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Travis Hollman Net Worth, Brother, Age, Wiki-bio.

Image of Travis Hollman Net Worth, Brother, Age, Wiki-bio.

Travis Hollman is an entrepreneur and business tycoon who resides in Dallas, Texas. His company, Hollman Inc., is at the forefront of the Make America Great Again campaign.

Likewise, it’s the country’s leading manufacturer of wood and laminate lockers that serves the international market as well. However, the business man’s title as CEO isn’t the only reason we’re here talking about him.

His wife, Stephanie Hollman is a loveable reality star on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dallas. That said, get an inside look at Travis Hollman net worth, age and his other family members, including his brother.

What does Travis Hollman do for a living? His career.

To start, as the heir to a dynasty, Hollman spends much of his time attending corporate meetings. Similarly, he travels a lot for business meetings and securing new project deals.

Regardless of whether he is with family, work still manages to follow him back home.

Travis’ dad, Joe Hollman, was the pioneer of the company back in 1976. At the time, it wasn’t as vast as it is today, but it served the same purpose of building lockers and courts.

Sequentially, the company ventured into manufacturing racquetballs and squash courts.

Image of Entrepreneur, Travis Hollman

Entrepreneur, Travis Hollman

Consequently, Joe’s retirement ushered in the appointment of his son as President and CEO to take over in 2015. Nonetheless, he was already inducted into the family business long before the appointment.

Since then, he has increased the company’s production and worth. At the same time, he has created over a hundred new jobs for the Texas locals.

Travis Hollman Net worth.

Case in point, the company generated a revenue of $18 million in 2023.

Image of Businessman, Travis Hollman net worth is $18 million

Businessman, Travis Hollman net worth is $18 million

Moreover, the entrepreneur’s holdings also lie with another firm called the Marshmallow Fun Company. With it, he spearheaded the production of series like Bully Beatdown, Rain, and Serum.

Similarly, he is also the producer of these shows. But that’s not the only sources of income in Travis Hollman’s Net Worth.

Last but not least, Travis Hollman invented Vacation in a Bottle, an energy drink that took the country by storm. It’s currently sold in almost every grocery and retail store. Conversely, his main business of company lockers has sold over two million cabinets since it began.

As a result, the firm’s clients range from giant firms like Apple, Google, Goldman Sachs, and The New York Times. Talk about a broad reach! Travis Hollman’s net worth as of 2021 is $18 million.

Travis Hollman age, Birthdate.

Hollman, the business tycoon, is aged 54.  He was born on May 4th, 1969.

Travis Hollman Wife, Kids

Mr. Travis only has one woman in his life: Stephanie Hollman of The Real Housewives of Dallas. He does his best to support her wherever he can and often makes appearances on the show.

Case in point, the business guru often gifts her expensive presents like a Range Rover or plane tickets to an exotic getaway.

Image of Travis Hollman with his wife Stephanie Hollman

Travis Hollman with his wife Stephanie Hollman

Initially, back in 2007, the couple met through mutual friends over dinner and wine. Within six months of dating, Travis popped the question, and she said yes.

Stephanie moved from her home in Oklahoma into his, and on April 19th, 2008, she wedded him.

Image of Travis Hollman with his kids Chance and Cruz

Travis Hollman with his kids Chance and Cruz

Consequently, a couple of years later, they met two bouncing baby boys named Chance and Cruz, separated by two years. The family lives their best lives in their six-bedroomed mansion in Texas.

The father of two often shares his love of a vintage collection of cars with the world and his sons. Hopefully, we’ll get to watch them grow and inherit the family’s legacy as well.

Travis Hollman brother, family, and Wiki-bio

Full name Travis Hollman
Age 54
Date of Birth May 4th, 1969
Place of Birth San Diego
Brother Joey
Net worth $18 million
Wife Stephanie Hollman
Kids 2
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 176 pounds
Zodiac Sign Taurus

The father of two, Travis Hollman, hails from San Diego, Texas, where he was born on May 4th, 1969. From current statistics, he only has one half-brother named Joey, who made his debut into the reality show in 2018.

He showed up during the couple’s wedding and completely blew the roof off with his charm. Joey is Australian and only recently met the rest of the family for the first time.

Back to the firm’s President, he attended Jesuit High School and later the University of San Diego. As a result, he majored in Business Management before joining his dad in their company.

On a different note, the father of two is a huge philanthropist and often gives back to the community.

For instance, one of the policies Travis Hollman implemented was signing a cheque worth $100K to cater to his workers’ kids’ college expenses.

Moreover, others include donations to organizations like Family Place. Big Brothers and Sisters of America and UNICEF. If you ask anyone, he is the true definition of a businessman.

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