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TV Presenter Henry Cole wiki-bio, wife, net worth, age

Details about Henry Cole ,his wife,networth and many more

Henry Cole is an easily recognizable figure in the entertainment industry because he is a lot more than just a TV presenter. You may recognize him for being a motorcycle fanatic and star of different related shows like ‘World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides.’

His life has been a fantastic journey, and he has achieved maximum success in all aspects of it; personal or professional. Get to know more about his amazing life through his wiki-bio.

Find out about Henry Cole Motorcycle enthusiast’s married life with his wife and also his fantastic net worth. Do not leave out relevant information like his age as well.

Is TV star Henry Cole Married to wife With Kids?

Despite being a renowned figure, Henry Cole likes to keep the personal side of his life away from the media. The film director married his wife, Jane.

The couple seems to have been married for quite some time, as they even have two children together.

They named their sons Tom and Charlie. Not much more is known about Henry Cole’s personal life. However, we like to think that the media’s silence isn’t possible unless he and his wife are leading a healthy and cheerful married life together.

Net worth, annual salary

Henry Cole Networth

Henry Cole stands at an estimated net worth of around 3-5 million dollars. His outstanding net worth is the result of the salary from his diverse and branched-out ventures.

Furthermore, he has a collective total of more than 34 years in the TV and movie business. All these years gladly explain why his net worth lies in millions.

He has presented over 200 different shows over the course of 20 years. On top of that, he is the owner of HCA Entertainment, through which he designs or creates shows based on his ideas for renowned networks like ITV, UKTV, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, NBC, and BBC.

He is also into directing and has directed and produced movies, shows, and commercials. Furthermore, he is also the proud boss of Gladstone Motorcycles, a brand or producer of custom British Motorcycles, which also contributes to his net worth.

Henry Cole’s passion for motorcycles has its origin with Dick Gladstone, who was one of the instigators of the craft, not like his other, more popular uncle, William Ewart Gladstone, a former prime minister.

What is Henry Cole doing now, any new upcoming show?

Henry Cole is currently holding his famous role as the presenter of hit shows and series like ‘World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides,’ ‘The Motorbike Show,’ and ‘The Motorbike Show Special: Steve McQueen’s Motorcycles.’

Others include ‘Shed and Buried’ and ‘Find it, Fix it, Flog it.’ He presents and is the creator of all these shows that are featured in big broadcasting bodies like Discovery Network, BBC, NBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV and Travel Channel.

TV presenters mostly host one or two shows at a time. Henry Cole elevates his net worth to greater heights with multiple programs. As already mentioned he also likes to work at Gladstone Motorcycles where he produces custom-made British bikes.

Career, TV shows

Henry Cole

Henry Cole has had 34 years of experience in the TV industry. He has presented over 200 shows, with the best of the best having already been mentioned.

These have won him many awards that have contributed further to his net worth and fame.

Some other series may be considered as ‘Kensington Wives’, ‘Men Brewing Badly,’ ‘Frontline Stories,’ ‘Discovering Gardens,’ ‘London’s Greatest Hits,’ ‘Supersize Grime,’ ‘Grimefighters,’ ‘The Real Filth Fighters!’ and ‘The Skulls of Sanctuary.’

Henry Cole, a motorcycle enthusiast, has directed over 70 commercials for brands like MasterCard, Top-up TV, Dixons, Flora, and Amstrad, to name a few of some household names. He has directed and produced movies like ‘Englishmen’ starring Elizabeth Hurley and C. Thomas Howell.

Others are Dead Funny, starring Elizabeth Pena and Andrew McCarthy; Princess in Love, starring Christopher Villiers and Julia Cox; and ‘Mad Dogs.’

Wiki-bio, Age

Henry Cole is a man of mystery when it comes to his past. We know through his social media page that his birthday is on February 16.

As of 2023, he is 58 years old. Henry Cole is also a world-land-speed record holder that he achieved with a 750cc motorcycle built pre-1955.

He had struggled with heroin addiction between 19 and 24 years of age. Moreover, speaks openly on that matter and proudly likes to help other addicts with more than 29 plus years of sobriety.

To add on, Henry also likes fishing, classic tractors, and cycling. This Motorcycle enthusiast loves to spend time with his wife, Jane and his two sons. Finally, he also has an adorable dog named Jelly Bean that he gives his own quality life to.

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