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What happened to Glenn Villeneuve on Life Below Zero? Was he fired? OR did he leave?


Glenn Villeneuve is an American man who specializes in surviving in extreme conditions. As such, he was brought on to display these skills on the Nat Geo show, Life Below Zero. The series has graced our screens for several years at the moment.

Survivalists such as Glenn and the rest of his clan set up homes in Alaska, a place known for harsh conditions as adverse as anywhere else in the world.

The series has released over 76 episodes, and it doesn’t seem to be about to put on the breaks anytime soon. So what did happen to Glenn Villeneuve on Life Below Zero? Get an answer to this question on this review.

Who is Glenn Villeneuve?

Glenn Villeneuve is a survivalist who appears on Life Below Zero, a show on National Geographic. Glenn is 54 years old, having come into this world on August 18th, 1969.

While Alaska is where he went on to lay his route, we learned that he was originally from Vermont, USA. This was in a neighborhood called Burlington.

Diving into the survivalist’s educational background, we learned that he took quite an unconventional path. Glenn did not set foot inside the school.

Rather, he opted to figure out how to write and read by himself.  Presently, Glenn Villeneuve has committed his life to a woman by the name of Trisha Kazan.

Image of Glenn Villeneuve from the TV reality show, Life Below Zero on National Geographic

Glenn Villeneuve from the TV reality show, Life Below Zero on National Geographic

Glenn Villeneuve Net worth.

Sources say that at the peak of his career, Glenn Villeneuve was paid roughly $70k per annum for his long storied appearances on the show, Life Below Zero.

He enjoyed a long stint on the show as he was one of the most beloved cast members.  As of 2021, Glenn Villeneuve’s net worth is said to be $200,000.

What happened to Glenn Villeneuve on Life Below Zero? Was he fired? OR did he leave?

On September 24, 2019, Glenn Villeneuve penned an emotional farewell Facebook post to fans of the reality show Life Below Zero. This came as a surprise to everyone, Glenn in particular, who had no idea that his time on the show was coming to an end until the producers dropped the news.

The 11th season of the show ended back in February 2019. It was around this time that producers reached out to Glenn and informed him that he would not be part of the show’s 12th season.

Glenn said that he was told that they didn’t have anything for him to do on the show anymore.

This came as a massive shock to us all. Glenn, as we have already mentioned, thanked fans for supporting him throughout the years.

He maintained a really classy demeanor despite being ejected from the show and only expressed his love for the show and his confusion at being let go. Glenn also showed his support for the nat geo and clarified that it was the producers who had made the call to let him go, not the network.

Fans Not Happy About Glenn Leaving Life Below Zero.

In the same post, he said that after filming an episode where he went on a moose hunt, it was all over for him. After 85 episodes on the show, he wasn’t called back to renew his contract.

Later on, dozens of fans would voice their support for Glenn and his family and their displeasure at not having the family on the show anymore.

Denise Brawner Childs Wisley, for example, thanked Glenn Villeneuve for all the lessons he had given him. He shared techniques on how to gather firewood and meat. These were lessons that could be passed down from generation to generation.

Another fan explained annoyance at Glenn’s dismissal. Sam Ortiz Knowles said that he was sickened by the news of Glenn Villeneuve leaving Life Below Zero.

He particularly took issue with the studio’s treatment of the survival expert. The fans even went on to say that they would not watch the show again.

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