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Lil Kim Daughter Royal Reign Biography. How She Looks Like in 2023.

Kimberly Denise Jones, famously known as Lil Kim, is a celebrity in the American music industry. The American rapper and songwriter uses the name Lil Kim as her official stage name. Besides being a rapper, she is also a model and an actress.

She is famous for being a Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals winner. Moreover, she is also renowned for her platinum albums.

The celebrity has an adorable daughter called Royal Reign. In this article, we shall focus more on Royal Reign’s life. That is, her biography and how she looks like in 2021.

Lil Kim’s Relationship Status and History

Lil Kim’s relationship history has been very rough and full of complications. Previously in 1996, Lil Kim was alleged to be in a love affair with Notorious BIG.

Moreover, she was claimed to be pregnant of him but she aborted the pregnancy. At that time, Notorious BIG was married to Faith Evans.

Besides this, she has been in several other relationships. According to her biography, she dated Jay Z between 1998 to 2000. She also dated Ray J, Scott Storch, Jamie Foxx, Tracy Morgan, Missy Elliott, and Damion Hardy.

Image of Lil Kim with her ex-husband Mr. Papers (Jeremy Neil)

Lil Kim with her ex-husband Mr. Papers (Jeremy Neil)

Her most remarkable relationship was that between her and Mr. Papers. This is so because the two birthed a daughter, Royal Reign, together.

However, the two broke up shortly after Royal Reign was born. This was after Lil Kim found out that Mr. Papers cheated on her.

One very strange thing about Lil Kim’s relationship life is that she always encountered violent lovers.

Lil Kim’s Baby Daddy

Mr. Papers (Jeremy Neil) is the real father to Lil Kim‘s daughter Royal Reign. He revealed his fatherhood via a song he wrote for the Queen Bee.

Mr. Papers talked of how much he missed his daughter through the song. He also explained that it was legal problems and custody battle that was holding him back.

Reportedly, Lil Kim and Mr. Papers broke up in 2012 two months after their daughter was born. Apart from infidelity, Lil Kim also claimed that Mr. Papers physically abused her.

The custody battle for Royal Reign was prolonged, but eventually resolved.

Short Bio on Lil Kim Daughter Royal Reign. Her Birthdate, Age

Royal Reign’s biography reveals that she was born on 9th June 2014. This makes her current age to be 9 years old. The little princess was born to her parents, Lil Kim and Jeremy Neil (Mr. Papers). According to wiki-bio, she was born in New Jersey and weighed 6 lbs, 5 ozs at birth.

Her mum revealed the good news of her pregnancy in February 2014, during a Fashion Week event. Royal Reign is the firstborn child of Lil Kim.

However, it is reported that she has an older half-brother, Mr. Paper’s son. His names and details are not disclosed to the public.

Royal Reign was born with an eye condition called congenital ptosis. Her condition could have been as a result of the weakness of the muscles that raise the eyelid.

Or else, it could have been due to nerve damage. This condition is very treatable through corrective surgery. However, specialists recommend that the surgery should be done when the child is above three years.

Image of Lil Kim with her daughter Royal Reign

Lil Kim with her daughter Royal Reign

As per the 2023 photos of Royal Reign, she seems okay. It appears that her condition was treated or else it has greatly improved.

Another controversy is related to Royal Reigns hair. It is not still very certain why Lil Kim was shaving her daughter sometime back.

Unfortunately, Royal Reign will not enjoy mutual parenting because her parents already divorced.  Seemingly, Lil Kim is so much in love with her daughter.

Her Instagram account is often flooded with photos of her gorgeous baby girl. She recently uploaded a video of the mother-daughter duo just having fun. The celeb was teaching her daughter bike riding.

Recently in 2019, Lil Kim posed in front of cameras with her daughter, Royal Reign. This was just before she took the stage at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

In her Instagram post, she called her daughter, “mini-me.” This post attracted very many positive comments from fans. However, there are critics who suggested that Lil Kim should keep her daughter black and natural.

Lil Kim is a loving mum to her daughter, and she sometimes calls her Princess Bee. Undoubtedly, Royal Reign’s beauty is undeniable.


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