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Taniya Nayak Wiki, Net Worth. Meet her husband, Brian O’Donnell.

Taniya Nayak is best known on her appearances on HGTV’s Design to Sell, Destination Design, and Bang for Your Buck. All three have one factor in common; they are all home improvement shows that showcase Taniya’s interior design capabilities.

That said, her road to fame might just shock you. Don’t believe us? Then have a look at Taniya Nayak’s net worth, and wiki bio in our full highlight of her time capsule in this world.

Also, meet her husband Brian O’Donnell and know about him.

Who is Taniya Nayak?

To start, the interior designer Taniya Nayak first landed a job on ABC’s Knock First in 2003 alongside three other designers. Soon after, she landed a gig on HGTV in the show, Designed to Sell in 2004, and also hosted Domino Design Bazaar.

The opportunity paved the way for more shows like HGTV Showdown in 2009, Destination Design, and Restaurant Impossible. Other TV roles that also have her undivided attention include The Great Christmas Light Fight, House Hunters on Vacation, and Good Day L.A.

Image of Taniya Nayak from the TV show, The Great Christmas Light Fight

Taniya Nayak from the TV show, The Great Christmas Light Fight

Taniya Nayak net worth.

Interior designing and being a television host isn’t the only thing the HGTV star can do. Instead, she also has a private practice; Taniya Nayak Design LLC, which she founded in 2005.

Her fame and time in television went a long way in supplying clients to her firm and thereby raising Taniya Nayak net worth.

Her accomplishments as an interior designer remain high, and her privacy, even higher.

Image of TV Personality, Taniya Nayak net worth is currently not available

TV Personality, Taniya Nayak net worth is currently $1-5 million

Taniya Nayak’s net worth is $1-5 Million.

The HGTV star’s work featured on several literature pieces such as Architectural Digest India, The Boston Globe, and The Washington Post.

Additionally, she was also a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show, The View, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Taniya is currently the brand ambassador for ED on Air.

Taniya Nayak and Brian O’Donnell’s Married life and kids.

Before she got involved with television, Taniya Nayak was a waitress and bartender in some of Boston’s finest joints. She worked for over 13 years in Venu, Felt, and Pravda that are always crawling with people looking for a good time.

Image of Taniya Nayak with her husband Brian O’Donnell

Taniya Nayak with her husband Brian O’Donnell

It is here that she first met her husband, Brian O’Donnell. The pair started dating shortly after, and within two years, she married him in 2007. You’ll often find the TV star in hospitals with kids, but sadly, she doesn’t have any of her own.

You can tell she makes a good wife considering there are zero rumours of extramarital affairs surrounding their marriage. Aside from showering her husband with love, Tanika Nayak also saves some for her pet dog whom they live with.

Who is Taniya Nayak’s husband, Brian O’Donnell?

Brian O’Donnel is a culinary artist and restaurant owner by profession. Initially, he lived in Pittsburgh, where he started out but later found a job in Providence as the head chef at Café Nuovo. Struck with the dream of wanting more, Taniya Nayak’s husband Brian O’Donnell saved up and began his own restaurant business.

Bywater in Warren, Rhode Island, is one of his restaurants. It is famous for its authentic local cuisine as well as its array of seafood. Moreover, he also co-owns others like Vinalia, and Zita with his wife, Taniya Nayak, which boosts their respective net worth.

Taniya Nayak wiki, Biography, Age. Other info.

Taniya Nayak is an Indian-American by nationality. She was born in Nagpur, India, on February 23rd, 1973, which makes her current age 50.

During interviews, she has often credited her passion for home improvement to her father, B.D Nayak, who is a famous architect. Her mother, Leela Nayak, also played a vital role in her upbringing.

The family moved to Boston when she was just a kid and had her start her education at Weymouth High. Upon graduation, Taniya Nayak secured a spot at the University of Massachusetts, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Marketing.

Taniya’s thirst for knowledge finally ended with her Masters in Interior Design at the Boston Architectural College. Everything from here takes us right back to her career beginnings.

Quick Info

Name Taniya Nayak
Net worth  $1-5 million
Profession Interior designer, television personality
Spouse Brian O’Donnell
Age 50
Birthdate February 23rd, 1973

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