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Trina Net worth, Career info, Relationship status

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Hip- hop has been the trending form of music ever since the ’90s. Trina has been in the Hip-hop industry for quite a while. Her way of making music has made her the most consistent female rapper in History.

To add that up, her net worth has significantly changed over the years to a  huge amount of money. Her reason for fame was mostly based on Trick Daddy’s album on the single hit named Nann Nigga. Apart from that, Trina’s fame has risen over the years due to her five albums that are significant hits. Know Trina Net Worth in 2019.

Career info

Trina began her career back in 1998. She mostly focused on making rap rhymes. On the same year, big time rapper Trick Daddy was interested in her piece and made her feature in his song “Nann Nigga”. This single became a hit and was ranked top one hundred in Billboard Hot 100.

The single made a major hit making her sign a record deal with “slip-n-slide Records” that was under distribution by Atlantic Records. On March 200, Trina released a debut album called “Da Baddest Bitch”.

The album hit number 33 in Billboard 200 and  11 in “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album chats”. Her second album was released in June 2000 and also made a significant hit.

Her promotion for the debut album ended on June 2000. Later on August 27, 2002, Trina released her second album. Diamond Princess made a major hit and sold 67,000 units only one week after.

The record had three singles; the first one featured her with Rick Ross and the other one with “Tweet”. Though the song did not perform well in the US, It was able to reach 45 on the UK singles chart. The third one featured “Ludacris”  and became number 24 on the Rap songs chat.

Trina then took a major step to start her Record Label. It was previously known as Diva Enterprises, which changed to DP enterprises. She featured her first artist, Lil Brianna who was working on her first album. On October 2005, Trina released her third studio album, ”Glamorest life”.

On the same year, Trina Appeared on the soundtrack of the film Boss’n Up with Lil Jon and Snoop Dogg. Later on, in 2007, Trina left Atlantic records and signed a deal with EMI which merged with her original label, Slip-n-Slide Records.

Over the years, Trina continued to make music. In 2007, Trina launched two mix tapes namely the Baddest Chick 2 and “Reloaded and Rock star Royalty. Later on, in 2009, she launched her fifth studio album titled “That’s My Attitude”.

In 2017, Trina released her sixth album titled “The one”.  Trina has also participated in Missy Elliot’s tribute: All hail the queens. On the same year, she was announced as one of the major cast members of “Love and Hip-Hop: Miami.”

Image of Trina from Love and Hip-Hop: Miami show
Trina from Love and Hip-Hop: Miami show

Currently, she works with major Hip-Hop based labels which have helped her make significant changes to her net worth. Apart from that, Trina has done collaborations with several artists like Nicki Minaj, Ludacris Toni Braxton, Tory Lanez and many more.

Trina has also gained several awards. They include the Golden Trailer awards in 2004, ACE awards in 2010, EME Awards in 2011 and lastly the All-Star music awards in 2014.

Her career has grown over the years. She also began to venture into the clothing line business. Trina associated herself with the clothing line Pink Diamond Couture Clothing.

Net worth.

Trina has made a large amount of money ever since the conception of her rap game. Her albums gained her fame and the right amount of income too. Apart from that, Trina has been able to attend concerts which are known to offer a massive amount of payments.

Apart from that, she has 3.2 million followers on Instagram. Instagram also pays her some good amount of money.

Image of Rapper, Trina net worth is $6 million
Rapper, Trina net worth is $6 million

Trina is also a co-host of “Tameka Cottle’s late night show, Tiny Tonight. With all these ventures, Trina’s net worth is $6 million.

House, cars, and Lifestyle

The public does not know Trina’s assets.  Her assets have not been disclosed, and she seems to keep it that way for a while. All we know of is her massive net worth.

Age and Birthdate

Trina was born on December 3, 1978. Currently, she is 45 years old.

Relationship status/ History

Trina had a relationship with Lil Wayne. The relationship seemed to go on well, and Trina announced to the public that they would get married. Lil Wayne and Trina were connected so well, and they did a song together.

Trina was also expecting a child from their relationship. By bad luck, Trina had a miscarriage. Later on, the relationship became distorted.

Image of Trina with her ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne
Trina with her ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne

Trina then went ahead to another relationship with Kenyon Martin who is a prominent Basketball player. It lasted for three years since 2007- 2010.

Currently, she is involved with a man named Raymond Taylor. The two started dating in 2017, and have been together for 4 years now.

Image of Trina with her ex-boyfriend Kenyon Martin basketball player
Trina with her ex-boyfriend Kenyon Martin basketball player

Trina at a glance

Full Name Katrina Laverne Taylor
Age 45
Profession Rapper

TV personality

Relationship status Raymond Taylor (Boyfriend)
Net Worth $6 million
Children None
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Birthplace Miami, Florida

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