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Mountain Men Tom Oar Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Mountain Monster Cast Net Worth

Tom Oar is a renowned American TV actor who was born in 1943, Illinois, USA. He and Jack Oar are the sons of Chike Oar who was working for Wild West Show.

He appears in the Mountain Men TV show and resides in North West Montana near Yaak River. For these and more facts on the actor like his net worth, married life, wife, kids and much more.

Tom Oar married to wife Nancy, kids? More about their married life

The TV star is a family man and is married to Nancy. They have been married for over fifty years and are the parents of their son, Chad, who shares his last name. Nancy often appears in the TV show “Mountain Men.”

Mountain Monster cast Tom Oar and wife Nancy met when he was working as a Bronco driver and have remained together ever since.

The couple originated from northern Illinois but later relocated to Troy. Tom and his wife have been through thick and thin together and even lived in a handmade log cabin for five years in Troy.

Afterwards, they moved to Montana and led a life devoid of modern technology.

Image of Tom Oar with his wife Nancy
Tom Oar with his wife, Nancy

They did not have electricity and piped water for seventeen years. Up to date, they still live a life without embracing modernity because the Mountain man believes in relying on what nature provides.

His children and grandchildren live in Florida and have been persuading them to move there too. However, the two are nature lovers, and nothing can change their decision.

Before they decided to relocate to Montana, they had been touring there in the summer before they soon fell in love with it. The decision to move to Montana was not solely Tom’s, but Nancy is a lover of nature, too.

They bought one and a half acres of land and built a log cabin that they lived in for five years before they made a home. They have been there for 40 years now.

Tom Oar’s Net worth, salary.

Oar benefitted a lot from getting cast on the show Mountain Men. He has earned handsomely from the role that he plays in that show. Tom Oar’s net worth stands at around $800,000 with his salary unknown.

Image of Tom Oar Net worth salary is $200,000
Tom Oar Net worth salary is $800,000

Apart from being in reality TV, he is also a self-taught handyman. He and his wife were tanning animal hides before he started acting and earned a lot from it.

They were also making shirts, moccasins, jackets, and pants and collected about $10,000 yearly from that business. Due to their intense love for his wife, he did not leave her behind when he moved to the reality TV show.

They appear in that reality show as one unit.

Career and progression

Ever since he transitioned from his tanning and garment-making business to reality TV, he has picked up nicely. Tom Oar is doing very well in Mountain Men and fits quite well in it due to his love of nature.

The show “Mountain Monster” is now in its seventh season with many episodes. The show talks about the challenges that Mountain Men go through by purely relying on the outdoors to provide for them. The men also talk about their skills and means of survival.

Tom Oar products, knives

Tom makes different products using what nature provides. He tans hides and makes diverse products from them, which he later sells.

The actor crafts moccasins, shirts, pants, and jackets, all sewn by hand. He also designs and makes knives that he forges on his own.

How old is Tom Oar? Know His Age.

Tom’s exact date of birth is not known, but he was born in 1943 in Illinois, USA. Tom Oar is 80 years old now.


Tom Oar is an American reality TV show actor. He appears in the infamous Mountain Men reality show and lives in Montana. He got married to Nancy Oar, and they are so fond of each other and parents of Chad Oar. Apart from his TV career, he is also a leather tanner and a craftsman.

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