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7 Cheap Car Insurances in the USA.

Image of 7 Cheap Car Insurances in the USA.

Anyone worth their salt will tell you that picking the right car insurance policy is crucial. Most policies are designed to cover liability, damage and theft. In most parts of the world, motorists have to purchase some form of Insurance.

The coverage offered ranges from liability, which entails property and in some cases bodily damage which the driver under the policy is deemed responsible for; to rental coverages, which extends to rental cars. In order to find the policy suitable for yourself, you must ask certain questions: what type of car do you drive for example? Here are seven cheap and convenient policies best suited for you.

GEICO Insurance company.

It is short for Government Employees Insurance Corporation. As the name suggests, it was set up to cater to the needs of federal and military employees. The company was founded more than 80 years back in Texas. Its founders were Lilian and Leo Goodwin, and they strived to provide a cheaper rate of policy.

Image of GEICO Insurance company

Caption: GEICO Insurance company

Presently, the company is ranked 2nd when it comes to the best policies in America. It comes from an 80% approval rating from its users. With policies such as ‘Fifteen minutes could save you 15 percent’, it is easy to see why it is popular. Their policy has been crucial to the company’ growth. To date, Geico has spread out to cover all fifty states in America.

So why do many people flock to this company? Well, for one it is fairly easy to fail a claim with them. As a client, you also get good value for money.

Allstate Car Insurance.

They are ranked 3rd in America. The company was launched back in 1931. Its founder was Robert E. Wood, who was also the proprietor of Sears, Roebuck & Co. In fact, he started Allstate in order to offer Sear’s customers insurance coverage. A few years later, and the company opened up its services to the public. Back in the 50s, they operated under the slogan, ‘You’re in Good hands.’

Image of Allstate Car Insurance

Caption: Allstate Car Insurance

Six years ago, however, they changed their slogan to ‘It’s Good to be in good hands’. One of the cornerstones of their success is customer service. Currently, they have an 80% approval rating. Their clientele is evidently pleased with how they manage the claims. It is also fairly easy to file claims.

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