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Mountain Men Cast Salary and Net worth 2021. Updated !!

Mountain Men Cast Salary and Net worth 2018

Technology has really been shoe-horned into the current society, especially by the millennials. While most embrace it, some have taken the road less traveled to survive on their own in the wild. For instance, the History Channel brings you closer to this lifestyle on the show Mountain Men. Get to know more about the whole cast net worth, salary and how they really endure what the earth has to give naturally.

Eustace Conway net worth

If you are a big fan of the Nature show, then look no further. Eustace is the lead character in Mountain Men and has been for the last six seasons. He comes in strong as the nature guy who is quite knowledgeable on the same subject matter.

Eustace Conway’s net worth as of 2021 stands at approximately $2 million. This has been the subject of much discussion since other articles falsely claim he has a net worth of $200,000. The TV personality earns a modest salary of $130,000 annually.

Eustace Conway net worth is $2 million and salary is $130 thousand per year
Eustace Conway net worth is $2 million

For those who are wondering, No, he is not Tarzan, and he didn’t grow up in the mountains either. Rather, he was born on September 15th, 1951 and has dedicated most of his life to nature. To reiterate that further, he has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and English from the Appalachian State University.

Marty Meierotto

Marty Meierotto is a legend mostly in his tracking and fur trapping skills. Famed far and wide, the predator trapper even attracted the attention of a researcher who got lost in the snow and woods trying to locate him. The hunter became the hunted as he sorts out on his trail, found and saved him.

Marty Meierotto net worth is $250,000 and his salary is $30,000
Marty Meierotto net worth is $250,000

With all those qualifications on his resume, it’s definite that he makes quite a lot from the show. Marty Meierotto earns a salary of $30,000 and has garnered a net worth of $250,000 for all his time on and before the show.

Tom Oar

Probably one of the most real mountain men is none other than Tom Oar. He not only lives off mother earth but has also developed the skills to make a thriving business from it. Even before the History channel got this hand on him, he was already a skilled tanner off elk and deerskin.

Tom Oar net worth salary is $250 thousand
Tom Oar net worth is $250 thousand

Counting the side hustle as well as his salary of $15,000 per episode on the show, Tom Oar from Mountain Men’s net worth is $250,000. He lives a Bonnie and Clyde life with his wife Nancy and dog Ellie surviving the harsh conditions in the woods.

D.B. Sweeney

The show’s cast is already intriguing and exciting. However, the most important role ever comes from that of the narrator who catches you up on the things that you may have missed. There’s no one better to voice this part than Mr. Sweeney.

DB Sweeney net worth salary is $2.6 million
DB Sweeney net worth is $2.6 million

D.B. Sweeney’s net worth stands at $2.6 million with a $20k salary per episode from the show. This fortune doesn’t just come from his pleasant voice in the show. He was already an established narrator in shows like The Legend of Korra as well as his overall acting career. Some of the movies he has made an appearance include The Cutting Edge, Fire in the Sky and many more.

Rich Lewis

Living in the periphery of the woods or a wild park always has its challenges. Often residents complain about wolf sightings or even mountain lions for unlucky few. Well, Ruby Valley Residents have their own superhero with his trusted hunting dogs as his sidekicks.

Rich Lewis net worth is $300,000
Rich Lewis net worth is $300,000

Mountain Men star Rich Lewis has been a hunter most of his life and currently has a net worth of $300,000. He mostly gets paid to drive off a wild pack of wolves or any predator that causes distraught among the locals. Stories will probably be told about him around campfires to kids if he keeps battling mountain lions and cougars.

Charlie Tucker

Timber! Is what he would probably yell out when he’s on duty. There are many words to describe this mountain man. However, the best would be a handy-man who knows his way around tools. Moreover, Charlie Tucker is also a businessman on top of being a reality TV star.

Charlie Tucker net worth is half a million ($500,000)
Charlie Tucker net worth is half a million ($500,000)

Charlie Tucker’s net worth is half a million ($500,000). Originally from Maine, he made a living off the logging business. When he got offered the role on History Channel, he took it upon himself to grow himself as a lumberjack. With the new business booming, he quit the show on the third season to focus on his career.

George Michaud

Also on the same line of work as Tom Oar is none other than cast member George Michaud. Much like him, he also traps and makes leather items off the animals. The TV star and survivalist makes a killing off his handy work since he mostly sells the tanned items on auctions.

George Michaud net worth is $100,000
George Michaud net worth is $100,000

From the money he gets off bidding wars as well as his salary cut, George Michaud has a net worth $100,000. He first joined the show during its second season and has remained put since then.

Morgan Beasley Net Worth.

Most reality TV shows have it easy following the lives of celebrities easily. On the other hand, Mountain Men cast Morgan Beasley’s life is a different story. He is always on the move. One minute he sets up camp next to the river bed, the following month he at a different place.

Morgan Beasley net worth is $1 million
Morgan Beasley net worth is $1 million

He could as well be a spy and no one would tell since he is completely off-grid. Morgan Beasley has a net worth of $1 million. He owns a huge chunk of land in Alaska and mostly survives as a Nomad through hunting.

Jason Hawk

To survive in the wild, you probably need to have some sort of weapon to ward off predators and hunt better. No one makes them better than the shows very own modern-day blacksmith.

Jason Hawk net worth is $300 thousand
Jason Hawk net worth is $300 thousand

Jason Hawk has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand and amplifies his income by selling off custom made knives and blades.

Summary of Mountain Men Cast Net Worth.

Name Net Worth
Eustace Conway $2 million
Marty Meierotto $250,000
Tom Oar $250,000
D.B. Sweeney $2.6 million
Rich Lewis $300,000
Charlie Tucker $500,000
George Michaud $100,000
Morgan Beasley $1 million
Jason Hawk $300,000

The Cast of Mountain Men sure does make a lot of money based off their net worth and salaries. However, one question begs to differ, what do they do with all this money if they live off the earth? That’s a head-scratcher right there.

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