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Deanna Burditt Wiki – Bio: Facts about Rick Harrison’s current wife

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Image of  Deanna Burditt Wiki –Bio: Facts about Rick Harrison’s current wife

Deanna Burditt is recognized as a low-key person. Her reason for recognition is that she got married to Rick Harrison. Rick Harrison Wife Deanna Burditt knows how to keep a low profile. People suggested her to appear in the TV series Pawn Stars, but she declined.

Who is Deanna Burditt? Her career info

Deanna Burditt has a very discreet career life. All we know is that she is a secretary by profession. Deanna’s education background has not been revealed to the public eye.

One thing we can agree to is that she is a university graduate according to her profession.

Deanna Burditt marriage as Rick Harrison’s wife, Kids?

Deanna Burditt got married to Rick Harrison on July 21, 2013. The duo was engaged in 2013. At first, Rick met Deanna in Las Vegas where they had a connection at first site.

This is indeed a fact as their marriage has lasted for five years now. The two have one common thing, which is a marriage issue from their previous spouses.

Image of Deanna Burditt with her husband Rick Harrison

Deanna Burditt with her husband, Rick Harrison

Another common dynamic is that they are both fans of the heavy metal band Steel Panther. After learning the love for the same band, Rick Harrison took her to a concert, which was happening in Las Vegas on the same night.

After dating for a while, they got married at the Ritz Carlton in California on a Sunday.

Deanna has been in two relationships before finding what seems to be the love of her life. The past relationships have been kept a secret to the public eye.

Deanna has three children from her previous two marriages. All of them are daughters. Their details as to age, where they attend school are secret.

Rick Harrison has been into two relationships before marrying his current wife Deanna. Kim Harrison was the first wife. They got married from 1982-1985.

The marriage did not work out perfectly for them, so they parted ways. From this relationship, they had 2 children; Corey and Adam Harrison.

Image of Rick Harrison son Corey

Rick Harrison son Corey

In 1986, Rick embarked in another relationship journey. He got married to Tracy Harrison. The marriage seemed to flow smoothly for over two decades. In 2011, the two got divorced. In that marriage, they had one child. His name is Jake Harrison.

Deanna Burditt age, family, Wikipedia Bio

Deanna Burditt got married when she was thirty-six years old. Currently, she is 47 years old. Not much of information about her family is in the public domain.

Deanna Burditt Net worth

Deanna Burditt was married to a very prominent person, and for sure her net worth has accumulated over the years. Rick, her ex-husband, is an American TV star, an author, businessman and a co-founder of the world’s famous Silver and Gold Pawnshop. By being a TV star, he has featured in the famous TV series -Pawn Stars.

Image of Deanna Burditt and Rick Herrison from Pawn Stars show

Deanna Burditt and Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars show

The Pawnshop was opened by the help of his father and Rick was famously known to be the broker. In 2006, the business was very famous, and awards were received.

More success also came when Rick featured in the Insomniac show featuring Dave Attell. This means that the net worth went high for him; hence when he got married to Deanna, they both shared the same Net worth. Another thing to top is that in 2014 Rick and his wife sold their previous home.

At first, they refurbished the home from top to bottom and sold it to a famous star. The house, found in Las Vegas was sold for $2.4 million. This has since accumulated in their net worth. Details of where they moved after selling the house are not disclosed to the public.

We can all agree that Rick Harrison’s ex-wife Deanna has also contributed to a large amount of Net worth in the family. The contribution may not be that much since she works as a state secretary. Deanna has a net worth of $500,000.

Image of Pawn Stars cast Deanna and Rick networth is $8 million.

Pawn Stars cast Deanna and Rick net worth is $8 million.

Body measurements

Deanna Burditt has a height of 1.87m. Her weight has not been disclosed to the public

Rumors that Deanna Burditt is a bullion digger

Deanna Burditt does not appear to be a gold digger. She is introverted. When they were planning for their wedding ceremony, Deanna wanted a simple wedding while  Rick wanted a massive wedding.

Rick is known to love fame and wanted the whole world to know that he is getting married to his wife Denna Burditt, the woman of his dreams. To top to that, Rick proposed that they go to France or Fiji for a profligate getaway. To our surprise, Deanna said that she wanted a simple camping trip.

Rick suggested for Deanna to appear in the Pawn Stars show and act by his side. Deanna declined the offer and preferred to continue working as a press secretary. All these facts prove that Deanna did not marry Rick because of money. They had one common thing which bonded them together, and that is love.

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