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Know Yule Kilcher Kilcher, Wife Ruth Kilcher and their Family.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Yule Kilcher, famous for his role in the Last Frontier Show, first came to America in 1936. He began looking for peace at a time when tension was swelling up in Europe.

His love for adventure had him looking for an adventurous land where he could have to enjoy his peace and bring up his family comfortably in the wilderness. That is how Yule found himself in Alaska.

This article is an inside look at Yule, his short biography, his net worth, family, and age.

Yule Kilcher Net Worth and Source of Income

After coming to America, Yule Kilcher established a homestead under his surname in Homer in the year 1941. He then engaged himself in various activities that ranged from farming and other chores at the property.

Being a hard working man, Yule Kilcher had accumulated wealth and assets that had an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Compared by others in the farming industry, Yule Kilcher was a prosperous farmer. His net worth remains a matter of citation as there is not much information about him and he has already passed away to even discuss his net worth, age children, and family.

Yule Kilcher is Married to wife Ruth Kilcher. Meet Their Family.

Back in Switzerland, Yule Kilcher had a friend who was as adventurous as him. Her name was Ruth, in 1941, she too left her hometown to join Yule in Alaska.

The couple would later get married on a boat, and that’s how they marked their entry into married life. They lived at their home that is located in close vicinity to the Kachemak Bay.

Yule Kilcher with his wife Ruth  and their  kids

As is the wish of many couples, Yule and his wife Ruth Ruth were blessed with eight healthy children. These children came in handy in providing enough workforce to help handle the many tasks at their home in the wilderness Alaska.

He showed great promise and reliability by upbringing all his children. Yule was a force to reckon with when it came to his family. It is worth noting that he successfully held the Senate seat from 1963-1967.

The couple stayed married to each other for 29 years and then separated in 1970.

Yule Kilcher Wiki-bio, Age

Short Bio

Yule was born in 1913 in Switzerland. As a young boy, Yule Kilcher was adventurous and always had dreams of finding a place he could lead his dream lifestyle.

Alaska seems to have been his match as Yule strived to build a homestead for the Kilcher’s here. About five years after he had moved to Alaska, his lover Ruth Webber decided to join him, and the two got married immediately.

Yule Kilcher

The two established a homestead after getting married. Yule was mainly a farmer who had to depend on real hard work to be able to make ends meet on the tough Alaskan wilderness. He was also a gifted journalist who gained popularity among the people fast.

Yule Kilcher died in 1998. He was reported sick and succumbed to pneumonia at Homer Hospital. The news regarding his demise was received with profound sorrow by many.


About: Yule Kilcher
Date of Birth: 9th March 1913
Place of Birth: Switzerland
City of Residence: Homer
Spouse:  Ruth Webber(separated)
Net worth: $2 million
Number of Children: 8
Career: Farmer, Journalist.
Date of death: 8th December 1998 (85 years at the time of his death)
Cause of death: Pneumonia

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