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Vince Neil Net Worth, Age, Wife.

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Image of Vince Neil Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio

Vince Neil is a prominent American singer who has done amazing works over the previous years. His reason for fame was after featuring as a lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Motley Crue.

He is also a songwriter and has done numerous collabo to help him gain fame and increasing his ratings in the music industry.

Read below to know more about Vince Neil’s net worth, salary, wife and his family.

Who is Vince Neil?

Vince rose to fame in his music career while performing with his band, Rock Candy in 1979. By 1981, Vince joined Motley Crue, where they were looking for a lead vocalist and were impressed after hearing his voice.

Motley Crue went ahead to release their first album, Too fast for love, in 1981. After a decade of many hits, the band parted ways with Vince Neil on February 1992.

Vince Neil released her first album, Exposed in 1993, which debuted #13 on the Billboard charts. The songs present in the album brought attention to other various artists like Dave Marshall and Robbie Crane. In 1995, Vince released Carved in Stone an industrial-oriented album produced by dust brothers.

The album had to be placed on hold due to some sickness issues. Later on, it was released and hit #139 on the Billboard charts. This led to Vince touring several places with his solo band, that consisted of slaughter members, Jeff Blando, and Zoltan Chaney.

After several tours and concerts, Vince reunited with Motley Crue. The band came into limelight after being aired on Behind the Music episode under VH1 in December 1998.

The band’s episode became the highest rated series back in 1998. Vince Neil and the band reunited due to some financial declines and admitted that they could not do without each other. Motley released their first reunion song, Generation Swine, which debuted #4 on the Billboard charts.

In 2005, the Motley’s realized a massive increase in fortune after Neil and Tommy Lee set aside their difference to tour around America. The tour was dubbed Carnival of sins and featured acrobats, fire breathers and a midget.

In 2008, the band released an album titled Saints of Los Angeles where all the original members participated.

Vince released his third solo album in 2010, which gained a lot of fame and sold many copies. On September 13, 2018, the Motley crew planned to release new music.

Image of Vince Neil from The Aviators show
Vince Neil from The Aviators show

Vince’s On Screen and Tv show.

Vince Neil has also participated in films and TV series. In 1989, he played a small role for Police Academy 6: City Under Siege. Over the years, he has made many appearances in films ranging from TV series, short films, and some songs in line with films.

In 2012, Neil participated in the series. The Aviators under PBS television series. Recently, in 2017, Vince was a cast for The New Celebrity Apprentice until his elimination in the duty 7.

Besides music and being a TV personality, Vince has been in several business ventures. He owns a Tattoo Parlor, restaurant and some bars strategically placed in the US.

Vince Neil Net worth is $50 Million in 2023.

Vince Neil owns a luxurious mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada. His home has also been featured on MTV Cribs.

When it comes to cars, Vince is a huge fan of them but at times, they landed him in trouble. He has caused several accidents, which some were fatal since he lost some friends. Despite all these difficulties, Vince Neil net worth is $50 million.

Image of Singer, Vince Neil net worth is $50 million
Singer, Vince Neil net worth is $50 million

Vince Neil is Not Married To a Wife Yet.

Vince Neil is in a long-term relationship with Rain Andreani whom they began dating in 2011. Rain Andreani is also a celebrity and an American citizen with a white ethnic background.

She attended the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Not much information about her parents or siblings is in the public domain.

His Married Life And Divorce from Ex-Wives. More details on his Past Relationship.

Vince Neil has had vicissitudes when it comes to relationships. Neil was first married to Beth Lynn, in 1981 and divorced four years later. On April 1987, Neil married Sharise Ruddell, a fashion model, and Mud wrestler.

The couple had one daughter, Skylar Neil who sadly died four years after birth due to cancer. Sharise and Vince had already been divorced in 1993.

Image of Vince Neil with his ex-wife Sharise Ruddell
Vince Neil with his ex-wife Sharise Ruddell

In early 1993, Vince began dating Heidi Mark an actress after a blind date arranged by her makeup artist. The two got married in 2000.

After a year and half of dating, the couple divorced despite several attempts of reconciliation. Vince Neil did not give up as he married his fourth wife, Lia Gerardini in January 2005.

Image of Vince Neil with his fourth wife Lia Gerardini
Vince Neil with his fourth wife Lia Gerardini

Five years later, the couple divorced. Vince has been in other relationships despite being married. He was with Alicia Jacobs from 20101-2011 and Tami Jones from 1978-1980.

Tami and Vince have one son named Neil Jason Wharton.

Vince Neil Age, Birthdates

Vince Neil was born on 8 February 1961 in Hollywood, California. Currently, he is 62-years old.

Vince Neil Wiki-Bio, Family

Vince Neil was born to Shirley and Clois Wharton. He has Mexican ancestry from her mother and native American from his father.

He attended Sunflower intermediate school and later Royal Oak High school. Apart from music, Vince also loved surfing, baseball, football, basketball, and wrestling.

Real Name: Vincent Neil Wharton

Birthday: 8 February 1961

Age: 62

Place of Birth: Hollywood, California

Horoscope: Aquarius

How Tall. Height: 1.75m

Occupation: Musician, TV personality

Years Active: 1981- present

Net worth: $50 million

Marriage: Engaged

Death-O-Meter: Alive.

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