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“Swamp People” Daniel Edgar Wife, Net Worth, Family, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Swamp People Daniel Edgar Wife, Net Worth, Family

Daniel Edgar is a prominent American television personality and a talented hunter. He came to the limelight for his appearances on History Channel’s most loved show, Swamp People.

Below is all you need to know about Daniel Edgar’s current net worth. Also, his personal life, wife, and family have also been disclosed.

Who is Daniel Edgar?

Daniel Edgar is a Louisiana native who is a superb alligator hunter. According to the wiki, Daniel Edgar has lived and worked in the swamps his entire life. Initially, he was invited to participate in an alligator hunting documentary, but he refused.

Even after the Swamp People was established, he turned down the offer to join the cast for several years. Finally, Troy Landry approached him in person, and this was when he agreed to join the show as a cast.

Tv career

Daniel Edgar’s career in Swamp People began in 2016. The show was in its 7th season when he joined. Swamp People is a reality show that airs on History Channel.

The show mainly follows the day-to-day activities of alligator hunters who hunt American alligators for a living. The hunters are individuals living in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River Basin.

Alligator hunting is one of the riskiest careers. The hunters’ income is solely dependent on experience and changes in the weather. At the same time, the hunters are expected to abide by the strict wildlife laws and regulations.

In this case, Daniel Edgar and his fellow hunters are each issued a certain number of tugs. Each of the given tugs must be attached to their kills. When the individual tugs are depleted, their season is termed over. Moreover, they are not allowed to kill any more alligators for the rest of that season.

The ultimate goal for every alligator hunter is to tag out before the season ends. After this, they spend the rest of the year harvesting other water species to supplement their annual incomes.

Every season focuses on various teams of alligator hunters. Besides gator hunting, some episodes feature other aspects of the social and sporting life of the swamp. The show has also been featuring gator hunting crews in other parts of Louisiana and Texas.

During the deadliest creature hunt, Daniel Edgar mostly carries along R.J Molinere. Daniel’s crew is made up of his two sons, Joey and Dwaine, and his grandson Dorien. Dorien is Dwaine’s son.

Image of Daniel Edgar from TV show, Swamp People
Daniel Edgar from the TV show, Swamp People

In February 2017, Daniel Edgar made the biggest catch ever recorded in the history of Swamp People. The hunters had previously tried to tame Grande Noir, their mythical monster, without success.

This became Daniel’s primary mission to accomplish. After ten trials, Daniel finally conquered the monster at the premiere of Season 8. Due to this, Daniel is one of the celebrated heroes in Swamp People. His fame and net worth have significantly increased since then.

Daniel Edgar’s Wife and Married Life.

According to information in wiki sources, Daniel Edgar was a married man but is presently widowed.  Reportedly, Daniel Edgar was married to his beloved wife, Juanita Thomas Broussard. The couple had been married for many years, and they birthed two children. Unfortunately, on March 17th 2018, Daniel Edgar’s wife passed away.

Previously, the couple kept their married life very private. There are no records of their dating history or wedding in wiki-bio sources. Also, it is not known how long the two had been married and the status of their marriage.

Her death

Juanita Thomas Broussard passed away at the age of 68 years, at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center. Her medical history remains concealed from the public up to date.

Funeral services in her honour were held on Saturday, March 24, 2018, at Family Life Church. The assistant Pastor, Kelly Segura, led the congregation in the services. After that, interment was held in St. Rose of Lima Cemetery in Cecilia.

Juanita is survived by her husband, Daniel Edgar and her two sons, Joey Edgar and Dwaine Edgar. Her son, Joey Edgar is married to Jennifer Edgar while Dwaine Edgar is married to Lenor Edgar.

Juanita is also survived by many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Swamp People fans took it to the Edgar Family Facebook page to send their condolences to the family.

Image of Dwaine Edgar on his mother's death anniversary
Dwaine Edgar on his mother’s death anniversary

Daniel Edgar has not yet re-married after his wife’s death. There are also no records linking him to a dating relationship. Seemingly, he is busy pursuing his hunting career on Swamp People.  He works along with his two sons, Joey and Dwaine, and this team is doing exploits in the show.

Edgar’s children are also bi-racial since their mother was a black woman. Daniel is a respected patriarch of his family, and he provides for them. Reportedly, he also likes to spend his free time with his family, visiting different places.

Daniel Edgar Net Worth.

Daniel Edgar’s net worth is approximated to be over $200,000.Undoubtedly, Daniel Edgar is a wealthy man. His primary source of income is his long-time career as an alligator hunter.

Image of TV Personality, Daniel Edgar net worth is $100,000
TV Personality, Daniel Edgar net worth is $200,000

More also, he has accumulated a lot of wealth from being a television personality since 2016. In particular, Daniel Edgar’s net worth got a big boost at the start of season 8. The History Channel probably rewarded him handsomely after he caught the biggest alligator, Grande Noir.

Since the time Daniel Edgar made a debut on Swamp People, he has featured in several episodes. At the moment, his salary per episode has not yet been disclosed. However, compared to what his colleagues are paid, he perhaps earns more than $10,000 per episode.

Presumably, Daniel Edgar might be owning some property, which is part of his net worth. Unfortunately, there is no information about his house or car in wiki sources.

Daniel Edgar Family, Age.

Swamp People, Daniel Edgar, appears to be a very reserved person. When he came to the limelight, he only allowed his career life to shine. On the contrary, his personal life remained under wraps. As a result, it is tough to know him well. His life details are very scanty in the wiki-bio.

Daniel Edgar was born on the 17th of April 1949 in Jeanerette, Louisiana. Hence, he turned 74 in 2021. Growing up, Daniel spent a considerable amount of time in Lidia, Louisiana.

His early life details, family details, siblings and parents are also missing in wiki sources. Daniel Edgar’s education background has not been revealed yet. Nevertheless, wiki-bio indicates that Daniel Edgar has lived and worked in the swamps all his years. Presumably, his family had a hunting background, which gave him exposure from a very early age.

Daniel Edgar has a charming smile with cute brown eyes. He often wears eyeglasses and a cap. Despite being old, he has managed to keep his physique fit and healthy. Reportedly, he does regular exercise plus yoga. Moreover, he often engages in sports during his free time.


Name Daniel Edgar
Age 74 years old
Birthdate April 17th 1949
Birthplace Lidia, Louisiana in the United States
Nationality American
Parents Rufus and Bertha Edgar
Siblings Cathelia, Albert, Rose, Ann and Janice
Career Hunter, TV Personality
Net worth $200,000
Wife Juanita Thomas Broussard (died 2008)
Children 2 (Joey Edgar and Dwaine Edgar)
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 165 pounds

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