What happened to Steve Gonsalves on “Ghost Hunters”. Why did he leave the show?

This Summer’s end, the A&E Network is blazing with new entertainment shows. The list includes Psychic Kids, Celebrity Ghost, and Ghost Hunters. Yes, the same Ghost Hunters that was on the Syfy Channel gets revamped on the A&E Network. However, before you let out your brouhahas, it is worth mentioning that the series will not be seeing the return of Steve Gonsalves. So where did he go? Why did Steve Gonsalves leave the series “Ghost Hunters”? Let’s get you updated.

Ghost Hunters Reboot.

The original series premiered back on October 6th, 2004 on the Syfy channel. It got produced by Pilgrim Films and Television and distributed by NBC Universal Studios. The result was a total of 11 seasons and over 200 episodes with over 3 million views per episode.

The premise of Ghost Hunters involved a group of experienced individuals with their home-made gizmos. They all have one goal – chasing after paranormal activity. Consequently, they developed a fan following that a lot of support from everyone involved.

Moreover, three spin-off series, Ghost Hunters International, UFO Hunters, and Ghost Hunters Academy sprouted from it. As a result, its cancellation in 2016 saw many people disappointed and a petition to have it back signed.

Image of Steve Gonsalves from the TV show, Ghost Hunters.

Steve Gonsalves from the TV show, Ghost Hunters.

Luckily, we did not wait long as the A&E Network picked it up for season 12. The new season has 20 episodes full of paranormal entertainment.

Steve Gonsalves Leave Ghost Hunter. What Happened?

All things considered, fan-favourite Steve Gonsalves, however, won’t be making his comeback this time. Bummer right? There wasn’t any bad blood with the producers or anything of the sort.

Instead, the reasons behind Steve Gonsalves’ departure from Ghost Hunter is because of his busy schedule. The paranormal investigator’s time lies on another series on the travel channel called Ghost Nation.

As before, he will be returning with as the same paranormal investigator we all know and love him for. Alongside him are former castmates, Jason Hawes and Dave Tango, other professional paranormal investigators.

Image of Ghost Hunters castmate Jason Hawes (right), Steve Gonsalves ( middle) and Dave Tango (left)

Ghost Hunters castmate Jason Hawes (right), Steve Gonsalves ( middle) and Dave Tango (left)

Steve Gonsalves with the team is in New Show “Ghost Nations”

While the reboot is already a whisker away, Ghost Nation is still currently in production. Steve Gonsalves only announced his new project recently on June 12, through an Instagram post. The series is now in its initial stages of filming and production with a release date set on October 2019.

Moreover, sources have it that it is going to rival Ghost Hunters in all aspects, including viewership. Regardless of whichever tops the other, we still win as there will be two different paranormal entertainment shows. Steve Gonsalves and the rest of the gang attend conventions and meet and greets with some of their fans. He is also quite active on Twitter.

Other Cast of the show Ghost Nations.

While it’s all good news for Ghost Nation, the new Ghost Hunters has a devoid of filling. Luckily, we have Grant Wilson, an original member of the show returning as the executive producer. Wilson and his wife Reanna have had more than a decade worth of experience dealing with the supernatural.

Moreover, co-lead investigator, Daryl Marston will also join them. Others include paranormal researcher Kristen Luman who has a degree in psychology and Brandon Alvis, a technician.

Additionally, we will have the expertise of Historian and Site Analyst, Mustafa Gatolarri joining the team. The team will also receive assistance from Brian Murray, another paranormal investigator, and Richel Stratton, a believer searching for proof of the supernatural. Ghost Hunters looks like it’s packing some heat this new season.

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