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Zeb Hogan Married to wife? His Net worth, Family, age, and wiki-bio.

Zeb Hogan is an American aquatic ecologist. In this article, we will look to uncover information about Zeb Hogan’s wife, net worth, salary, family, and age.

Career and tv shows.

Ecology has always been Zeb’s passion. Throughout his life, he has shown a keen interest in fish, rivers, and streams. The ecologist loves research, exploration, and science.

Zeb attended the University of Arizona, where he attained a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology. Afterwards, he would pursue a PhD in the same field to better expand his skills and knowledge on the subject.

His qualifications enabled him to guide a new National Geographic Society project that seeks to find and safeguard the world’s biggest freshwater fishes. Zeb firmly believes that only fresh approaches, sufficient investment, and research can offer hope to both fish and fishing communities.

The world’s biggest freshwater fish weigh over 200 pounds. Despite their size, they are the ones that face the most significant threats.

This is why Hogan has embarked on a worldwide survey of large freshwater fish. His commitment and dedication to nature saw him attract the interest of producers from National Geographic.

He would then go on to feature on the hit reality show Monster Fish. The show has taken the biologist across several exotic locations in search of large rare fish. It first premiered on the 10th of October, 2009, and has run for well over seven seasons now, and doesn’t show any signs of ever slowing down.

Image of Zeb Hogan from TV series, Monster Fish.

Zeb Hogan from TV series, Monster Fish.

Besides his on-screen career, he has also authored a book, Monster Fish! True Stories of Adventures with Animals. It went on to be a huge success.

It is also prudent to note that the good doctor is very much into photography, often documenting various aquatic species he comes across through pictures.

Zeb Hogan Net Worth.

A career on television usually translates to a fair bit of income when it comes to salary. National Geographic is one of the most popular networks out there, so it’s not a stretch to assume that its employees are well compensated for their time.

That said, Zeb Hogan’s net worth is reported to be $2 million. Apart from his time on television, the reality star has also written a book that provides another source of revenue stream for him.

Image of TV Personality, Zeb Hogan net worth is $2 million

TV Personality, Zeb Hogan net worth is $2 million

Is Zeb Hogan Married to a wife? Or he is gay?

Not every star likes to live their life in the limelight. Some want to keep everything private. Unfortunately, Zeb is one such reality star. Zeb has not revealed much about his personal life.

As such, we have no idea whether he is married or whether he has any children.

The uncertainty of it all is what, in all likelihood, sparked the gay rumours. But again, this is unsubstantiated because it doesn’t mean he is gay just because there are no whispers of a woman in life.

He could just be committed to his career and life’s passion to rescue as much aquatic life as he can. Maybe he is gay; we don’t know; we have to wait until he is ready to share this information with the rest of the world.

Zeb Hogan Family.

Like his married life, information about his family is fairly scarce. We were able to determine that they were from Tempa. Arizona and that the star grew up alongside a brother.

Apart from that, nothing much else is known about his family.

Zeb Hogan Age, Birthdate.

The reality star was born on the 12th of October 1973, which makes him 50years old at the moment.

Full name Zeb S. Hogan
Age 50 years old.
Date of Birth 12th October 1973
Place of Birth Tempa, Arizona, USA.
Profession Television personality, aquatic biologist, host, author
Net worth $ 2 million
Wife Abby Hogan
Kids Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents Unknown

Dr. Zeb Hogan was born in Arizona on October 12, 1973. This means that the reality star is 50 years of age. He spent a good chunk of his childhood embracing nature.

This was his passion, the thing that drove him to pursue a degree, master’s, and Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology.

The reality star would also earn a Fulbright Scholarship to study the Environmental Risk Assessment Program at Thailand’s Chiang Mai University.

So, there is no questioning the man’s credentials. He has traversed six continents, doing the best he can to conserve healthy aquatic life.

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