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Are Margaret Stern and Morgan Beasley married?

Image of Are Margaret Stern and Morgan Beasley married

Margaret Stern shares the show (Mountain Men) with her co-star Morgan Beasley. Till date, they have been super cool together and giving us Couple Goals.

But as the speculation by fans and the rumour goes -Are Margaret Stern and Morgan Beasley married? Their fans are much excited to see them in a beautiful bond.

Let’s ponder deep upon this very query.

Who is Margaret Stern?

Born in Housten, Texas -Margaret Stern is known to be a great Television Personality. Though, some might think that she became famous because of the show “Mountain Men”, but it’s nothing like that. She is a well-known Botanist and a firm believer in feminism.

As per her net worth, it is $3 million as of 2023. Nobody knows how much she charges for each episode, but one can figure it out approx $2,000.

Read this post to know Mountain Men Cast Net worth and Salary Details.

Mountain Men Margaret Stern is also a dog lover and has two dogs as a pet named Maggie and Rufous. One of her extreme hobbies includes saddling horses. She loves the gush of wind on her face while racing.

Image of Margaret Stern from TV show, Mountain Men
Margaret Stern from the TV show, Mountain Men

And even her skills are beautifully enhanced in the field of art of preserving animals body through mounting and stuffing for display purpose. Currently, she is pursuing a certificate course in Ethnobotany, which surely indicates that she might not need any chemical ailments or medicines shortly.

Mountain Men Margaret Stern is Morgan Beasley Wife.

Yes, Margaret Stern and Morgan Beasley are married.

She met Morgan for the first time to help him take care of his horse breed as she is a horse specialist too. She has a stable full of horses -frills, Feila, Neisty, etc.

They are not into much of human interaction, but they enjoy each other’s company. As far as the wedding scene is concerned, they are unmarried yet, and no news of their wedding is heard in and out of Alaska.

Image of Margaret Stern with her partner Morgan Beasley
Margaret Stern with her partner Morgan Beasley

Even she has no rings in her finger, which could give a sign of engagement too. But they do live together in the homestead of Morgan and dreams to make a self-sufficient house deep in the forest of Alaska. She is not much of an extrovert and has her age, date of birth and family matters kept private.

And yeah! Morgan Beasley and Margaret runs and earns a decent amount from apricity Alaska too. Also, both of them has created a strong bond with the history channel by remaining in contact with them for long. 

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