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Stan Zuray Wife Kathleen, Net Worth, Daughter, Age, Wiki-bio.

Stan Zuray is an American reality TV personality famous for appearing in Discovery Channel’s Yukon Men. The show encompasses the survival techniques of residents living in the small village of Tanana who hunt and fish to survive.

Here’s more information regarding Stan Zuray’s Wife, Net Worth, personal life, and children in Wiki biography.

Stan Zuray’s Net worth, sources of income.

This Yukon Men’s main character has been one of the prominent cast members ever since the show premiered in August 2012. He has been with the team enduring all seasons and made a livelihood out of it.

Stan Zuray’s current net worth is estimated to be around $400,000.

This is mostly a result of the paycheck he gets from the show. This lead cast of “Yukon Men” has had over 40 years of experience living off in the wilderness.

In fact, he has had quite some near-death experiences as a result of that. Stan Zuray is also an established author, with one of his best works titled Carry On.

It’s a book about his biography that dates to his early life. The earning from selling this book also contributes to Stan Zuray’s Net Worth.

Stan Zurays Net worth is $400,000

Yukon Men star Stan Zuray is Married To wife Kathleen after divorce from the first wife. 

The survivalist and author found the love of his life a long time ago. Yukon Men cast Stan Zuray is married to his wife Kathleen Zuray and shares their anniversary on September 17th every year.

Kathleen Zuray rarely gets in on the action as she is very shy around cameras.

Yukon Men Cast Stan Zuray was raised in Tanana and fish camps in Rapids, located 40 miles upriver of Tanana. She is just as much of an outdoor person as Stan is.

She loves travelling and is a fan of dogs. Their common interests were one of the factors that made them match perfectly.

Together, they share three kids: Kathlyn, Ariella, and Joey. However, he also has another daughter named Monica from his first marriage.

Things did not turn out as he intended with her as he got separated from his first wife whom he’s yet to reveal.

Meet his  Son Stan Zuray and other kids.

Image of Stan Zuray with his wife and kids

The Yukon Men star Stan Zuray has a total of four children. The eldest is Monica with his ex-wife. Monica went on to live with their mother in Boston.

This was after she left him to go back live in Boston with his daughters. His second daughter was named Kate. Ariella followed suit and finally, he has a son named Joey Zuray. His son has been his pride and joy as he follows in his footsteps.

Joey is sometimes seen on the show helping out his old man wherever he can.

Wiki-bio, age

Name Stan Zuray
Age 70-years old
Spouse Kathleen
Kids 4
Birthdate 1953
Birth Place Alaska
Net worth $400,000
Height Unknown

According to his biography, Stan Zuray was born in 1953. This means that he turned 70 in 2023. Moreover, he was raised in Massachusetts in Boston.

Very little is known about Yukon Men star Stan Zuray’s early life and education. In fact, the only thing we know about his time in Boston is that he hated every single bit of it.

This is not surprising as the wilderness is where he feels best at home.

He didn’t like the neighbourhood with drug addicts springing up everywhere. As such, he relocated with his to Alaska. His then-wife and daughter were uneasy about the changes and decided to part ways with him.

They ended up back in Boston. Stan Zuray made it his destiny and transitioned slowly into the new lifestyle.

It’s later on in life that his pal, Virgil Umphenour, spoke highly of him when Paper Route Productions were in need of a hunter for their show.

He got accepted and was cast immediately to be the survivalist we know him today.


For Stan Zuray to make such accomplishments, he has had to endure some challenges. After burning down his tent using a flare, he had to employ trial-and-error survival tactics.

It is this that’s enabled him to fend for his wife and children. Also, to generate the net worth he has amassed so far.


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