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Barnwood Builders Johnny Jett married, Wife, Net worth, death rumor, age, art, in Wiki bio

barnwood builders Johnny Jett is alive

Johnny Jett is best known for his appearance in Barnwood Builders, a popular television series on the DIY network and Great American Country. Check this article out to know about Barnwood Builders Johnny Jett’s Wife and Married life and art in a Wiki-type bio.

Also, know if Johnny Jett is Dead or still alive.

The show involves Mark Bowe, an entrepreneur from West Virginia who buys old Cabins and barns and then transforms them with the help of his crew into Modern homes and contemporary public buildings.

The show fetches many viewers due to its unscripted, fun and entertaining episodes.

Barnwood builder Johnny Jett married to a wife? Kids?

A full-time career in the entertainment business is quite demanding, and the more a person dives right into it, the more their personal life becomes the topic of the media.

Some celebrities have no problem disclosing their private information, including their dating lives. However, some keep their families and private information out of the limelight.

barnwood builders Johnny Jett with a kid

Johnny Jett has made no such revelation to the media and desires his wife and married life to remain a mystery to the public.

No information is documented about Barnwood Builders Johnny Jett’s family or children, making it very difficult to determine whether he is even married to his wife and with kids.

Barnwood Builders Johnny Jett Net Worth and Salary

Johnny has a full-time career on the show where he generates his income. Ever since the show premiered in 2013 with six seasons, he has been crowned as the most popular TV personality.

Johnny Jett in a car

Jett earns an annual salary of $50,000 from the show and has a substantial net worth of $400 thousand. It’s true that the TV show “Barnwood Builders” primarily contributes to Johnny Jett’s Net Worth, but that is not the only source of his income. You might not believe it, but Johnny Jett is also an artist and has opened a website to sell his art.

He also has a personalized website where he shares these bits and pieces of information with his fans. The website,, records massive traffic as the number of people visiting the site is enormous. The site is about his art. He has displayed his art on the site and kept it on sale.

Johnny Jett Art

This Barnwood Builders star is an excellent painter. His paintings usually reflect his primary profession. Most of Johnnarttt’s art is about nature and houses made wood of wood. He has kept his art on sale on his website called

Age: How old is JohHe only? He is the most popular cast of Nandw and the oldest of them all. With old age comes great wisdom and creativity.

He was born on April 28, 1949, and is currently 74 years old. This does not deter his skills and craftsmanship, as he outshines every other crew with his. creativity

Is Johnny Jett dead? Is the death news just a hoax?

Hovaluableuseful the internet is, it may sometimes be a killer of Hollywood celebrities figuratively. The media sometimes catch up on the information and spread it like wildfire through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Johnny is no exception to this.

Johnny Jett in a Vehicle

The news of his ‘untimely demise’ is fake, as Johnny is alive and kick-inappearedarance on the latest episode, Crossroads Cross Which Roads, aired on March 12 on the DIY network.

Johnny Jett Wiki, Bio, Career info, Art, Birthday.

Johnny’s hometown is Chicago, Illinois, but he had to move to  West Virginia for work-related reasons. As a young man, he had always been fascinated by machines and their performance.

He made quite a reputation for himself and quickly rose to stardom as a member of Mark’s team. He operates the machines on his team alongside crew members such as Tim Rose, Ferguson, and Sherman Thompson, famously called the ‘Hardworking Hillbillies’.

picture of Johnny Jett alive

The team has a die-hard friendship and is always willing to incorporate each other’s ideas into the preartistrynship.

The 74-year-old Johnny Jett’s career skyrocketed after that as he got invitations and has made several guest appearances on other shows where he offers tips, advice and notable points regarding professional craftsmanship to his viewers and adoring fans.

He’s always up to creativity and new ideas to help the team.

Johnny Jett with fellow cast Mark Bowe Sherman Thompson and other crew

Barnwood Builders Cast: Mark Bowe, Johnny Jett, Sherman Thompson

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  1. I absolutely love watching how you go about finding old Log barns and homes. Both of my parents were from little burs in the road. My dad was born and raised in Appalachia Virginia and my mother was born and raised in Duffield Virginia. I have a real connection with the south because of my parents/family. Your show is a one of a kind no matter what any others try to do! Thanks for making me more aware of these old Log homes and barns. I was born and raised in Kokomo Indiana. I try to get back to my roots as often as I can! I now have had to have my left leg amputated! I don’t get around so much anymore like I use to! How much is your shirts? I wear a 2XL. I don’t know if you charge by the size or not!
    Keep on doing what you all do so well!
    Thanks, Kevin Cowan
    Kokomo,Indiana 46901

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