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7 Cheap Car Insurances in the USA.

Image of 7 Cheap Car Insurances in the USA.

USAA Car Insurance.

It stands for the United Services Automobile Association. The company was set up back in the 20s in San Antonio Texas by several active military men. Unlike most other policies, you must be affiliated with the US military, Coast Guard, Marines and Reserves. To qualify for the policy, you have to be an active service member, the child of one, or spouse.

Image of USAA car Insurance
Caption: USAA car Insurance

Besides auto insurance, the company also deals with Medicare, disaster recovery insurance, homeowners, life, health, and even business. They go further than any other insurance company by providing banking services like vehicle loans, checking accounts, and financial planning. The company has a 70% approval rate from its clientele. A study recently conducted found that the company offered the lowest rates available. The only downside is perhaps their strict qualification requirement.

American Family Car Insurance.

Herman Wittwer formed the company back in 1927 after he found a niche in the market. He came to the conclusion that Wisconsin farmers posed less of a risk when it came to coverage.  The reasoning behind it was that they didn’t use their vehicles as much as other people did during the winter. American family ranks 7th overall when it comes to insurance.

Image of American Family Car Insurance
Caption: American Family Car Insurance

They pride themselves in being the best at claim resolution, filing a claim, and customer service. And while they don’t have the cheapest policies, they are also not the most priced. They are the best policy for those people who have had at least one DUI. The company offers a variety of covers that ensures its client against property damage, as well as damage caused by vandalism or storms.

State Farm Car Insurance.

The company was started by a man named G. J.Mecherle. He was a struggling farmer who sought to supplement his income with a new business. As such, he reached out to potential clientele, who, at the time were fellow farmers. Less than two decades after its initial run, the company had recorded over a million written policies.

Image of State Farm Car Insurance
Caption: State Farm Car Insurance

With a 78% approval rating from its customers, it is easy to see why the company ranks 4th in America. It is a company that is particularly beneficial to those who are in need of reliable customer service, but also willing to pay a little more. Another added benefit of the policies they offer at state farms is that their rates do not go up after an accident.

Progressive Car Insurance.

The company can be traced back to two lawyers who established it back in 1937. Jack Green and Joseph Lewis sought to make the policies easier and more affordable. One of the landmarks the company has achieved is being the very first to offer premium payables and drive-in claims. These type of features were revolutionary at the time.

Image of Progressive Car Insurance
Caption: Progressive Car Insurance

Progressive caters to business cars, RVs, power sports equipment, bikes, and even segways! One of the benefits of investing with the company is that they are in good health, showing signs of steady growth and sustainability. The company additionally offers great discounts.

Farmers Car Insurance.

Farmers Insurance was the brainchild of Thomas E. Leavey and John C. Tyler. Back in 1928, the two went door to door advertising policies to simple farmers who were low risk. Presently, the company offers collision coverage, liability coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection and regular vehicle insurance.

Image of Farmers Car Insurance
Caption: Farmers Car Insurance

Farmers Insurance currently hold over 19 million policies. They rank 5th in America, so it comes as no surprise that they offer coverage across all fifty states in America. Despite being the most priced services available on the list, they still have a 68% approval rating. One of the benefits that come with investing with this policy is that regardless of whether you are a low or high mileage driver, the rate will not increase substantially.

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