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What happened to flip from Street Outlaws? How did he die?

What happened flip from Street Outlaws How he die

Tyler Gene Priddy nicknamed, Flip, is an American television personality. He Is well known for having taken up a role in the Discovery Channel’s reality television series, Street Outlaws. Is the tragic news of his death accurate?

What happened to Flip from Street Outlaws? How did flip die? Suicide or an accident? Or killed?

In late May 2013, the rumor of Flip’s death had surfaced. His family did not want the cause of his death getting out to the public. This did not stop Flip’s huge fan following from circulating various rumors in their community forums and social media outlets.

flip from Street Outlaws How he die

Caption:- In 2013 the rumor of Flip’s death was started.

Based on comments in the community forums, various outlets reported that Flip had committed suicide through a self-inflicted gunshot. There was no evidence to give credence to the claim.

Some of the fans on the Discovery channel’s message board claimed that Flip died as a result of a nitrous bottle exploding directly in his face after he heated it up. Like the initial rumor, this rumor had no evidence to back it up.

Regardless of the misfortune that had befallen Flip’s family, a majority of his fans took to their social media outlets to express their deepest of sympathies and condolences to his family.

One comment read,

‘’he did not commit suicide. If he did…. It’s not something to discuss. Sad for all. My condolences to all his friends and family. And all these trolls speaking negatively will get the karma they deserve.’’

Another read,

‘’I will miss Flip. He seemed to be a level-headed young man that knew how to make his car run with the best of them even though he used other discarded parts.’’

Despite all the rumors in circulation about his death, the fact that Flip died on May 28th, 2013 in Yukon, Oklahoma, United States of America.

Net worth source of income

Before his untimely death, details on the net worth that Flip had accumulated over the course of his life remained undisclosed to the public. Therefore, deriving the amount of net worth, he generated from the reality television series proved futile. Despite this, it is precisely known by everyone that his primary source of income was his role in Street Outlaws and his fellow racers sported substantial net worths. It is a shame that we had to lose him especially with his bright career and grand net worth.

Wiki Bio

Tyler Gene Priddy a.k. A Flip was born on November 30th, 1981 in Chickasha, Oklahoma, the United States of America to Gene Priddy, his father, and Glenda Priddy, his mother.

His wiki-bio tells his early years of enrolling at the Hinton Elementary School and graduated from Putnam City High School located in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, United States of America.

He maintained his residence in Oklahoma and worked as a parts manager at Warren Caterpillar for ten years. Flip loved to participate in drag racing.

What happened flip death age born death

Caption:- Flip’s Dathe of birth was November 30th, 1981.

His desire for racing has led him to take up a significant role in the hit Discovery Channel’s reality television series titled Street Outlaws. Flip was often identified by his car that he raced with, the 81’ Chevrolet El Camino.

His car was nicknamed ‘The Old Slut’ because of its mixed parts that Flip either stole, begged or borrowed.

When Flip passed away, his fellow co-star, Chris Day nicknamed Kamikaze, took ownership of ‘The Old Slut.’ This transition was widely accepted by the late Flip’s huge fan following.

Married to Wife

Flip was married to longtime wife Morgan Amber Priddy of Yukon, Oklahoma, United States of America. The pair share four children, namely; Dresden Rinot, Bennett William Edward, Remey J and Tovey Gene. The details of his wife or their married life have been kept a secret from the media and looking at how they treated the news of his death all for a good reason too.

Flip had nicknames for all of his children with his wife. The nicknames include; Baby B for Bennett William, Flemerson for Remey J, Day Day for Dresdyn and Rito for Tovey Gene.

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