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Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Wikipedia-Bio, Wife Tricia Day, Net Worth, Family.

Image of Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Wikipedia-Bio, Wife Tricia Day, Net Worth, Family.

Jonathan Day who also goes by the street name JJ Da Boss is a fast car street racer who appears on Discovery Channel’s reality show, Street Outlaws: Memphis. It wouldn’t be much of a show if he had no crew and part of his team is his wife, Tricia Day who is also a street racer.

To know more on JJ Da Boss’ net worth, family and more, you’ll in need to strap in for this ride. Also, since the guys over at Wikipedia haven’t made a page for him yet makes this the second best thing to his bio.

Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Married to Wife Tricia Day. Meet their kids: their married life, Divorce Rumors.

Over a decade ago, the Memphis street racer married his wife and mother to his kids, Tricia Day. Everything about JJ is an open book from his cars to hobbies and many alike. However, when it comes to his personal life, he draws the line on that.

Image of JJ Da Boss with his wife Tricia Day

JJ Da Boss with his wife Tricia Day

He goes big for his family and kids, and they do the same for him. You will often find him with a bunch of kids at a No Prep event cheering and posing for photos with him.

Those aren’t his fans but JJ Da Boss’ kids. They are a total of 11 with the last bundle of joy joining the family in March 2016 together with five grandkids.

There hasn’t been a reveal on the exact point in time that they met and started dating, but sources say their courtship lasted for years. So far, so good for the couple as they have been living a drama-free marriage.

JJ Da Boss Net Worth, Salary, Cars, Sources of income.

Nobody knows JJ’s home turf better than he does, having grown up in the same neighbourhood. Therefore, this makes JJ Da Boss one of the most feared street racers in Memphis. JJ Da Boss’ net worth is $3 million.

Image of Racing Driver, JJ Da Boss net worth is not available

Racing Driver, JJ Da Boss net worth is $3 milliom

Apart from racing, he owns a garage and workshop where he tunes cars to his liking and repairs the damaged ones.

To win a drag race, you’ve got to have a strong set of wheels. JJ Da Boss’ first car was the Chevrolet II Nova 1966 which he pimped out to win his races.

Notably, the reality TV star also owned a GMC Sierra pickup truck which he totalled in a freak accident after falling asleep while driving after a long previous night.

Image of Race Car Driver, JJ Da Boss car

Race Car Driver, JJ Da Boss car

Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Family

We have already met his 11 kids and five grandchildren, who constitute his immediate family. However, how much do you know about JJ Da Boss’ family and parents? Well, he doesn’t talk about them much and with good reason – privacy.

The only information available on them is their work as roofers. They did not earn much, but it was enough to put a roof over their heads – pun intended.

Sometimes, JJ would help out, and with the money he got, he pumped straight into racing. Even though it was illegal and  JJ Da Boss was only a boy, there wasn’t much they could do to stop him.

Finally, the long arm of the law caught up with him much later when he was grown up and sentenced him to jail. It was on account of breaking the law in a bid to raise money for tuning his cars and enrolling in races.

Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Wife Tricia Day, Wiki-Bio.

Being the King of Memphis street races has its disadvantages. For one, most racers find it foolish to challenge him and back down. Luckily for JJ, he has a wife who is also a street racer.

There isn’t much to tell about her since information on her is concealed as well.

Tricia Day, short for Patricia Day, is a natural-born street racer. She races on the street riding fast cars together with her friend Precious Cooper, who also goes by the alias Queen of the Street and terrorizes the Carbon Memphis tracks.

Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss’s wife Tricia may be short, hence the name Midget, but that doesn’t mean her feet can’t reach the gas pedals.

She excels just as her husband does, having also been initiated into the craft at an early age. She helps him around the garage and shares her thoughts as an equal. It said that a family that changes the oil together stays together.

Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Wikipedia-Bio, Age, facts.

Full Name Jonathan Day aka JJ Da Boss
Age 50 years old
Date of Birth August 10th, 1973
Place of Birth Memphis, Tennessee
Profession Street racer, reality TV star
Net worth $3 million
Wife Tracia Day
Kids 11
Height 5’9
Ethnicity white
Zodiac sign Leo

JJ Da Boss talks and breathes Memphis. He was delivered at St. Joseph Hospital located in Memphis on August 10th, 1973, making his age 50 years. However, he was raised in Joiner, Arkansas, and attended Rivercrest School for his high school education before graduating in 1992.

While his parents worked on roofs, he was fascinated by cars and spent time fixing up old ones. It was at age ten that young JJ Da Boss realized he wanted to become a street racer and grew up to become one.


If Wikipedia had JJ Da Boss’ bio page, it would look something like this. One of his most priced jewels isn’t his cars or net worth but the love he has for his wife, Tricia Day.

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