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Has Jason Hawes wife Kristen Cornell died? 

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By now you probably know everything about Jason Hawes, a famous TV personality on the show, Ghost Hunters. If not, then here’s a quick recap. He is a paranormal investigator and hunts ghosts as a hobby in the night. Alongside him is his wife, Kristen Cornell who also appears on the series.

It’s not rocket science to recognize the chemistry between the two, even though the show doesn’t focus on their love. That’s why it with a heavy heart that we bring you the news on Jason Hawes wife, Kristen Cornell death.

Jason Hawes wife Kristen Cornell Death rumors

The stream of messages trickled down our newsroom from social media. Some insensitive fans on Imgur commented, “If she dies he can go try to find her all over again.

Others, however, did the humane thing and consoled him during the trying period.

Nonetheless, the real news is that Jason Hawes’s wife, Kristen Cornell death is false. It’s all a sick joke from the internet. However, Kristen Cornell did have a near-death experience. E

ight years ago in 2013, Hawes and his family had the most trying Christmas period.

Image of Jason Hawes wife Kristin Cornell is still alive and healthy

Jason Hawes wife Kristin Cornell is still alive and healthy

He uploaded a message on Facebook, stating that his wife Kristen faced imminent death. She had a brain infection and was admitted in the ICU receiving treatment. The condition didn’t change days until the following year when she improved. 

The ghost hunter left out a tweet in January 5th 2014 thanking his fans for their continued support. He also informed them that she was out of danger and recovering. Kristen Cornell is alive and healthy currently. 

Jason Hawes and Kristen Cornell married life.

Remember that bond we talked about earlier? Well, Hawes and Cornell have had it for years. The couple dated for long before finally agreeing on marriage back on May 20th, 1998.

Consequently, they have been together for 25-years. They were both believers in the supernatural, which brought them closer together.

Image of Jason Hawes with his wife Kristen Cornell

Jason Hawes with his wife Kristen Cornell

As a result, the couple brought forth five kids from their marriage. They have boy twins, Austin and Logan and three daughters, Samantha, Hailey and Sator. On the Facebook post, Jason referred to Cornell as his love and rock. That is a clear indication of the deep-seated affection they have for each other.

Kristen Cornell Wiki-bio.

According to the latest Wikileaks, there are no leads on Kristin Cornell’s wiki-bio. However, her husband’s exists in plenty.

Jason Hawes is a New York native born in Canandaigua on December 27th, 1971. He is currently 51 years old. However, he’ll turn 52 by the end of the year.

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