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Toya Bush-Harris Net Worth, Age, Husband, Family, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Toya Bush-Harris: Family, Married, Husband, Net Worth, Age, Wiki-bio

The different names on Married to Medicine could not be complete without Toya Bush-Harris. She has a unique appeal to her presence on the show and has achieved a net worth, and salary earnings that give inspiration for many to achieve the impossible.

In a career starting from representing pharma companies and traveling towards the small screen on Married to Medicine, Toya Bush-Harris has crafted a stable married relationship with her husband for over ten years.

If you need to know more about her life, then the following information would work just fine!

Toya Bush-Harris Net Worth

As per the source, the estimate of net worth in the case of Toya Bush-Harris shows that it is somewhere around $4 million.

Image of Married to Medicine cast Toya Bush-Harris net worth is $2 million
Married to Medicine cast Toya Bush-Harris net worth is $4 million

It has been noted that her salary earnings from every episode of Married to Medicine are in the range of $100,000, which tends to be the largest share of contribution to the net worth of Toya Bush-Harris.

Apart from the salary earnings, Toya Bush-Harris was also able to improve her net worth with the help of the family-owned business, MD Nomad, which is co-owned by her husband.

An interesting fact regarding the net worth of Toya Bush-Harris is her involvement in a financial crisis along with her better half. The crisis placed the couple in debt of the Inland Revenue Service which was thought to have a substantial impact on the net worth of Toya Bush-Harris.

However, the debt was only $170,000. Subsequently, the massive salary earnings of Toya Bush-Harris between 2013 and 2014 were estimated at $3,000,000, thereby implying that the total worth of Toya Bush-Harris would not be affected by the debt.

Toya Bush-Harris is Married To Husband Dr. Eugene Harris.

Toya Bush-Harris is married to Dr. Eugene Harris, with whom she met on a speed date while she was living in Detroit, Michigan. Toya Bush-Harris’ husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, was preparing at that time for becoming an Emergency Medicine Physician.

Image of Toya Bush-Harris with her husband Dr. Eugene Harris
Toya Bush-Harris with her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris

Now, her husband is a co-owner of the company MD Nomad along with Toya Bush-Harris and is also working with the Schumacher Group. The couple has been blessed with two children from their marriage that has stood the test of time and endured all the ups and downs of married life.

The two sons of Toya Bush-Harris are named Ashton and Avery.

Image of Toya Bush-Harris kids Ashton and Avery.
Harris kids Ashton and Avery.

Toya gave up her full-time career in pharmacy to take care of her children after the birth of her first son. She has claimed from time to time that this choice was completely personal and was helpful in creating a bond with her children that is essential for their education.

Presently, as per sources, she resides in Atlanta in their luxurious abode with her husband and children and has proven to be a responsible mother as well as a dedicated wife and friend.    

Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts

Toya Bush-Harris was born in Detroit, Michigan, on April 15, 1976, and she is presently 47 years. The details about her parents are not explicitly disclosed on any official platforms.

However, there is a mention of her mother’s name on a celebrity gossip website, which states that her mother’s name is Temeka. On the other hand, the details about her father have not been found from any source.

However, it is verified that she is of African-American ethnicity and is American by nationality.

Image of Toya Bush-Harris from Married to Medicine show
Toya from Married to Medicine show

Information about Harris’s siblings of Harris that is found on official sources shows that she has a younger sister named Chynna and a younger brother whose name has not been disclosed anywhere.

An interesting fact about Toya Bush-Harris is that she had a major role in the upbringing of her younger sister right from the age of 10 years.

Toya Bush-Harris attended the Lathrup Senior High School in Southfield, Michigan and then went to Tennessee State University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmaceutical science.

Toya Bush-Harris then went on to complete her Master’s degree in Arizona from the University of Phoenix.

She started her career immediately after moving back to her hometown after completing her graduation. Her professional performance in the pharmacy sector was recognized well, and in a short period, she served as a representative for more than 500 renowned pharmaceutical companies.

Apart from her professional life and marriage to Medicine, Toya Bush-Harris is also involved from time to time with volunteering activities at the church as well as other philanthropy projects.

Age 47 years (April 15, 1976)
Net worth $4 million
Spouse Dr. Eugene Harris
Kids Ashton Harris (Son)

Avery Harris (Son)

Occupation Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Philanthropist, Reality TV star
Parents Temeka Bush (Mother)

N/A (Father)

Nationality American
Ethnicity African American

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