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What happened to Grandma Duggar?

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There are several speculations about the death of Grandma Duggar. Grandma would so often appear alongside her family on the TLC shows, ‘Counting On’ and ‘19 Kids & Counting’.  The shows have been focusing on Grandma’s son Jim Bob and his wife Michelle, and their large family of 19 children with their spouses and children. The show has been running for slightly above 15 years. Grandma died on June 9th, 2019, at the age of 78 years. She only had two children Jim Bob and Deanna.  She has notably been a lovely and kind-hearted grandma to her 21 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

Grandma Duggar was married to Jimmy Lee, “J.L.” Duggar who died from cancer about ten years ago. There are rumors that Grandma just slept but never woke up on Sunday afternoon. However, members of her family have refuted this story until the autopsy is out. Grandma Duggar’s young life was spent in the real estate industry as a real estate broker. She has been a very strong Christian. Her love for Jesus Christ was so unique that she would speak to everyone about it.

What happened to Grandma Duggar? How Did She Die?

So, what exactly happened to the lovely Grandma Duggar? This fear can only be dispelled through the many tributes her family has posted on their social media profiles. Jill Duggar Dillard, who is a grandson to Grandma and the fourth in the family of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s nineteen children, wrote on his Instagram profile,

“My heart breaks. My grandma died suddenly today! She was an amazing woman of God and such a great example to so many! Grandma, you are greatly missed by all who knew you!”

The Dillard family posted a long tribute for Grandma Duggar on their official family blog, by describing her guiding principles, especially the Christian values. Their tribute started with a Bible verse from 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4 verses 12-14, which talks about death in Jesus Christ. The tribute ends with a collection of pictorials in remembrance of Grandma Duggar.

Jana Duggar who is the eldest daughter to Jim Bob, sheds more light on her grandma’s death by posting about her last moments with Grandma Duggar. Jana says on her Instagram post on Monday that she drove Grandma to church that Sunday morning to worship her Savior. She went on to say that the same day, Grandma went to meet her Savior face to face. She concludes to say that it was the best way she would have chosen to finish out.

Every one of the Duggar family has poured out their tributes to their magnanimous Grandma. The Duggar family Facebook page by the name Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray reports that Grandma has been unwell since December 2018 when she experienced a stroke. Her health has not been well since then.

On another post, it is reported that Grandma Duggar was found floating on the pool next to the big house, and the Coroner was seen taking her away. It is guessed that she might have slipped into the pool or suffered another stroke.  The family is waiting for an autopsy to provide the exact cause of Grandma Duggar’s death. We can only wish the family peace and may the soul of Grandma Duggar rest in eternal peace.

Now you know what happened to Grandma Dugger.

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