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Stacey Forsey House, Net worth, Wikipedia, Husband Dave Forsey.

Today, we will be having a sneak peek into the life of a personality who became a reality tv series star from a simple housewife. She is none other than Dave Forcey’s life partner, Stacey Forsey who appears on The Real Housewives Of Cheshire.

Without further ado, take a look at Stacey Forsey’s net worth, husband  Dave Forsey, house, and Wiki-bio.

Who is Stacey Forsey? Her Career Info

She is an entrepreneur who is always focused on improving herself. The actress believes in hard work and started a self-named lifestyle brand, which includes a collection of statement T-shirts.

The business also includes a wide range of homeware and her artwork.

Regardless, Stacey Forsey is most famous on the TV series, The Real Housewives Of Chesire. She joined the cast members in the show’s third season.

Since then, the reality star has been a member of the famous housewife franchise. Initially, she hosted charity events, parties, and fashion shows.


Stacey Forsey is Married to Husband Dave Forsey.

The Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Stacey Forsey is married to a businessman named Dave Forsey, who is also an ex-chief executive of Sports Direct.

After joining reality television, she refuted her housewife title. Stacey Forsey believes that we live only once on this planet. Therefore, we should not settle down.

Instead, keep moving forward and experience change.

Similarly, the reality star also spoke up about doing the duty of a housewife for 13 to 15 years. She had been building herself towards an independent life. They have two children, Zack(15) and Grace(18).

Image of Stacey Forsey with her husband Dave Forsey and with their kids Zack and Grace

Stacey Forsey with her husband Dave Forsey and with their kids Zack and Grace

What is Stacey Forsey husband Dave Forsey Doing now? Know his net worth

Dave Forsey is the ex-CEO of Sports Direct and a reputed Businessman. However, due to some disputes between Mike Ashley(the current CEO), he resigned from the role.

As per sources, Stacey Forsey’s husband, Dave, dramatically quit the business, claiming it affected his relationship with the sportswear tycoon.

Image of British businessman, Dave Forsey

British businessman, Dave Forsey

Dave has worked for Mike for 32 years. Stacey Forsey’s husband started on a part-time basis when he was just 18 years old. Although Dave’s net worth is unknown, their mansion in Prestbury at the Golden Triangle Of Chesire is estimated to be around 6 million GBP.

This also concludes that the couple is living in luxury with a lavish lifestyle. Businessman Dave Forsey’s net worth is $15 million in 2023.

Stacey Forsey Net Worth, House.

Almost seven years ago, Stacey bought her current house. Though the building was brand new at the time, she styled it up with vintage furniture and monuments.

Image of TV Personality, Stacey Forsey net worth is $2 million

TV Personality, Stacey Forsey net worth is $5 million

She was also taken aback when she saw the hall, which seemed 400 years old. Moreover, the reality star also felt haunted by the wall. Luckily, they found a man who was more enthusiastic about buying the hall.

After brainstorming for ideas, the couple purchased the house and renovated it to their liking. Stacey and Dave both agreed to move to their new home the next day.

Stacey Forsey’s estimated net worth is $5 million. Initially, she was a housewife, but now her primary sources of income come from the show, The Real Housewives Of Chesire.

Stacey Forsey Wiki-Bio.

Forsey was born on 11th of March, 1975 in Salford, England and grew up in a modest setting in Worsey, north-west Manchester. She is very calm, relaxed, and friendly in real life. The reality star achieved her degree in Marketing and Hospitality.

Currently, Stacey is 48 years old. The Real Housewife of Chesire star also owns a charity organization called Action for Addiction. This movement is very close to her heart as her brother, Gary, went through a hectic heroin addiction.

Gary’s rehab battle towards a healthy life almost took 25 years.

Name Stacey Forsey
Birth Date 11th March 1975
Age 48 years old
Occupation Television Personality
Spouse Dave Forsey
Children Zack and Grace
Tv Shows The Real Housewives Of Chesire

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