What is Jason Hawes Doing Now? Why did he leave New “Ghost Hunters”?

Ghost Hunters is one of the highest-rated show paranormal series all the time on A&E cable net. Fifteen years after introducing the world to the field of authentic paranormal investigations, ’Ghost Hunters’ is returning to television with new members on August 21, 2019.

But the sad news for you guys that Jason Hawes will not be featured on the show. Hawes fans were disappointed with his decision and want to know why he left?

Recently, Jason announced the good news via Twitter that his new show ‘Ghost Nation’ will be airing on Travel Channel in October 2019.

So far what is Jason Hawes doing now? Why is he not on Ghost Hunters?

Jason Hawes in Ghost Hunter

Jason Hawes is a co-producer of The Atlantic Paranormal Society and also, the stars and co-producers of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters that ended after the season 11 in October 2016.

Ghost Hunters first premiered on October 26, 2004. In the series, Hawes works as the lead investigator alongside Grant Wilson, where they investigated places that are reported to be haunted.

Image of Jason Hawes from the TV show, Ghost Hunter

Jason Hawes from the TV show, Ghost Hunter

At first, the team first go to a location, surveys the property with its owners who explain their experience at the site. After that, the group sets up their electronic equipment in the paranormal hotspots and spending several hours taking their electromagnetic field, temperature readings, and records audio for EVPs.

Thereafter, the whole team stays many days analyzing all the data that they have collected and discussed with the owner. Also, they offered advice for dealing with any paranormal activity and gave the questions of the answer that owners have asked to them.

Why is Jason Hawes Not on the New Ghost Hunters? Where is he now?

Jack Wilson took to Twitter to announced that the Ghost Hunters is coming on A&E channel which will premiere on August 21, 2019. Many fans had commented on his Twitter. One of the fans tweeted, “So excited that they are back.” Another fan wrote, “Been awaiting the Ghost Hunter coming back but was sad when we read you had left.”

“I’ ve been watching the show for the past three years. Can’t wait to see the new season.” However, the other cast members of the show had already left the show. When Jack posted a picture with new cast members, one of the fans asked, stating, “What happened to (Jason Hawes) Why is not on the show?”

Image of Jason Hawes (center), Steve Gonsalves (right) and Dave Tango (left)

Jason Hawes (center), Steve Gonsalves (right) and Dave Tango (left)

One of the show’s fan tweeted, that reads; “Not ghost hunters without Jason, Dave, and Steve. What’s going on here?”

Hawes is teaming up with former Ghost Hunters crew Steve Gonsalves and working on their new show, and they will be competing against Grant’s show. According to his co-star, the team is currently working their new paranormal reality show ‘Nation Hunters’ for Travel Channel.

What is Jason Hawes doing now? His New TV Show

Ghost Nation is on the way.

Jason Hawes along with Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango are working on their brand new show called ‘Ghost Nation’ that will premiere on the Travel Channel. If you have a doubt then, visit on his social media where he posts the news on Instagram, Twitter as well as on Facebook.

The trio formerly of Ghost Hunters will rally their troops and inspect around the most intriguing cases that need their advice. Additionally, Jason, Steve, and Dave will attempt to uncover the paranormal on the camera like never before. This team will track down the true source of hauntings, restore peace and order among the living and the dead.

Well, it will be interesting to the new paranormal series on Travel Channel along with the trio.

Jason Hawes left the A&E’s show ‘Ghost Hunters‘ but returning back on the television with new paranormal investigation ‘Ghost Nation’ that set for Travel Channel? So why Hawes is not on Ghost Hunters?

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