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Gold Rush Cast Net Worth, Salary Per Episode (2023).

Image of Gold Rush Cast Net Worth & Salary Per Episode

Gold Rush is a reality television series. The series airs on Discovery Channel. In this series, we can see various families run the mining company. Paul Christie narrates the series.

The production team has already released the 11th season of the “Gold Rush.” The show consists of many fascinating cast and families. It is very refreshing to know about their net worth and personal matters.

Rick Ness Net worth 2023: $1 Million.

Rick Ness is famously known for his role in Gold Rush. He works as a gold excavator. Park Schnabel invites Rick in the show. Rick also has a musical career under his belt. He began his musical career in 2004.

As a result of his musical journey and Gold Rush, Rick Ness has a net worth of $3 Million. Working as a professional miner, he brings around $150,000 annually as a salary from Gold Rush.

Image of Rick Ness net worth is $400,000
Rick Ness net worth is $3 million

This miner who also has a musical band was born on the 5th of March, 1981. Rick Ness is now 40 years old. He was born in Milwaukee WI and grew up in Michigan.

Initially, he had to give up the dream of becoming a football player because of an accident. He is currently single and cannot be heard of hearing anyone.

Parker Schnabel Net worth 2023:

Parker Schnabel is one of the most popular casts of Gold Rush. He has been learning everything about gold mining since his childhood.

He ultimately got the authority of the mining operation when his grandfather stepped down.

Parker was always interested in this field, and he started working at a very young age. His backbreaking work has paid off. Now, Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million.

Image of Parker Schnabel net worth is $2 million
Parker Schnabel net worth is $8 million

This gold miner is the youngest one, and his current salary is estimated to be $25 thousand per episode. He was born in 1994. His birthplace is Maines, Alaska.

Gold Rush Star Parker Schnabel is 29 years old and probably the richest amongst his age group. Parker Schnabel was dating girlfriend Ashley Yule until their break up in 2017.

Todd Hoffman Net worth 2023.

Todd Hoffman is an American businessman and also a reality star. He has an enormous net worth of $7 million.

Todd is best known as the creator of Gold Rush was first presented in 2010. The businessman learned gold mining techniques from his father.

Todd’s current estimated salary per episode is around $25,000 which means he earns about $500000 annually from the reality show itself.

Image of Todd Hoffman net worth is $5 million
Todd Hoffman net worth is $5 million

The gold miner was born on 12th April 1969 with a zodiac sign, Aries. He is 52 years old and took birth in Germany. The businessman is one woman man and is married to Shawna Hoffman. They are blessed with two children, Hunter and Hudson.

Dave Turin Net worth 2023:

Dave Turin is a civil engineer and also an American businessman. He is also one of the celebrated names of Gold Rush. He has a net worth of $2 million.

Most of his earning are through the success of the show “Gold Rush” and his mining endeavors.  He has been a full-time crew of the show after leaving his family business. Turin has now left Gold Rush because he had some issue with a crew member named Trey.

Image of Dave Turin net worth is $2 million
Dave Turin net worth is $2 million

The miner was born on 21st April in the year 1959 which makes his current age, 64. His birthplace is Sandy Oregon, USA. Dave’s wife name is Shelly Turin. He has a Caucasian ethnicity with American nationality.

Jack Hoffman Net worth:

Jack Hoffman is the father of Todd Hoffman who formed a group of six miners. He is also a gold miner and a television star with a huge fan follower.

Additionally, Jack has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. He worked as a gold miner for 25 years in Alaska.

On the seventh season Gold Rush, he along with his son extricated more than 1100 ounces of gold through which we can assume the hefty amount of money he made.

Image of Jack Hoffman net worth is $250 thousand
Jack Hoffman net worth is $500 thousand

The miner who inspired his further generation was born in Sandy, Oregon and later moved to Alaska to live his dream of gold mining. He is currently 74 years old and celebrates his birthday on the 15th of September.

He still has a solidly built body shape. His spouse name is Georgia who is known to accompany Jack in his struggling days.

Jim Thurber Net worth:

Jim Thurber is an American Television star who became more popular after being a part of the crew of Gold Rush. He worked as a security officer of Hoffman’s team.

Talking about his wealth, Gold Rush cast Jim Thurber’s current net worth is estimated to be over $350,000. His total earning per episode of the Gold Rush has not been revealed yet.  He brings in around $120,000 annually.

Image of Jim Thurber net worth is $350,000
Jim Thurber net worth is $350,000

This Gold Rush cast was born on June 13, 1963, which makes his current age 78. Thurber was born in the United States. Before joining the mining crew of Hoffman, he had also been a metal sheet worker and a fisherman for over 30 years.

He is even known as Mr. Moustache because of his signature mustache. He is married to his wife Cynthia Slauson, and they also have two children.

Greg Remsburg Net worth:

Greg Remsburg is not a regular cast of Gold Rush. He has been in and out of the show. His first departure was in 2013, but he again returned in the fourth season of the show.

The information about Greg is not much available. His net worth also remains unknown. The reasons for Greg Remsburg leaving Gold Rush and again returning is still undisclosed.

Image of Gerg Remsburg net worth is not available
Greg Remsburg net worth is not available

We do not have sufficient information about the personal life of Greg because he has been triumphant in concealing the facts about himself, but we can say that this Gold Rush cast is 46 years old.

Gene Cheeseman Net worth:

Gene Cheeseman is known to be one of the all-rounder casts of Gold Rush. He is highly talented and has an excellent knowledge of the mechanical parts as well.

He became a part of “Gold Rush” in its fourth season. The estimated net worth of Gene is about $500,000. In the sixth season, his crew members were able to gather almost 3372 ounces of gold of approximately $3.5 million.

Image of Gene Cheeseman net worth is $250,000
Gene Cheeseman net worth is $500,000

Cheeseman hails from Juneau Alaska. He was born on 23rd October 1968. As of now, he is 55 years old. The contractor belongs to Caucasian ethnicity.

His ex-wife’s name is George and Jennifer is his current wife. Gene also has children named Cole and Garret.

Monica Beets Net worth:

Monica Beets is considered as an icon in the Gold Rush. She is also one of the miners. Monica started her career in mining at the age of 14.

This beautiful TV personality, Monica Beets has a whopping net worth of $1 million. Her facebook and Instagram account has a massive number of followers.

Even, Park Schnabel had a small crush on Monica. The reality show star became a successful woman at a very young age earning around $1 million annually.

Image of Monica Beets net worth is $10 million
Monica Beets net worth is $1 million

Though the measurements of this cast of Gold Rush are unknown, her early life information is available. The names of her parents are Tony Beets and Minnie.

Her father was also a miner. Beets was born on 7th November 1993, and will turn 30 later on. She also has brothers and an elder sister. Monica is recognized as an extrovert and fun- loving woman who also loves to travel a lot.

Tony Beets Net worth:

Of course, there is money in gold but who knew that one could make millions of dollars if you are an ambitious miner. Tony Beets, who is also a cast of Gold Rush, has a net worth of $15 million.

Many people even call him “the Viking”. He is ranked the richest in the Gold Rush cast and also owes his success to his family members in his gold ventures. He earns $150000- $200000 per episode of Gold Rush.

Image of Tony Beets net worth is $15 million
Tony Beets net worth is $15 million

Tony hails from Canada and was born in Wijdences, Netherland. His date of birth is 15th of December, 1959. He is now 63 years old.

Tony Beet is married to Minnie who is also one of the casts of the show and an essential part of his life. Their children are Monica Beets and Kevin Beets. We can say that he is running a business which has millions of profit.

Fred Hurt Net worth:

Fred Hurt’s full name is Dakota Fred Hurt. He is an experienced miner who owns his own mining company. Fred came to fame when he started to work with the Hoffmans.

Fred Hurt’s estimated net worth is $6 million.


Gold Rush is the primary source of his income. Discovery channel paid him $16,000 monthly as a salary. He even runs his TV show, “Gold Rush: White Water” He changed his crew many times in Gold Rush. His team also had to face a flash flood, but they say that the gold mining was worth taking the risk.

Dakota is a celeb who doesn’t want his personal life in the limelight. On his Facebook page, he posts only about his work, and we still don’t know his birth date.

Well, his love life may confuse you as the miner has been married and divorced with three women. Altogether, the miner has four kids, six grandkids, and five great-grandkids.

Dustin Hurt Net worth:

Dustin is an American contractor, firefighter and also a reality television personality. When Dustin Hurt was in his early 20’s, he focused on firefighting.

His job was to put forest fire, and he was doing great at it, but later he left his job to join the mine. He has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Image of Dustin Hurt net worth is $1 million
Dustin Hurt net worth is $1 million

He started working as a contractor right after he graduated. In spite of him and his team doing not so great in Gold Rush, they have managed to earn a considerable amount of money. People also recognize him as a fine actor.

Dustin is the son of Dakota Fred Hurt. His birthplace is New Orleans, Louisiana. This cast also has some brothers who are known as “Dakota Boys.” Age and birth date of a Dakota boy is yet to be revealed. He is a married man whose wife’s name is Arin Alhum Hanson.

Logan Pierce Net worth:

Logan Pierce joined the mining team of Hoffman in Season 3 of Gold Rush. He spent most of his lifetime shooting deer and fishing. After entering the mining team, Logan became an expert truck driver and also had a keen interest in mining.

As he is a cast of Gold Rush, his net worth is estimated to be huge. The exact net worth of Pierce is still under review. He dreams of owning his own gold mine company.

Image of Logan Pierce net worth is not available
Logan Pierce net worth is not available

Logan is in his early 30s. He is an active social media sites user, but his personal information is not revealed. We do not know much about his personal life, but we can expect him to be a short-tempered person.

Hunter Hoffman.

Hunter Hoffman is a star kid. Also, he is the eldest son of Todd Hoffman. Moreover, he is the youngest team member of the Hoffmans.

He is a reality star living an Alpha life with the first name Hunter. Hunter Hoffman estimated net worth is $1 million. Hoffman’s hesitates to babble their star kid’s net worth and earning through Gold Rush.

Image of Hunter Hoffman net worth is not available
Hunter Hoffman net worth is $1 million

This young Hoffman was born on Thursday, March 4, 1999. He is currently 24 years old. His birth sign is Pisces.

Hunter took birth in the United States. Hunter Hoffman represents the third generation of his family to appear in Gold Rush along with his grandparent Jack Hoffman. He also has a brother named Hudson Hoffman who had appeared on the show several times.

Fred Dodge Net worth:

Fred Dodge from “Gold Rush” is a professional gold digger used by the Hoffmans in Guyana. He is also known as Freddy and is a member of the Dodge family.

He is a prospector and a gold miner. Fred Dodge has an estimated net worth of $400,000.  The TV personality’s annual income is $32,000. He earns $2500 monthly. From Gold Rush, his weekly income is $600. Dodge has earned $400,000 through Gold Rush.

Image of Fred Dodge net worth is $400,000
Fred Dodge net worth is $400,000

Freddy was the cameo for the first and second season of Gold Rush, and then from the 3rd season of the show, Fred became the permanent member. He was born and brought up in Walden, Colorado with his grandparents on a cattle ranch.

This gold miner was just eight years old when he began gold mining. His date of birth is undisclosed. He is married to Lisa Dodge, and they have two beautiful daughters.

Their names are Nikki and Sammi. Nikki has already appeared in the Gold Rush and has a keen interest on gold mining. Fred also has other interests rather than gold mining. He loves shooting and hunting too.

Mitch Blaschke.

Mitch Blaschke is also a famous cast of Gold Rush. He is the mechanic of the Hoffman crew. Mitch helps to fix the equipment used by the Hoffman crew in the show.

He is known to be the best at his job. He has managed to earn a considerable amount of money through Gold Rush. Mitch Blaschke net worth is approximately $200,000 as of 2023. Through the show, he makes $100000 annually.

Image of Mitch Blaschke net worth is $200,000
Mitch Blaschke net worth is $200,000

Mitch was born on 4th of December, 1989 in eagle creek in Oregon. He started his career when he was only 14 years old. Now, he is 33 years old

. He finished his high school from Sam Barlow High School. He is a lucky man who got to marry the love of his life named, Hailey. They dated for several years and tied the knot on 23rd July 2016.

Kevin Beets Net worth:

Kevin Beets is a mechanic and son of Tony and Minnie Beets. He is the brother of Monica Beets. Kevin is a gold miner and a mechanic. Also, he has been extracting minerals from his father from the age of 13.

His net worth has reached $2 million. Like his other family members, he has also proved to one of the fine god miners.

Image of Kevin Beets net worth is $10 million
Kevin Beets net worth is $10 million

Kevin was born on June 10, 1988. His current age is 35. He stands 5.7 feet tall and holds an American nationality. His birth sign is Gemini. Son of Tony Beets finished his bachelor’s degree from New Brunswick in 2016.

Kevin Hiatt Net worth:

Kevin Hiatt is a Gold Rush cast who had to go through many struggling years. He was in search of the proper job to take care of his family.

Meanwhile, Todd Hoffman offered him to be his not as popular as he is now. He is also a Music Artist. His net worth and personal information are still under review which is soon to be estimated.

Image of Kevin Hiatt net worth is not available
Kevin Hiatt net worth is not available

Hiatt’s facts and bio are under review. Before his gold mining career, he had he was struggling in his marriage, and he was also a struggling dad. But his life started to change for the better.

Andy Spinks Net worth:

Andy is a gold miner who can smoothly run a variety of heavy equipment. He is known to be a good cultured. Also, he thinks that Gold Rush is a life-changing chance for him.

We don’t have the exact information about his net worth and earning. Same as the other cast of Gold Rush, Andy’s earning is also estimated to be massive.

Image of Andy Spinks net worth is not available
Andy Spinks net worth is not available

Andy Spinks doesn’t seem to be interested in talking about his personal life. So, his personal information is under review. He has not disclosed his facts. He is married and has two children.

John Schnabel Net worth:

John Schnabel was an American gold miner who owned a huge mine in Alaska. He was the father of Roger Schnabel and grandfather of Park Schnabel who is now running a family mine. Schnabel net worth by time for his death was $5 million.


John was born in 1920. He was married to Irma Schnabel. Schnabel was on the show from its first season. He was also a US Air Force Veteran. John Schnabel took his last breath on March 18, 2016. The cause of his death was congestive heart failure.

Minnie Beets Net worth:

Minnie Beets is best known as a wife of Tony Beets. She is also a TV star who got featured in the Gold Rush with her husband who is considered as a mining legend. Minnie is also a TV personality whose net worth is $1.5 million. Her annual salary is $250,000. She earns $20,500 and $5,100 monthly and weekly respectively.

Image of Minnie Beets net worth is $1.5 million
Minnie Beets net worth is $1.5 million

Wife of Tony Beets was born in 1960 in Burgwerd, Friesland. Her ethnicity is white with a Canadian nationality.  She has three children named Kevin, Monica, and Michael.

Chris Doumitt Net worth:

Chris Doumitt is personnel whose appearance comes in our mind just by hearing his name. In the show, he appears with a broad smile and a cigar. Chris Doumitt is one of the most hardworking members of the show.

He has gained both popularity and wealth through Gold Rush. His estimated net worth is $400,000. Gold Rush Cast Chris Doumitt earns through the episodes of the show and the mining activities. His net worth is set to shoot because he has started a new venture. He has begun to sell his cigar brand called “Doumitt Cigar.

Image of Chris Doumitt net worth is $400,000
Chris Doumitt net worth is $400,000

Chris was born in Portland and is currently 64 years old. He joined Hoffman’s crew when he was asked to make a cabin for them. Later, he joined the team, and his mining skills kicked off.

Chris Doumitt is a married man. The name of his wife is Sharon Doumitt who was a cancer patient. Together, they’ve had two kids. When he had back surgery, he was rumored of being dead. He is now living happily with his wife and children.

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