisley. She has a good relationship with her stepmother, Julie Chrisley. She spent her childhood days with her siblings, Chase, Savvana, Grayson and Kyle Chrisley.

Image of Lindsie Chrisley with her parents father (Todd Chrisley) and mother (Julie Chrisley)
Lindsie Chrisley with her parent, father (Todd Chrisley) and mother (Julie Chrisley)

Eight facts on Lindsie Chrisley

  1. Lindsie Chrisley was born on 17 September 1989. According to her birth month, she is Virgo.
  2. Following Lindsie ‘s parent’s divorce, both her father, Todd, and mother, Terressa got the custody of her and brother Kyle in 2002.
  3.  Although, Lindsie is getting along with her stepmother, Julie Chrisley. She has a complicated relationship with her biological mother, Terresa Terry.
  4.  She got married to her ex-husband, Will Campbell in the year 2012. The couple got divorced in 2016. They also share a son, Jackson Campbell born in 2013.
  5. Interestingly both Lindsie Chrisley and her ex-spouse, Jackson Campbell both were in late teens when they tied their wedding knot in 2012
  6. In 2018, Will Campbell and her ex-husband came together for the sake of their son, Jackson Campbell and since reconciled together as well staying together at Atlanta, Georgia.
  7.  The multi-talented Lindsie Chrisley’s net worth is at $1.5-$2million. She can earn such a massive wealth from her career as an actress, podcaster, and blogger.
  8.  Moreover, Lindsie Chrisley is active all over her social media sites. She has decent followers on her Twitter and Instagram account.
Image of Vlogger, Lindsie Chrisley
Vlogger, Lindsie Chrisley

Lindsie ChrisleyWiki Info.

Full Name Lindsie Chrisley 
Age 34 years old
Birthdate 17 September 1989
Birthplace South Carolina, United States of America
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White 
Profession  The reality TV star, podcaster, and Vlogger
Spouse Will Campbell ( 2012- 2016)

Dating Trent

Net Worth $1.5-$2 million
Height 5 feet 8 inches 
Weight N/ A
Martial Status  Divorced 
Children  Jackson Campbell
Zodiac Virgo
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

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