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Who is Dave Salmoni’s Wife?

Image of Who is Dave Salmoni’s Wife

Dave Salmoni is an animal expert and trainer who professionally travels the world and interacts with untamed animals. His antics include Discovery Channel’s Into the Lion’s Den, Rogue Nation as well as Animal Planet’s Into the Pride.

Jimmy Kimmel often hosts him and calls him the Canadian Tarzan, whereas he calls himself the Tiger Tickler. On the one hand, Salmoni’s wife usually refers to him as the Lion Tamer, which is endearing.

However, we know very little about her and sources haven’t done much to help either. That said, here is everything we have on Dave Salmoni’s wife.

Is Dave Salmoni Married to a wife?

Dave once did an interview with some of his fans, which revealed more about his personal life. One enthusiastic soul asked him how he manages to keep his marriage alive despite traveling too much to which he answered:

“Funny you should say! I’m due August 25th for my first son, or my fiancé is, for my first son – Thomas John.” That was in 2015 when the couple welcomed their son in August 2015.

Image of Dave Salmoni first son, Thomas John with his dogs

Dave Salmoni first son, Thomas John with his dogs

We soon learnt that his wife’s name is Debra Salmoni. Like her husband, Debra is also a tv personality who works with HGTV. So far, they have two children. Their first child, Thomas, is six years old. His sister, Elizabeth was born in 2017.

It makes her 4 years old. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Dave revealed that his wife tolerates animals but isn’t as passionate as he is. Regardless, they have a dog named Moseby.

The family presently lives in Toronto.

His Dating Life.

Before Dave met his wife and mother to his son, Thomas, he was a run off the mill kind of guy. Moreover, his former love life isn’t too much of a high profile unless you’re nitpicking.

Even so, the animal trainer has had his fair share of heartbreaks.

Image of Dave Salmoni with his girlfriend Bonnie Sommerville

Dave Salmoni with his girlfriend Bonnie Sommerville

To start, Salmoni once dated Bonnie Sommerville, a famous American actress and singer. The couple’s dating timeline stands between 2009 and 2010, after which they parted ways in amicable terms.

No one knows what caused the rift between the two. However, to this day, Sommerville, aged 45, remains unmarried with no kids. Her love interest comes from an Irish guy named Nick Lee.

Image of Dave Salmoni with his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler

Dave Salmoni with his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler

Moving on, the Tiger Tickler also got his heart ripped out by his other ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler. She is a former E! News Correspondent, and like Sommerville, she is also unmarried.

The pair hooked up sometime around 2010 after his break up with Bonnie, and it didn’t last long either. After that, Dave’s love life disappeared off the radar.

Short Bio, Net worth, Age.

Name Dave Salmoni
Net worth $5 million
Profession Animal trainer, Producer
Wife Unknown
Age 48
Birthdate September 4th, 1975

We mentioned something about Dave being the Canadian Tarzan. That’s because he was born in Sarnia, Ontario on September 4th, 1975, making his current age as 48.

The TV star’s passion for animals is entirely his own and drew nothing from his figure skater mother and a chemical engineer father.

Image of Animal Trainer, Dave Salmoni net worth is $2 million

Animal Trainer, Dave Salmoni net worth is $5 million

Consequently, he enrolled at Laurentian University to study Zoology before moving to South Africa to pursue his career. As a result, Dave Salmoni’s net worth currently stands at $5 million with the lion’s share coming from his production company, Triosphere.

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