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Toni Snow Barksdale Net Worth, Age, Husband, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Toni Snow Barksdale Net Worth, Age, Husband, Wiki-Bio.

DIY Network’s Texas Flip N Move features some of the most creative minds in house flipping on the planet. Toni Snow Bar and her older sister Donna are perhaps the fan favorites of the show owing to their long tenure on the Network.

Furthermore, nothing attracts viewers more than a natural sisterly bond that the pair seem to exercise.

Consequently, why not indulge you with a bit of information on Toni Snow’s net worth, age, husband, and Wiki-bio? After all, a little knowledge never did anyone no harm.

Who is Toni Snow Barksdale from “Texas Flip N Move”?

Suppose you’ve caught up with the latest season of TFNM, you’ll probably notice something like H.D. Snow and Son House Moving Inc. Well, this isn’t some cryptic message but rather the name of their family business that dates as far back as 1942.

A quick recap reveals that the business started when their grandfather A.C. Snow helped a friend move. On seeing how much work there was to it, he decided to commercialize his service and registered it as a company.

Sadly, after he died in 1966, his son H.D. took over and renamed it to H.D. Snow House Moving Inc. in honor of his work.

Image of Toni Snow Barksdale from TV show, Texas Flip N Move

Toni Snow Barksdale from the TV show, Texas Flip N Move

H.D. begot Donna, Tori Snow Barksdale and a son named Gary. When the latter came of age, he incorporated him into the family business and further changed the name to H.D Snow and Son Moving Inc., which stands to this day.

As a result, the sisters often jab at their dad for not naming the business after his daughters, who are its powerhouse.

Toni Snow Barksdale Net Worth.

It’s almost seven years since Texas Flip N Move came into existence and we’re not any closer on knowing the reality star’s salary. Similarly, Toni Snow Barksdale’s net worth is $1-5 million from all reputable sources.

Likewise, the same goes for her sister.

Image of TV actor, Toni Snow Barksdale net worth is currently not available

TV actor, Toni Snow Barksdale net worth is currently not available

However, we’re not too far off from the truth. Toni receives a regular lump sum cut from her appearances on television. Moreover, if you know anything about show business, then you’ll understand why actors and actresses demand more pay as a series progresses.

Consequently, TFNM wrapped up its 13th season.

Lastly, the TV star also capitalized on her fan base and launched a line of merchandise for sale. She serves up t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and custom-designed hoodies all which add onto her net worth.

Couple her quick entrepreneurial thinking with her family’s business to back her up, and you should have a rough idea of how much Toni makes.

Is Toni Snow Barksdale Married to a husband? Kids?

When she’s not working on flipping a home, Toni is usually laid back in a project with her family. Unlike her sister Donna, who recently got out of a nasty marriage, the reality star has four grandchildren.

Sources indicate that she tied the nuptial knot with her husband, Gary L. Barksdale on June 12th, 1982 in Texas.

Image of Toni Snow Barksdale with her husband Gary L. Barksdale

Toni Snow Barksdale with her husband Gary L. Barksdale

It’s evident that Toni Snow and husband Gary L. Barksdale like their marital business low-key judging from the lack of a Wiki-Bio page despite their celebrity status.

However, we dug through a magazine and found a featurette on the family. It revealed Toni’s kids as Brian and Bridgett, as well as her four grandchildren.

Overall, it’s one massive lineage in the making blended with much delight.

Toni Snow Barksdale Wiki-Bio, Age, Family.

Full name Toni Snow Barksdale
Age 61
Date of Birth 12th of September 1962
Place of Birth Haltom, Texas
Profession Reality Television star, House Flipper and Mover
Net worth $1-5 million
Husband Gary L. Barksdale
Kids 2
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Toni Snow is the second born in Snow family. She was born of September 12th 1962, and turned 61 a short while back.

She also has a younger brother named Gary, who is their father’s pride. The family of five grew up in a small town called Haltom in Fort Worth, Texas, where they learned the ropes of the Moving.

The girls attended Haltom High School, which was a stone’s throw away from their family home. Moreover, upon graduation in 1973, Donna got onto the family’s source of livelihood and even incorporated her best friend, Debbie Smith.

Toni graduated much later and now works alongside her sister. Both never went to college.

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