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Tim McClellan Net Worth, House, Wife, Wiki, Bio.

Image of Tim McClellan Net Worth, House, Wife, Wiki, Bio, Ellen Show

An American master tradesman and entrepreneur, Tim McClellan is known for his Recycled Furniture Design. Also, McClellan is the founder of an Arizona based company, ‘Western Heritage Furniture.’

Also, Tim is the founder of Verde Biofuel, a company that produces a self-sustaining mobile biodiesel processor.

To know more about Tim McClellan’s bio, net worth, age, house, wife, appearing on the Ellen’s Show and many more, keep scrolling down!

Tim McClellan Net Worth, House.

Tim McClellan is a master craftsman and an entrepreneur. He has accumulated an enormous net worth due to his diligence.

During his early life, Tim was raised by his parents in Shenandoah River, West Virginia, on a farm of 100 acres.

Image of Master craftsman, Tim McClellan net worth is currently not available

Master craftsman, Tim McClellan net worth is currently not available

However, he has not disclosed his net worth to the public.

Tim McClellan is Married to Wife Erika Lynn Roberts.

Tim McClellan is a married man. He met Erika Lynn Roberts in 2010 at the Telluride Bluegrass Festive.  Furthermore, Tim McClellan and Erika Lynn Roberts tied a knot on May 28, 2017.

Image of Tim McClellan with his wife Erika Lynn Roberts

Tim McClellan with his wife Erika Lynn Roberts

Additionally, Erica is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, health coach, fitness instructor, a lifestyle coach.

However, the pair are yet to be blessed with kids. As of now, they are mainly focused on their career.

Tim McClellan Wiki, Bio

Frank Timothy McClellan was born in 1969, in North Florida, the USA to Dorothy McClellan and John McClellan. Furthermore, his mother gave birth to nine children, and he is the fifth child.

Image of Master craftsman, Tim McClellan

Master craftsman, Tim McClellan

However, he has not shared his birthdate to the media yet. Additionally, he, along with his parents and siblings migrated to New Jersey, West Virginia, and Texas because of his father’s occupation.

Also, as of 2023, Tim McClellan is 54 years old. Additionally, he completed his graduation from High School in Potomac, Maryland, the USA.

Tim McClellan was the winner of Ellen’s Design Challenge

Tim McClellan was featured on Television in 2015, on Ellen DeGeneres show where he was one of the sixth contestant participating on “Ellen’s Design Challange.”

Furthermore, he was declared as a winner by Ellen on her show. However, it was later disclosed that the design made by Tim McClellan was not an original piece; he copied a model of European designer Simon Schacht.

After the reveal of the copy of the design, Tim was however disqualified from the competition. Furthermore, his opponent was a Kaite.

After a week, Kaite was called on Ellen’s show where she won a 100 k Dollars, and a spread in “HGTV Magazine.”

Even though Ellen wanted to talk to Tim, and he approved to be on the show and talk about what had happened, he later said,

This whole experience has been extraordinarly, um, exciting and rewarding for me overall. Painful at times, for sure.

Further, he added,

But how this could have happened-I-I have never heard of Simon-I’m not sure of his last name.

Then Ellen added the last name of Simon and again he continued,

In my recollection, I have never seen his piece of furniture before. With that said, the similarities of the two pieces are quite compelling, and I understand the decision made and accept it and recodnize Kaite as the legitimate winner of the show.

Further, he continued,

Preparing for this competition and over the last 20 years, I’ve looked at millions and millions of pieces of furniture, and-and it’s quite possible and looks as though that piece somehow got lodged in my memory. And when Chip and I were deciding and working towards a desigm and I saw that stack of lumber, I had a flash of a piece of furniture that would be brilliant for the show, and I owned it. And Chip and I built a fantastic, wonderful piece of furniture.

Besides, he said,

It’s disappointing how this whole thing worked out, and it’s been very taxing on me of course.

Wiki Table Of Tim McClellan

Birth Name
Frank Timothy McClellan
Date Of Birth: 1969
Parents: Dorothy McClellan and John McClellan
Age: 54 Years Old
Birth Place: North Florida, the USA
Education: High School in Potomac
Occupation: Master Craftsman, Entrepreneur, Furniture Designer
Known for: Sustainable Furniture Design
Spouse(s): Erika Lynn Roberts

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