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Josh Altman Wife Heather Altman Net Worth, Age, Plastic Surgery, Wikihpedia, Bio.

Heather Bilyeu Altman is Josh Altman’s wife. Josh Altman is one of the top realtors in America, and in particular, the Los Angeles area.

He is also the face of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, which is a popular reality show. Get an insight into Heather Altman’s Net Worth and Plastic Surgery.

Josh has been on the show for over a decade now. In this review, we will meet his wife, Heather Altman. Like her husband, Heather is also a realtor, businesswoman and television personality.

She works hand in hand with her husband at his real estate firm, the Altman Brothers. Know more about Heather Altman Wikipedia Biography and her kids right here.

Josh Altman is Married to wife Heather Altman.

Heather Bilyeu and Josh Altman are married. The couple initially met back in 2010, on the television show Million Dollar Listing.

Both of them are realtors, and as such, shared an instant connection. They bonded over their love for real estate and gradually grew closer with each passing day.

Image of Josh Altman with his wife Heather Altman.
Josh Altman with his wife Heather Altman.

This would lead to Josh asking Heather out on a date, and after a few more of those, they became official. Any hawk-eyed observer of their popular reality show could see that the pair was clearly dating.

Three years after they first met, Josh Altman and Heather Altman would officially get engaged. This happened after Josh asked Heather to marry him around August.

Another three years would follow before the wedding took place. On the 2nd of April 2016, in front of friends and family, Josh and Heather officially became husband and wife. After five years of marriage, the two have a 7-year-old daughter named Alexis.

Heather Altman Wikipedia.

Josh Altman’s Wife Heather Altman is a real estate agent and reality television star. She was born back on the 25th of January 1985 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This makes her 38 years old after she celebrated her birthday early this year. Looking at her educational background, we found that Heather took an unconventional route.

Rather than going to college after high school, Heather Bilyeu Altman went to attain her real estate license. This was not surprising as she had displayed a keen interest in real estate and architecture even when she was still young.

Josh Altman’s Wife Bilyeu Heather Altman’s career in the business can be dated all the way back to 2003. After a few years trying to hack it as a realtor in her home state of Nevada, Heather would move to Los Angeles in search of greener pastures.

This came after the market back home took a turn for the worst.

Heather Bilyeu Altman’s Husband is a Real Estate Agent.

Josh Altman is a 44-year-old American real estate investor in the Los Angeles area. He celebrates his birthday on March 10th and was born back in 1979. Josh’s hometown is Newton, Massachusetts.

The reality star is also an accomplished academic, having attended the prestigious Syracuse University. In addition to making his mark on television with the show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, he is also a published author and businessman.

He and his brother Matt founded the real estate firm The Altman Brothers. The Wall Street Journal listed Josh’s real estate agency in the top 30 categories of the best agencies in America.

Image of Josh Altman from the TV reality show, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles
Josh Altman from the TV reality show, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

Altman Brothers have also overseen the sale of over $200 million in houses. This puts Josh Altman’s net worth at an impressive $40 million at the moment.

He is also a professional public speaker who serves as an inspiration to aspiring realtors.

Altman Brothers.

Heather Bilyeu Altman would eventually join up with her husband, Josh Altman at his firm, the Altman Brothers. Josh took her under his wing and taught her everything he knew in the business.

Together, they would take the firm to greater heights. Altman Brothers is recognized as one of the top real estate investment firms in the world.

Image of TV personalities Josh Flagg and Josh Altman speak onstage at the 'Million Dollar Listing
TV personalities Josh Flagg and Josh Altman speak onstage at the ‘Million Dollar Listing

Looking at the sales records they break regularly, it’s not hard to see why. Alongside her better half Josh, she stars on the show, Million Dollar Listing.

It has given her the opportunity to work with the likes of Josh Flagg and cement her name in the world of real estate. The show has released over ten seasons at the moment. Heather brings over 20 years of real estate experience to the program.

Her stint on television has also made her a social media heavyweight. At the moment, it is reported that she has over 300K followers on Instagram.

Heather Altman Net Worth.

Heather Altman’s net worth is currently $10 million. Her husband Josh, however, is valued at $40 million. As they are married, Heather is entitled to share in this wealth, in addition to what she makes as well.

Heather Altman Plastic Surgery.

Back in 2014, rumors were afloat that Josh Altman’s Wife Heather Altman had undergone a few plastic surgery procedures in order to enhance her appearance.

This came after a few public experiences she made in which she appeared significantly thinner. Considering the fact that Los Angeles is the surgery capital of America, the rumors were not that farfetched.

However, Heather neither dispelled nor confirmed these rumors.

As such, we cannot confirm whether they are true or false. Judging by silence though, we are leaning more towards the chances that rumors about Heather Altman’s Plastic surgery are true.

After all, realtors rely on their outward appearances to attract customers. So, her appearance is a big part of her career. And it stands to reason that she would do everything in her power to continue looking good.

Full name Heather Bilyeu Altman.
Age 38 years old.
Date of Birth 25th of January 1985.
Place of Birth Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Profession Reality Estate Investor, Businesswoman, Television Personality.
Net worth $10 million.
Husband Heather Bilyeu Altman.
Kids 2
Nationality American.
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents Unknown.

Josh Altman and Wife Heather Bilyeu Altman Kids.

At the moment, Josh Altman and his wife Heather have 2 kids together. This is a daughter named Alexis, who is 6 years old at the moment.

She was born in April back in 2017. At the start of the year, Josh and Heather announced that they were going to have a second baby. We will keep you updated once their child is born. So check back really soon.

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