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Zoila Chavez Net Worth, Age, Wiki. Meet her daughters.

Almost everyone bases their attention towards celebrities who have already made it working high-end jobs. However, nobody seems to care about the little guy.

Take Zolia Chavez of Bravo TV’s Flipping Out for instance. She had worked her back out for the show as its house cleaner for years even before the show came into light. However, very people look her up.

That said, let’s embark on Zolia Chavez net worth, and age and info on her daughters.

Who is Zolia Chavez? Her Career.

After Zoila moved to California with her three daughters, she started working as a housekeeper at Jeff Lewis house every week. As she became a frequent there, Jeff and Gage hired her for a full-time job.

She also gained the trust of the gay couple. The housekeeper used to handle their little daughter, Monroe with great care. Similarly, she also acted as a surrogate grandmother to that kid while Jeff and Gage were away from home.

Jeff also offered Zoila to work on his show, Flipping Out to which she eagerly said yes! She became a reality star on the Bravo Tv after that and was part of the Flipping Out family from season 1 to season 10. They two also became BFFs during this working journey.

Image of Zolia Chavez from the TV show, Flipping Out

Zolia Chavez from the TV show, Flipping Out

However, after working for many years, Zoila officially quit the show. Jeff also confirmed that “She wanted to retire earlier, but I ignored her words. But then also, she stayed for me.”

What is Zoila Chavez doing now? is she still on “Flipping Out” show?

Zoila was part of the show, “Flipping Out” from season 1 to season 10. She retired from the show in Aug 2017. The reality star served her owner for 18 years. Although she wanted to retire even before that, Zoila stayed for her best friend and employer Jeff Lewis.

Eventually, after her retirement, she went back to her birthplace and stayed there for almost 5-6 weeks. Currently, she is staying with one of her daughters in Koreatown. This information of her new residence is given by her ex-employer and BFF, Jeff Lewis.

Zoila Chavez Net worth, sources of income.

The reality star earns mostly from her reality tv shows. Other than that, she is also a Nicaraguan House Cleaner. That said, Zoila Chavez net worth is $500,000 as of 2023. Moreover, she has a salary coverage of $75,000 per year.

Image of TV Personality, Zolia Chavez net worth is $500,000

TV Personality, Zolia Chavez net worth is $500,000

Is Zoila Chavez married? Zoila Chavez daughters.

Zoila is a divorced lady. She has three daughters. Most of her family members still reside in Nicaragua. More detail about Zoila’s family is still kept away from the public.

Zolia Chavez Wiki-Bio

Zoila Chavez was born on 25th of Aug, 1950. She is the native of Managua, Nicaragua. In her earlier days, she dropped out of her school when her dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

As a result, her dream of becoming a teacher could never be fulfilled. She is currently aged 73 years old. Initially, Chavez started working in a laundry firm when she was just ten years old. Slowly, she shifted her work from laundry to a shoe factory.

Her life is unpredictable. The reality star is the woman who rose high from housekeeping job to a reality TV hit star.

Her hard work and positive attitude towards life have paid her back. She is the favorite of all the cast members; she used to work with. Similarly, Zoila became friends with the designer Jeff Lewis, the designer in whose house.

After her 18 years of service filled with ups and downs, she finally left the show. The reality star took retirement in Aug 2017. Jeff and Zoila have been very close that they consider each other as a family. Zoila has also been a savior to Jeff in his rough times.

Many people use to get confused with her age and beauty, as she looks young for her age. She always met people with a pretty smile on her face.

Image of Jeff Lewis with his former maid Zoila Chavez

Jeff Lewis with his former maid Zoila Chavez

Zoila Chave Plastic Surgery

Well! There is a secret behind it. She underwent plastic surgery to perfect her look. In this matter, Jeff also highlighted the statement,” Physically, doing this kind of work takes a significant toll. So, I got her a plastic surgery.” Both Zoila and Jeff, thank each other for providing utmost happiness to each other.

Jeff is thankful to her for 18 years of her service and also motherly love. On the other hand, Chavez is grateful for her plastic surgery, which makes her look ten years younger than her real age.

Quick Info

Name Zoila Chavez
Age 73 years
Occupation Housekeeper, Television Personality
Children 3 Daughters
Tv Show Flipping Out

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