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Alex Webb Barnwood Builders Wife, Age, Net worth, Wiki-Bio

Image of Alex Webb Barnwood Builders Wife, Age, Net worth, Wiki-Bio

Here is an eye-opener on Barnwood Builder Alex Webb, his age, net worth, wife and  Wiki-Bio. Sunday Nights on the DIY Network are always the best, especially with the runtime of Barnwood Builders coming in at 9 p.m.

It’s a show that revolves around a team of about seven West Virginians roaming about the country, saving, rebuilding and renovating old log cabins. With seven seasons already aired and an 8th currently in the works, it’s important to look back into the cast and focus on areas not often highlighted on the show.

Who is Alex Webb? His Career Info.

Talking about the TV star’s career is impossible unless you add some of his buddies from the show. They include Johnny Jett, Sherman Thompson, Tim Rose, Graham Ferguson and the man who tied it all together, Mark Bowe.

Each of these talented individuals has their backstory to tell, but that’s for another day. Webb’s career had its inception in 2016 on the DIY network even though the show began in 2013.

Barnwood Builder Alex Webb made his debut during the 8th episode on the third season while reclaiming a one-room log school house.

Image of Alex Webb from Barnwood Builders show

Alex Webb from Barnwood Builders show

The original pioneers of the show are Mark, Brian, Johnny, and Sherman. Bowe was in the market to restore old log cabins in Northeast Kentucky during the late 90s.

While there, he met up with one of the locals, Johnny Jett whose friendship turned into a career that would later incorporate their friends and Webb.

Fast forward into the future came Silent Crow Productions, which would be the pillarstone of Barnwood Builders on the DIY network.

Alex Webb of Barnwood Builders Net worth.

Most celebrities like showing off their assets and wealth which sometimes helps to mirror their net worth. However, Alex is not one of them. The West Virginian Barnwood Builder Alex Webb lives most of his life in secret.

That and the fact that they travel around the country while shooting makes it hard to determine his financial wealth at home.

Image of Barnwood Builders cast Alex Webb net worth is not available

Barnwood Builders cast Alex Webb net worth is $1 million

That said, Alex Webb’s current net worth remains unknown. A general assumption would be that the contract pays him more than he bargained for. Otherwise, it would be pointless for him to show up each season if the pay is low.

On the other hand, the Barnwood family makes a substantial amount through their design work, and hand-crafted builds, and general merchandise.

Webb probably gets some dividends from the final cut as part of the team.

Is Alex Webb Married to a Wife? Or Dating a girlfriend. Any Kids?

Quite often Alex Webb gets mistaken for the famous Photographer and writer who shares his name. With all the confusion also comes the identity crisis of the photographer’s wife, Rebecca Norris Webb.

However, the Barnwood Builder’s Star keeps most of his life hidden, with his romantic life topping the list.

It’s next to impossible to determine if Alex Webb Barnwood Builder is married and whether the said marriage was fruitful and bore him kids.

Nevertheless, he is a cheerful person with a huge fan following. Who can forget his ginger beard that leaves most ladies in awe?

Alex Webb Age, Birthdate, Star Sign, Family, Wiki-Bio.

Full name Alex Webb
Age Mid 40s
Date of Birth February 1st
Place of Birth USA
Profession TV personality
Net worth $1 millon
Wife Rebecca Norris Webb.
Kids Not known
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Barnwood Builder Alex Webb is a 20th-century lad who celebrates his birthday on February 1st each year. He didn’t exactly part with this information, but it came from a leak from a birthday wish on Facebook.

The TV star hails from Monroe County, where he grew up. Otherwise, everything else in his early life, family, and age is unknown.

However, not all hope is lost yet. Of all the cast members, only three have military backgrounds: Jett, Tim Rose, and Alex. Webb served in the United States Army for a few years before joining the show.

Did you also know that he is a locomotive engineer accredited with the Norfolk and Southern Railroad? There is more to the TV star than meets the eye.

Is he leaving the show?

Back in May, Alex revealed that he was finally exiting Barnwood Builders. This came after 8 seasons of working on the popular series.  On his last episode, his co-star Bowe gathered all of the workers to let them know that Webb was leaving.

He went on to add that Alex had gotten a better offer and was moving on to greener pastures.

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  1. I miss him, just found out he left. I’m not happy! Maybe he’ll be back. All of the mystery is kinda fun & unusual in this day & age. My precious husband always said-keep a little mystery in your life. People think they need to know everything about everybody. They don’t. Good job Alex!

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